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  1. Better not be voting for Biden if you think that. If he gets in I think you will see the end of the 2nd amendment before his first term is up.
  2. I am not outside because I am working, so my tax money can fund all the unemployed, due to government imposed economic shutdowns.
  3. 266K "possible" cases and only 1 confirmed death. Still safer than going to Portland for the protests (cough, riots). 😁
  4. I need to find one of these before the election. 😜
  5. I don't think it really matters who wins this election. It's not going to be post-election-bitching. If Trump wins the dems/anarchists/socialists are going to burn down every major city. If Biden wins it's going to go to a second civil war. Sorry to move the prepping thread over into this one for a moment but regardless of who you want to see in office it would be wise to start stocking up on all the things you couldn't buy when the corona first hit us. I think you are going to see basic needs type items are going to be even harder to attain.
  6. I got the tank, next person in front of a museum.
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