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  1. Who knows air rifles?

    I still have my crossman powermaster 66 that I got back in 1990 or so. 10 pump open sight goodness. I can still hit a thumbtack out to 25 feet with it. Not much knockdown power at sub 800fps speeds but I've taken more rats on my parents farm with that little rifle than would fill a 55gallon drum.
  2. New bike ordered yesterday

    Dang, I had figured for sure he had gotten one of these.
  3. Question of the day

    Yep, $25k wouldn't have been enough to buy my current bike. 😀
  4. Mossberg 500 Cruiser

    You need to put the zombie hunter collapsible stock on it for that purpose. Then it will sell instantly. BTW, much better deal than what I spent on my Mossberg, somebody really needs to buy this thing from him already.
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  8. Anti-Trump Rally

    I haven't watched football (pro or college) in years, sorry I still carry my mancard though. I gave up on that sport long before the current crop of overpaid crybabies took the field. I have jumped off bridges before, you just have to have good depth perception and jump off where the water is both close enough and deep enough to survive. Not sure why people always use this as a viable option for suggesting people commit suicide on the internet. There are much more effextive choices like jumping from the tops of burning skyscrapers.
  9. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    I started riding around 1992. First major crash in '96 that put me off bikes until the bug got me again in '99. Got layed off and sold that bike in 2002 to make rent payments. Didn't ride again until 2008. Been riding hard and lots of street miles(45k+ on 2 bikes) till my crash last fall. I picked up a new bike to replace the one I totalled but some of that diehard passion has been replaced by caution and at times a lack of interest, this year will probably be less than 5k miles total between all of my bikes. For me that want to ride has been there since I was in my teens. It fluctuates up and down all the time but as others have said it is a very hard thing to fully give up on and it is certainly a personal choice for each person.
  10. F' Busta Rymes.

    Gimme some more;
  11. AIM Expo 9-22 & 9-23 who's going.

    Here is the picture album for what I took. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10212431324450992&type=1&l=4675a61a6a I had a chance to demo ride 4 bikes on Friday. The BMW R9T Racer, GSXR-750, R1-S and the Honda CB1100. Was more impressed by the Honda than the other 3. It was the bike that felt the most comfortable and in it's element at test ride speeds, If I could justify another bike it would be on the short list. You could tell the GSXR and R1 were just out of their element riding in downtown traffic and were ready to go all out at any moment. Caged animals just begging for an excuse to get you a ticket from the police. The BMW wasn't a bad bike if you could get past the shifter. I have ridden two of the R9T series bike now and neither was bad but the shifter felt vague and like you were trying to impose your will on the pedal through a weak spring.
  12. AIM Expo 9-22 & 9-23 who's going.

    Close, Vegas for 2018 but back to CMH for both 2019 and 2020. Was told this by several show people and the local Yamaha dealer rep.
  13. Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    Oh so you went there and are now "that guy". You coulda at least offered a handy to go with it. Geese, what is this world coming too?
  14. New Bike - 2005 Triumph Sprint St

    Better bulbs probably won't help. The problem is they are a projector beam, when you lean into a turn the cutoff line for the projector causes everything in the corner to go dark. You'll probably love everything else about the sprint so they are still an awesome motorcycle. Congrats.
  15. New Bike - 2005 Triumph Sprint St

    Very cool, I would still have mine if I didn't crash it. I would recommend some good quality driving lights to add to it if you plan to ride at night. The stock headlights could have been much better.