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  1. Funny picture thread.

    Microwave safe brakes. Even good after the apocalypse.
  2. What did you do to your bike today?

    Izzy must be a Ducati, they are the only bike I have ever seen that messes up clutch fluid that bad. I do the fluid twice a year on my sportclassic because it ends up looking like that.
  3. Certainly not a stupid question, I don't know the answer though. It is something I had not considered as a variable until you mentioned it. Following the thread to see if there is a statute that covers this situation.
  4. We saw this bike at Wheels Through Time!

    It's certainly a cool machine. Same as a ton of the other bikes in that museum. I can't say I am a fan of riding American made bikes but I am a fan of the history of motorcycles and that place is just impressive.
  5. BS Traffic Stop

    I have gotten pulled over like that twice in the past 6 years going through Gahanna on the way home from work. One time my plate light was actually out. As long as you didn't get a ticket, ah well, makes for a good internet story. Not like we have tall tales of 2 wheel heroics and corner conquests to tell this time of year.
  6. Status Alloy brand 24's for 2012 Chevy Suburban

    Well, they didn't last long. Sold on facebook. Please lock this down. Thank you.
  7. part 2006 Triumph Sprint ST side bags

    Looking to sell my side bags from my 2006 Triumph Sprint ST, asking $450 for the pair, willing to meet half way for someone outside of the CBUS area, shipping would be actual cost. They are the Sunset Red color but different panels are still available from Triumph can be replaced for other color bikes. Not sure if they are the same bags for later model years though. The one bag has a fair dent in the paint, looks kinda like a scratch but it's indented and the paint is still in it, see the photos. They come with one key for the locks. All of the locking cams are in good shape. This is just the bags, none of the mounting brackets or hardware is included.
  8. $1250; Looking to sell a set of "4" Status Alloy brand 24inch wheels to fit the 2012 Chevy Suburban 1500 and possibly many other chevy trucks. These are the Empire (S839) model wheels with a 6 x 5.5 (139.7mm) lug pattern. They are in great condition with no finish flaws, no dents or bends. Comes with Lexani LX-Thirty performance tires on them in 305/35R24 size. Tires are used but better than 50% of the tread is left (see pictures). Chrome standard valve stems, no tpms sensors installed. Will come with a full set of recessed chrome security lug nuts and key. See the pictures for what they looked like on my truck before I pulled them off. Local pickup or willing to meet half way for the guys outside the Cbus area. Will not ship, too darn heavy and not worth it.
  9. An old memory of my 1st motorcycle.

    Film cameras were expensive to get developed back when I got my first bike at 15yrs old and I was much more into mechanical stuff than photography. They didn't invent the cell phone camera for another 9 years after I got my first two bikes, dang that makes me feel old. They came as a pair in a package deal from a friend of the family that promised I could never get them running again. Both photo's are off the net but the models are what I had (same color even) 1972 CZ 175 Trail. 1976 Honda CB550 supersport.
  10. Bitcoin or Blockchain - has anyone invested in it?

    I have around $50 in bitcoin as proceeds from mining. Not sure I would invest actual cash into it, I've never won the lottery and suck at the casino so I have no plans to risk my own money for speculative buying in crypto currency.
  11. Still got your first bike?

    My first bike, a '75 Honda CB750 unfortunately is rusting away in some junkyard in Eastern PA after I totalled it back in 1996.
  12. Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    If the new ones are anything like the 2001 gti that I had, you would need every bit of that new warranty. I had that car back to the shop 18 times in 5 years for warranty work. Sold it when the warranty was up and bought a 2006 Mustang, that car was only in the shop 1 time in the 6 years I had it. Everybodies individual results may vary but I'm sticking with US made for the next few.
  13. I street/track ride with the Held Phantom II gloves. I crashed in a pair of them and they would have been perfectly fine if the medics hadn't have needed to cut my hand out of them. Bought another pair now that I'm riding again.
  14. Funny picture thread.

    Na guys, serious as all heck. That front track is driven by the engine also. I spent 20 minutes looking at the thing and took the picture myself. It has tower shafts down the front of both forks that put power to the front wheel/track. If you look closely at the rear plastic side panel it even says all wheel drive right on them. http://www.christini.com
  15. Funny picture thread.

    You need one like this that is all wheel drive.