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  1. To throw it out there, I've taken both the VDG concealed carry class and the counter ambush tactics class. Both were excellent; Brian and Jason do a great job of teaching the class room part as well as coaching on the range. Money well spent.
  2. Is this a mirror image picture? Gun is wrong direction
  3. I havent seen much on it either. I heard from someone else thats pretty reliable that Germany signed on to it, and it will effectively eliminate surplus german ammo as well as parts kits and those old sig police pistols that places like Century imports. I dont think we will be able to get surplus uzi mags anymore either It may only effect old stuff, not new manufactured stuff.
  4. You dont have to ask him wtf. Hes a Democrat. Stripping you of your rights is what Democrats do. I'm assuming that they would be able to say No to the import/export of ammunition. So that means all of you guys who shoot Mosins, AKs or anything else that uses cheap foreign made surplus will now effectively have fancy clubs.
  5. You can shoot it anytime you provide bullets
  6. What I did in guns last week.. picked up my new Uzi!
  7. Fuck that turd. The only thing that he should be saying is "NO we wont support universal background checks under any circumstance". End of story. How stupid does he have to be, to believe that the federal government fears any potential punishment for violation of the record keeping clause he talks about? Fast and Furious? Hello Ring a bell jack ass? Not one person even got a slap on the wrist. Bunch of flaming BS. They do what ever they want, without fear of prosecution or repercussion.
  8. Can I trade beyonce tickets for guns? Any takers? How much could they possibly cost? I saw AC/DC in 1986 and it was $12.50
  9. Looking for a KSG? This might be the time! I just put the auction up, 1 penny opening bid and it only goes on for 3 days. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=334991367
  10. I was going to mod a turk mauser at one time and decided against it. The cost alone of getting a quality barrel for it and installing it was about the same price as getting a brand new Savage with an acutrigger. Just not worth it in my opinion to mod one. The only way I would ever mod one, is if you could do all the work yourself and had the tools. I think it would be alot of fun, but even buying the tools is really expensive. Its not cost effective unless your going to do more than 1 or make money at it.
  11. You guys are looking at this the wrong way. People are stocking up because they never want to be without "extras". Everyone is getting a stock pile of their own, at the walmart limited pace of 3 boxes per person. With all these new shooters (and trust me, alot of people are buying to shoot, not just resell), they need alot of ammo! I've sold more guns to brand new shooters and women in the last two months than I think I have the previous years of business combined! It sucks, but well survive.
  12. I looked again this morning and they are practically out of everything at my distributor magpul-wise. Hopefully all this crap gets resolved fast, my wall o' magpul is looking thin.
  13. We are going to order some of them as soon as the distributor gets them in. Right now they aren't shipping alot of stuff to the distributors, Im assuming because they are spending time getting ready to move and making pmags at 110%
  14. I agree. Lets form a lobby group to ban politicians. All of them.
  15. Its an old Savage action with a 30" nitrided Krieger barrel. My friend Russ sold it too me after his buddy got it built and then had to sell it. The scope is a Bushnell Tactical Elite 6-24x50 with the G2DMR reticle. The can we put on it was a friends .308 coastal.
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