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  1. This thread needs a small injection of humor.
  2. So if your saying the outdoor events are not the cause of the uptick in cases, why are we not reopening state and national parks for people to go hiking by themselves. beaches are still considered a death sentence to anyone at them and Mid-Ohio Vintage needs to be put back on the schedule because dammit I want to see motorcycle racing again if the outdoor events are safer than eating my dinner while sitting in a restaurant. 😷
  3. And a video of me going slow around Gingermann with it a few years ago.
  4. Still available, price down to $5,750. Ask me any questions you may have, glad to answer anything you may want to know about it. I have it listed on FB as well. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/606140833448972/ Youtube video of it running. https://youtu.be/H8WRoySafYM
  5. It's not just "some" sources, Fox is reporting armed extortion's. https://www.foxnews.com/us/seattle-protests-armed-guards-local-businesses-extortion
  6. I was thinking it's open season on idiots. If it's a foreign country they can be shot dead and it wasn't committed on US soil you can't be charged with a crime. I have a feeling that this revolt would end very quickly as soon as they realize the police can't be charged or if they come up against active US military personnel.
  7. I bought one, haven't had a chance to use it yet. Build quality initially seems good enough. Will have to let you know once it's hooked to a hose and see how it works.
  8. I went past old man's cave earlier today and they still have the parking lots closed and the gates locked. Never thought to take a picture or I could have had this one.
  9. That's easy even at 2:30am. Two of my bikes next to my 87 Buick GN. How about a picture of your bike on/in front of a bridge.
  10. Yep, textiles go in the bath tub and get washed with regular laundry soap. Hang them up to dry and before wearing again I run a can of Coleman tent waterproofing spray over them to help keep them rain resistant.
  11. My YTD is still slightly negative on my retirement plan but if you sort by 1 calendar year I am still ahead of the game and still earning way more than gov bonds or anything short term that my bank offers. I'm still playing the long game and hopefully going to see good returns on everything purchased during this last few months as things recover.
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