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  1. I can't bring myself to try an iron butt, that takes it to the next level.
  2. It took a couple weeks to complete everything but this is the latest updates on my bike. I added some bar end mirrors and crash bars to the handlebars and than I got rid of the RH side case and put a clean cover on so you can watch the clutch go around. No dry clutch rattle but at least you can still see it.
  3. I'm offended because I finally gave in and got hearing aids. I now realize how annoying all the things I couldn't hear really are.
  4. I bought a military style leather shoulder holster for my 1911. Those old guns have feelings and they get grumpy when you don't store them in crusty old leather. 😁
  5. True, true. But for every attempted ban people go out and empty every gun and ammo shelf they can find regardless of the outcome.
  6. I kinda feel bad for anyone that has recently gotten into guns/shooting in the past 2-5 years or so. I reload for pretty much everything in my collection but the 22lr/22magnum and haven't paid retail in over a decade. I can't imagine how much worst it's going to get in the next few years as the bans continue to roll in from the government.
  7. Getting new tires put on and doing some quick maintenance stuff before getting it out for the season. Sat inside all last year due to Covid. Not gonna let that happen again this year.
  8. I had a chance to shoot an older PPQ and the Match version of the same gun a few years ago. I thought they were pretty nice guns. Hopefully you will find the same when ammo is available again. I haven't been to a gun store in probably 6 months but the stuff I have seen online is too friggin expensive and borderline price gouging to even consider buying anything right now. I hope things settle down after the change of power in the oval office and prices start to fall but if Biden continues to saber rattle about bans it may be a long 4 years till we get someone more 2A friendly in office and ammo comes back in stock.
  9. If you don't want people to buy it all before you can, why bother posting about it and just sounding like a jerk?
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