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  1. vf1000ride

    Random Thoughts thread

    If you could combine that toilet photo with this one you could probably win the internet for the rest of 2019.
  2. I got mine into one of the centerfold shoots from mid-ohio back in 2012. You guys have done much better. Congrats.
  3. vf1000ride

    What i did in guns.

    Early Christmas gift for myself. 1891 Argentine engineer carbine. Chambered in 7.65x53 Argentine.
  4. vf1000ride

    Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    You would have to offer me a pretty crazy number to sell my sportclassic.
  5. vf1000ride

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Was the other week but put carbon fiber handguards on my Multistrada.
  6. .30-30 lever guns are very cool but you may want to check out the ballistics on that cartridge. Those big heavy round nose or flat nose bullets are pretty bad past about 300yards. The stopping power of those things for "zombie" sized targets really is limited at distance. If you had wanted something that is 500 yard capable you are going to want something with a pointed spitzer style bullet.
  7. As much as it pains me to say this, give in and buy the ar-15. I have one and as much as it's not my favorite rifle to take to the range, I know it is the best rifle I own for 80% of all bad situations. It is by far the most accurate of the medium to high power rifles I own and the easiest to customize and mount optics on. The price on old milsurp bolt action and semi-auto's has climbed to the point that there is no real value in them as a defense gun anymore unless you specifically want one for looks/history or you live in some anti-freedom state that has banned black rifles.
  8. vf1000ride

    What i did in guns.

    I keep 3" steel pellet "BB" sized shot in my defense shotgun. Both the exterior and interior walls in my house are super thin. I do not want the chance of something like double aught making it into a neighbors house. Sporting supply of 7.5-9 shot. My backup supply does include a bunch of slug and OO buck if it ever came to that.
  9. vf1000ride

    Ammo Deals.

    So are you ready for ammo porn. I added up the easy to get to stuff, took more than one picture as the pile was getting a little large. First picture is all .30-06, ended up counting out 4,120 or so rounds of that stuff. Second photo is the following calibers: .22 (5K), 30 Carbine (870), 9mm (1K), 45acp (500), .303Brit (400), 7.62x39 (1K), 7.62x54R (1180) and 5.56 (800). Sorry to say I am not dragging out all the 12gauge for a photo op but the total round count for what is in the two pictures is roughly 14,900. If you add in the 600 or so shotshells I have it puts me over the 15K ballpark figure I mentioned before.
  10. vf1000ride

    Ammo Deals.

    My situation is actually the opposite of your thinking. I am very anal retentive about my ammo. I probably have more money wrapped up in ammo than most people have in their entire gun collection and treating it as good as my gun collection keeps it in good shooting condition for many decades to come. All of my ammo is stored either in it's own locked gun safe or in sealed steel military ammo cans. If you want to limit the discussion to only hunting/self defense than sure, change your ammo out for the latest and greatest each season. Advances in bullet tech alone justify that. My self defense pistol ammo is changed out every 6 months as I shoot my way through the supply practicing at the range. I will gladly take all your outdated ammo, I'm sure I can find something to shoot it from that doesn't care that it's 5-10 years old and outdated tech. To drop a blanket statement on the situation that says that ammo should be discarded every ten years because it is old is patently untrue. You need to asses the conditions it was stored in. If you pull a 5 year old moldy box of .30-30 from grand-pops shed and the brass has turned green I would promptly throw the stuff in the trash. On the flip side, a sealed steel can of ammo from WWII that doesn't have any rust, that still had a good vacuum on it when opened and the brass cases inside are still nice and shiny it is good to go. I have run into plenty of surplus over the years from third world countries that was absolute trash, the stuff coming out of Pakistan and Korea was some of the worst. US, Russian, Polish and British surplus tend to be very good if you stick with the visual indicators. One of these days I should pull all my ammo out and take a picture of it. I know I have over 15K rounds but haven't taken a detailed count in probably 6-7 years.
  11. vf1000ride

    Ammo Deals.

    The .30-06 is still full velocity, I was averaging 2600fps for the AP rounds and the standard ball ammo was right around 2800fps which matches the army manuals within about 50fps. Never ran the .303 Brit across the chronograph but it was normal for felt recoil. I know the US military hasn't fielded a firearm chambered in .30-06 since the Korean war so I doubt they have a reason to keep huge stockpiles of 60-70 year old ammo. No clue when the British shelved the .303 cartridge but I am sure it was around the time that 7.62Nato took over. As for defending myself with a 100 year old bolt action British rifle, that would be a poor choice regardless of it being old/new/reloaded ammo. The Garand in .30-06 is not an ideal choice but it is way better than a bolt gun. BTW my house gun is a 12gauge pump. As for ammo effectiveness on the 70 year old .30-06 armor piercing ammo. Here is the front and back side of a piece of 3/4inch thick plate steel where several of the bullets had no problem pushing out the back side.
  12. vf1000ride

    Ammo Deals.

    Just in case there are non-believers in the crowd that ammo will stay good for well into the 70+ year range. Here is a quick picture, the main image is four rounds of British .303, two from 1931 and two from 1942. I have shot both and they worked just fine. The insert is four rounds of US made M2 ball AP (.30-06) for my garands. All dated from 1944 from both the Lake City and Remington arsenals.
  13. vf1000ride

    Ammo Deals.

    Heck, I have US surplus .30-06 for my Garands that is dated to the mid 1940's. True WWII production ammo. Shoots very well. Oldest I have ever fired was some .303Brit that dated to the 1930's.
  14. vf1000ride

    Mr. and Mrs. Toniks epic 2018 trip.

    You will come home with a whole new understanding of why people from the northeast are bitter. LoL.
  15. vf1000ride

    Mid Ohio 8/20

    I'll be there. See you guys at the track.