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  1. vf1000ride

    Spare Phone Nav Consideration

    When I crashed my Triumph a few years back my cellphone was in my tank bag. It ended up about 60ft from where I stopped. It took two guys almost 10 minutes to find it while I sat in the ditch with a broken hip, dislocated femur and a badly broken rh wrist. I would have never found it to save myself. I couldn't move enough to find my motorcycle let alone the tank bag. Since then the phone will always be zipped into a coat pocket.
  2. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

  3. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

  4. vf1000ride

    New Boots

    I have a pair of Sidi B2 boots that are 8 years old. Leather is in great shape, I have a small spot on the ball of each foot that has just worn through the outside rubber to the inner layer but they are still usable and I wear them for short trips or if wearing them under jeans. I replaced them with the Sidi ST Air boots for track riding and longer trips about 4 years ago. These are the boots I was wearing when I crashed the Triumph and can say that they held up very well. I replaced the ankle brace for being scratched up but it was still fully functional and could have been left alone if needed. I don't know if Sidi makes anything in your price range but if they do it is worth trying them on to see if you like the fit of them. Both pairs I have owned have served me well.
  5. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

    Miracle cart heals the lame and lazy.
  6. vf1000ride

    Funny picture thread.

  7. vf1000ride

    Random Thoughts thread

    If you could combine that toilet photo with this one you could probably win the internet for the rest of 2019.
  8. I got mine into one of the centerfold shoots from mid-ohio back in 2012. You guys have done much better. Congrats.
  9. vf1000ride

    What i did in guns.

    Early Christmas gift for myself. 1891 Argentine engineer carbine. Chambered in 7.65x53 Argentine.
  10. vf1000ride

    Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    You would have to offer me a pretty crazy number to sell my sportclassic.
  11. vf1000ride

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Was the other week but put carbon fiber handguards on my Multistrada.
  12. .30-30 lever guns are very cool but you may want to check out the ballistics on that cartridge. Those big heavy round nose or flat nose bullets are pretty bad past about 300yards. The stopping power of those things for "zombie" sized targets really is limited at distance. If you had wanted something that is 500 yard capable you are going to want something with a pointed spitzer style bullet.
  13. As much as it pains me to say this, give in and buy the ar-15. I have one and as much as it's not my favorite rifle to take to the range, I know it is the best rifle I own for 80% of all bad situations. It is by far the most accurate of the medium to high power rifles I own and the easiest to customize and mount optics on. The price on old milsurp bolt action and semi-auto's has climbed to the point that there is no real value in them as a defense gun anymore unless you specifically want one for looks/history or you live in some anti-freedom state that has banned black rifles.
  14. vf1000ride

    What i did in guns.

    I keep 3" steel pellet "BB" sized shot in my defense shotgun. Both the exterior and interior walls in my house are super thin. I do not want the chance of something like double aught making it into a neighbors house. Sporting supply of 7.5-9 shot. My backup supply does include a bunch of slug and OO buck if it ever came to that.
  15. vf1000ride

    Ammo Deals.

    So are you ready for ammo porn. I added up the easy to get to stuff, took more than one picture as the pile was getting a little large. First picture is all .30-06, ended up counting out 4,120 or so rounds of that stuff. Second photo is the following calibers: .22 (5K), 30 Carbine (870), 9mm (1K), 45acp (500), .303Brit (400), 7.62x39 (1K), 7.62x54R (1180) and 5.56 (800). Sorry to say I am not dragging out all the 12gauge for a photo op but the total round count for what is in the two pictures is roughly 14,900. If you add in the 600 or so shotshells I have it puts me over the 15K ballpark figure I mentioned before.