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  1. Bump, I had the size way wrong which has been updated and the price is now $200
  2. I just use generic body/hair wash gel on mine daily to keep it from getting oily. I used to get really itchy after it got to a certain point(about 3 weeks in) even using beard oils but I found a good foamy wash every day is all I need. This is the longest I have ever gone and its been about 2 months.
  3. So I forgot about this thread and kinda fell off the forum but while I was checking my for sale threads, I saw it and thought I would update for those interested. I ended up going to court in October with a book full of documents supporting my claim including a DV report done by an independent evaluator and asked for the max I could which was $3000 plus court costs. Well in the end, I had 57 pages of documentation on why my car lost value and all Geico could come back with was a verbal "we don't believe it lost value" and tried to get all my documents dismissed as inadmissible. The judge asked me if they even tried to settle with me to which I said "no, they didn't offer a penny" he just looked at me with this look of "seriously?? Nothing??" Then awarded me the full $3000 plus costs so $3100. It might have been less if they had even attempt to settle but I think he wanted to stick it to the insurance just as much as I did after hearing they wouldn't even offer anything.
  4. Hein Gericke 1-Piece Leather Suit, good condition, has some rash on the right side from going down but functions perfectly. Size is 54 but the legs have been shortened a couple inches, this leaves some room for a back protector if you choose to use one. Knee pucks are in excellent condition. I am 5'10" 150lbs and the suit fit great length wise, middle was a bit baggy if I didn't use a back protector, using the back protector though it fit perfect. Asking $200 obo.
  5. Forgot to mention, it comes with a Best Buy Accidental protection plan through January 2016
  6. Like new Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition, comes with everything it had when new including the box and instructions. Used for one weekend trip and no longer need it. Asking $300 shipped. IN BOX- WiFi Remote Water proof housing Non water proof housing Various elbow and straight connectors Semi-Permanent stick on mounts Quick release buckles Rechargeable battery pack Instructions EXTRAS- Large Suction Cup Mount Handlebar mount 2 Wasabi battery packs Wasabi battery charger with car and home adapters Foam insert to help baffle wind noise
  7. its actually a different chip than NFC I believe. These chips look like the pads on a micro sim or laundry card if you ever used a prepaid laundry card at the laundromat.
  8. And this is why I canceled mine. They over promised and under delivered and now they are gonna be waiting until the new credit card chip system is almost in effect. I'm already starting to get new credit cards even before mine are close to expiring because they now have the chips in them.
  9. Ya know, I have barely ridden my bike this year and have really wanted a track car. Contemplated selling the 675 and this might be what pushes me over the edge. How much are you thinking after all the repairs?
  10. Change of plans, co worker convinced me to go to dinner with them haha. Maybe next time.
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