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  1. What Gear are You Wearing?

    Helmet; Shoei GT-Air Gloves; Held Phantom II Coat; Tourmaster Advanced Pants; Tourmaster Caliber Boots; Sidi ST-Air
  2. test rides

    That's true but you gotta figure that Motus MSTR is $37K before fees/tax. You ain't getting that off the showroom for under $40K If you asked me to buy a new Motus or a 9 year old Desmosedici for roughly the same price I would buy the Ducati any day. Not that I can afford either.
  3. test rides

    I like my Ducati's as a twin but don't forget about the V-4 Desmosedici RR. You can already own an exotic V-4 Duc if you can afford the price of entry.
  4. test rides

    Motus does have a demo truck, or at least did last year. I rode the MSTR when they came to Motohio. Its a really nice bike but also really expensive. It is just outside of what I can afford without selling everything else so I ended up getting a Multistrada.
  5. It is sad to say that even with the current "hairpiece in charge" I continue to reload ammo as often as my free time allows. Gotta wonder if there are qty restrictions to be considered that puts you above what is considered personal use in Ohio.
  6. What did you do to your bike today?

    Granted this was last night but OMG it took me like 4 hours and I checked my valve adjustments and put new belts on my Ducati Sportclassic. These things take so much maintenance.Lucky for me it has 27K miles on it and things have settled in that the last two checks haven't needed any actual adjustments. Good to go for the season.
  7. Any triumph techs?

    That's not so bad, mine made 120 on his dyno a few years back but I had the aftermarket pipes and did the CAT and SAI delete. This was the best we could get from it after about 45 minutes of tuning.
  8. Euro Bike Night at the Hofbrauhaus

    I'm going to do my best to be there tonight.
  9. Any one toy around with tune ecu?

    I had JD Hord do the synopsis tune on my Sprint. Turned out very well. For me it was worth the trip up there.
  10. motobro code

    I took the picture after finishing up a reloading session. The AP ammo on the rh side was mil-surp but the rest was fresh off the press. All 1000+ rounds are on enblocs. Amazing that I still have 20-30 more empty clips I didn't use.
  11. motobro code

    #6, Because here are over 1,000 rnds of .30-06 on clips that make your argument invalid.
  12. 2017 MotoGP Season Starts

    You guys are also forgetting that mid-ohio is an absolute hazard when wet. The pro race series events want to run rain or shine so they can maintain their event schedule. A wet track at mid-ohio is a cancellation level event.
  13. I have a new toy

    I have the 06 Sprint manual. It shows the valve clearances as Intake 0.10-0.20mm Exhaust 0.20-0.30mm
  14. What did you do to your bike today?

    I have friends that have tried similar stunts. Mid-Ohio vintage days and Yamahopper's ftw. And yes this is straight outa the camera, no photoshop.