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  1. vf1000ride

    fasteners, lock washers are bad.

    Plain washers and special countersunk washers should go rounded side towards the head of the bolt. Most bolts in aviation have a small radius between the head and the shank. The rounded edge of the washer gives room for that radius and helps prevent nicks/damage from causing a stress crack in that area and causing bolt failure.
  2. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

  3. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

  4. vf1000ride


    Pauly, on top of what you are thinking. The other negative I can picture that may or may not happen in the future is uneven brake wear. On a conventional bike with two disks, one of the brakes could possibly be more or less effective than the opposite side of the tire and you would never know it. On this thing if your front brakes become mismatched and one works better than the other it will pull the steering just like it does in a car. The last thing I want to do in a panic stop is worry that the bike is going to fight you for control of the direction you are going in.
  5. vf1000ride


    The suspension and bike in general didn't feel much different than a standard motorcycle once it was in motion. The front of the bike (fairings) are wider than I have ridden before so it just makes the bike feel really big in front of you but if you ignored that, the bars, controls and speedo cluster (easy to read) didn't seem any different than any other bike. Steering felt a little heavy and not as nimble as a sportbike at lower speeds but it wasn't difficult to maneuver and I never felt it do anything that made me concerned. It accelerated well enough that I didn't feel like I was being left behind with the group on the demo ride but it was damp Thursday morning so I can't say I pushed it very hard either. Setting up two wide at stop lights was no problem and maybe even a little easier as the bike is extremely stable at a walking pace. It will fall over if you come to a complete stop without putting your feet down. No I didn't drop it, I had my feet hanging down ready to catch it but you can completely stop and depending on your balance I could get a good second-two of upright while stationary before it wanted to go over. Going over speed bumps felt normal if both front wheels were on them. I didn't try splitting a speed bump with one on and one off, crashing a demo is probably frowned upon. You do have to make a conscious effort to avoid potholes as now you are three tires wide instead of just one. Never messed with any of the ride modes or electronic settings, they were running a short ride and didn't want to pull my attention from the rest of the riders. I can't picture myself owning one as it's just not my style but I am glad I rode it. It was a cool experience on a fairly unique concept.
  6. vf1000ride

    Unknown 1978 Honda

    Closer to 20K redline. Max power was 62hp @18,000 rpm.
  7. vf1000ride

    Unknown 1978 Honda

    If you wanted a Honda inline 6 that sounded really evil and mean you need the little 250cc RC166
  8. vf1000ride


    I rode it on Thursday, it's an interesting bike.
  9. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

    She got skills.
  10. vf1000ride

    RainX for plastics

    I guess I am stubborn and lucky because I have been using the regular glass version of rainx on my Shoei visors for the last 10 years and never had any issues. I will probably buy a bottle of this if I see it at the store to see if it works better.
  11. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

    Just glad I don't have kids 😀
  12. vf1000ride

    Honest question.

    I haven't had a chance to read into the current debate but to add something to the conversation with a limited personal background of the issue. Convicted felon that is still incarcerated I would say no vote. Once time served and back into public I would be much more willing to allow a vote.
  13. vf1000ride

    It took the French....

    I'm nowhere near a religious person but it sucks to see the loss of any structure as historical as that one.
  14. vf1000ride

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Got the 749 trackbike on the street for it's first legal trip around the block. Then got the Sportclassic out and got some heat in it for the first time this year also. First time ever to have 3 legal streetbikes in the garage at the same time. Now just to get the 749 street body re-painted so it's closer to the same as the track body.
  15. Sorry I have 5,6,8mm and 1/4in helicoil kits. Nothing close to a 14.