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  1. Hi, Probably WAY WAY late to the party... Just wondering if these are still around?
  2. The Supermoto has left the Premises. It now lives down south with you guys and gals in Columbus.
  3. Maintenance is pretty much just like anything else. Keep decent , clean oil in it and it will treat you well. As far as trades go, would prefer cash but you never know. What are you thinking?
  4. Super cool bike. Was in the dirt very little in 2008. Not ridden a whole bunch up untill a few years ago when the Supermoto conversion was done. 1900 street miles The bike was put together with the best of the best and not a corner cut in the build of this bike. Trail Tech stator and flywheel,(70W output) battery, Warp 9 17" wheel set with a new set of Michilens, SDG step seat, Pro Moto Billet kickstand,DID X-Ring chain, Pro Taper 1-1/8 bars w/ Turner clamps.Boyesen water pump,Hinson Billet clutch basket (Smoothest clutch on the planet) Baja Designs Squadron headlight.(If you've never see
  5. Already figured it out....A little south of Dayton....
  6. Stators are lots smaller in our new, compact, lightweight sportbikes then they were 10 yrs ago. Everything is lighter in these engines and w/reducing stator capacity via making them smaller, they also need to slim down juice requirements in other areas....Starting with our once retina burner output headlights that have been reduced now to barely passable illumination. There ya go.
  7. I dig my Dyna FXDX.... Couldnt be my only bike though.
  8. 330 could get that thing to go 190.....Pulling it with Shamoo!
  9. That 109 is one fantastic looking cruiser...
  10. Came home last week on the big bike..2k miles in 5 days....Just have to do it sometimes!
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