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  1. Purchased my spot today. Now just to pray I don't get rained out again this year.
  2. Shoei probably won't be getting any more of my money...

    Never knew you could use cool-aid as antifreeze.
  3. Shoei probably won't be getting any more of my money...

    It's a bummer it's not as easy as it is on the other models but it might still be possible. You loosen the Torx screws that secure the entire chinbar to the main helmet shell and there is a small amount of adjustment in that joint. They tell you to lock the chinbar in place (closed, normal riding position) and then while tightening the screws you must push the entire chinbar into the helmet to close up the gaps. Put the shield back on and see what you got, it specifically tells you to make this adjustment until you get the visor to seal properly across the top of the lens. Not exactly straight forward but it might be able to take up some slack and get you sealed again. It's pages 14-15 in the Neotec manual under Face cover removal/install. "After replacing the face cover, close the shield / visor and check that the top of the shield / visor and the window beading fit tightly. If there is a gap here, it may cause air turbulence or wind noise. If this happens, remove the face cover and reattach it so that the shield / visor top and window beading fit snugly."
  4. Shoei probably won't be getting any more of my money...

    That mechanism is adjustable, you can set it up to pull tighter against the front seal. Run a quick Google search.
  5. My trackday Monday up at Mid-O was a washout. Looking forward to AUG 21st more than ever at this point.
  6. Lol @ Ducati owners!

    Some people seem to thing Ducati was always just twins. They had a V-4 (Ducati Apollo) and an I-4 (Ducati 125gp/4) back in the day, Most recent was the '07-'08 V-4 Desmosedici RR. Neither of the older bikes made any headway but they exist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ducati_Apollo http://www.mcnews.com.au/ducati-125-4/
  7. Photobucket

    I got my ransom email last night. They can pound sand. I will be deleting everything with them when I get home from the race weekend.
  8. Ducati patch over event.

    If you guys are having this event up North you will have to let me know where I can drop my truck and trailer off at. I'm not riding my bike all the way up there from CBUS. I can't keep riding the poor thing like I used to if it's going to be weighed down with 50lbs of chrome.
  9. Polish

    Just in case you run out again I use the Mother's, California Gold paste carnuba wax. It's a cleaner/wax combo like your talking about.
  10. Random Track Talk

    I'm all bummed that I didn't make it, spent most of the day working on my car.
  11. I find it amusing....

    Because, uhhhh, yep.
  12. Random Track Talk

    I should be there in Novice. Watch for the Duc to be going slow. Will be interesting to see how I do after last years crash.
  13. First track day question - tires

    They should be fine for a novice track day if you stay in one of the middle groups. If it's super hot they will start to feel greasy toward the afternoon. I have run the pr2's and pr3's on the track with no problems. Just watch tire condition as the heat builds and don't hamfist the corners.
  14. Where to monitor oil temp from?

    My Ducati is oil cooled. They have the temp sensor located in the engine between the oil pump and the filter. It senses the oil before it gets cooled. On an oil cooled engine you want to read the max temp the oil gets to so you know how bad your engine is heating/overheating the oil. Anything above about 300f is cooking it off and really reduces it's life. If you read after the cooler you won't get a good sense of it's condition.