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  1. vf1000ride

    Honest question.

    I haven't had a chance to read into the current debate but to add something to the conversation with a limited personal background of the issue. Convicted felon that is still incarcerated I would say no vote. Once time served and back into public I would be much more willing to allow a vote.
  2. vf1000ride

    It took the French....

    I'm nowhere near a religious person but it sucks to see the loss of any structure as historical as that one.
  3. vf1000ride

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Got the 749 trackbike on the street for it's first legal trip around the block. Then got the Sportclassic out and got some heat in it for the first time this year also. First time ever to have 3 legal streetbikes in the garage at the same time. Now just to get the 749 street body re-painted so it's closer to the same as the track body.
  4. Sorry I have 5,6,8mm and 1/4in helicoil kits. Nothing close to a 14.
  5. I will check when I get home tonight but don't know that I have one that size. I put the link up just to make sure I was thinking the same thing as you were.
  6. Something like this? https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/heli-coil-3878/tools---equipment-16488/tools-23747/cutting---drilling-tools-16542/thread-repair-16906/heli-coil-inserts-19596/ecce6617012f/heli-coil-m14-1-50-metric-thread-repair-kit/554414/4368737?q=554414&pos=0
  7. vf1000ride

    What i did in guns.

    We really need to get together one of these days so you can shoot my 1911's. That Kimber is up around 2k rounds and is 100% failure free since I've owned it. I have a Springfield 1911 that I purchased back in 1998 that I couldn't begin to tally up the total amount of ammo through it but I have worn out the main spring twice so far. There are 2 failures I can think of for the Springfield and both caused by poor QC on my reloads. One was a squib that got the bullet about two inches up the barrel and I had another with a wrinkled case that just wouldn't fit in the chamber. I have had so many people claim they are unreliable but I have been lucky to have never seen it myself.
  8. vf1000ride

    What i did in guns.

    My 1911 is the same size as that Glock and still is a 7+1 in 45acp. It only weights 3oz more. Not sure why the hate. 😁
  9. vf1000ride

    Spare Phone Nav Consideration

    When I crashed my Triumph a few years back my cellphone was in my tank bag. It ended up about 60ft from where I stopped. It took two guys almost 10 minutes to find it while I sat in the ditch with a broken hip, dislocated femur and a badly broken rh wrist. I would have never found it to save myself. I couldn't move enough to find my motorcycle let alone the tank bag. Since then the phone will always be zipped into a coat pocket.
  10. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

  11. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

  12. vf1000ride

    New Boots

    I have a pair of Sidi B2 boots that are 8 years old. Leather is in great shape, I have a small spot on the ball of each foot that has just worn through the outside rubber to the inner layer but they are still usable and I wear them for short trips or if wearing them under jeans. I replaced them with the Sidi ST Air boots for track riding and longer trips about 4 years ago. These are the boots I was wearing when I crashed the Triumph and can say that they held up very well. I replaced the ankle brace for being scratched up but it was still fully functional and could have been left alone if needed. I don't know if Sidi makes anything in your price range but if they do it is worth trying them on to see if you like the fit of them. Both pairs I have owned have served me well.
  13. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

    Miracle cart heals the lame and lazy.
  14. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

  15. vf1000ride

    Random Thoughts thread

    If you could combine that toilet photo with this one you could probably win the internet for the rest of 2019.