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  1. rubbersidedown

    Cleveland IMS

    A friend and I will be there on Saturday for sure! We might be able to join a group at the Taphouse too.
  2. rubbersidedown

    Car vs. Bike perspective at PIRC

    Motorcyclist Magazine did two articles on this back in the early 2000's. As I recall this is how it went: Article #1 - Stock car vs. stock motorcycle I believe it was a Corvette against a GSXR-1000 and Kevin Schwantz was the driver and rider. Bike won. Article #2 - Indy car vs. AMA Superbike (Nicky Hayden) I think they used Mid-O and the Indy car won. The difference is down force! If you need more look up the articles.
  3. rubbersidedown

    FS - 2003 Honda VFR 800

    I had the valves checked last spring.
  4. rubbersidedown

    FS - 2003 Honda VFR 800

    You do. ;-)
  5. rubbersidedown

    2003 VFR

  6. rubbersidedown

    FS - 2003 Honda VFR 800

    The Honda VFR is arguably the best sport touring bike available. The best blend of sport and comfort! “the embodiment of the perfect all-arounder. It's a motorcycle capable of entertaining sporting behavior, yet one that's also comfortable, reliable and so utterly unassuming that you might be lead to believe this whole two-wheeling thing is easy.” -Motorcyclist Magazine 2002 My VFR has 47,000mi. It has been meticulously maintained and garage kept. It looks good and runs great! It has been adult ridden and has a clean title. Some scuffs on left side, pics available. $3000 OBO. Pics coming here soon see CL for now. Extra features include: LED light kit Rear tire hugger Fender Eliminator Bikez.com rating http://www.bikez.com/rating/honda_vfr_800_vtec_2003.php CL Add: http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/mcy/4435009612.html
  7. rubbersidedown

    novice with FJR ok at Mid-Ohio?

    A better link. http://totalcontroltraining.net/ http://www.youtube.com/embed/amaIWvH3dG0
  8. rubbersidedown

    novice with FJR ok at Mid-Ohio?

    Sure, track day are a definite way to increase your skill and confidence on a motorcycle. However, Mid-O would not be my first recommendation for you to attend. There is a track discussion in this thread you may want to read. http://ohioriders.net/index.php?/topic/103574-i-just-bought-leathers/ Also consider the MSF basic rider course and advance rider course as well as a "Total Control" course. http://www.bdmtc.com/bdmtc_013.htm All of these will have you turning swerving leaning and braking. After looking at these, decide what is best for you.
  9. rubbersidedown

    I just bought leathers.

    I agree, Putnam, and Nelson Ledges are the best options for a first time track day based on price and distance. I will also add because of the technical aspects of the tracks. I had been doing track days for several years before going to Mid-O and I found the track a challenge my first time. The elevation changes and limited line of sight was something that I had to learn to deal with at MO. Then there was the speed you carry on the back stretch. (not and issue as much in Novice till the afternoon.) I have done 140 on several tracks but getting up to 160 and then slowed back down for turn 4...whew! So yes Putnam and NL are good first timer tracks. I like STT and Motoseries Novice schools for first timers. Mid O runs a good Novice program but the track is the issue as I stated above.
  10. rubbersidedown

    That Helmet You're Wearing

    The bank is the only place I have run into this. I was pissed the first time I was asked to remove my helmet years ago when the policy started. Mostly because I was a regular customer and they did not have signs posted. I felt like I was being singled out.
  11. rubbersidedown

    Fs - Q2

    Bump. Make me an offer.
  12. rubbersidedown

    Putnam 8/24/13....who's In?

    What is it in the asphalt mix that creates this problem? Some tracks have great grip dry and decent grip wet. Some tracks are terrible wet. Any ideas? One would think that the tracks would be wise to this and require a specific mix when paving/repaving.
  13. rubbersidedown

    Google Search Gets You A Visit From The Feds

    Google continues to roll over when ever ask for information/access from the gov't. They did it a couple of years ago and apparently they continue to lay there like a young puppy. Yet as a society we continue to get deeper and deeper in bed with thier products- Gmail, Chrome, Gmaps... Personally I try to avoid thier products and like that another browser is suggested inthe article. What was the search engine that stood up to the gov't last year when asked for the search DB with out a warrant? Maybe I should google that.
  14. rubbersidedown

    Grattan 7/20-7/21 Stt

    This is why you don't grab the brake when you see a red flag. It causes people behind you to crash trying not to ram your tailpipe. This is the Intermediate Group crash that was discussed at the Sunday rider's meeting, crash at 4:35.