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  1. flick311

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

  2. flick311

    Random motorcycle thoughts and talk

    I rode it from Zanesville to St Rt 7... No new pavement, still a fun road tho!
  3. flick311

    2019 Rides and Pictures

    Unfortunately 520 and 206 ( which I ride frequently ) are scheduled for chip and seal in June. A buddy of mine stopped and talked with the state crew last week...His wife works for ODOT and confirmed that.
  4. Good luck with your adventure Dan! Safe travels!
  5. flick311

    FOR SALE 2006 DR650 for parts-CHEEP

    Dan, pm sent...
  6. flick311

    Adventure Ride Sunday 12/03/17South Central, OH.

    Hope you guys had a good time! Chaz knows how to get around on his V strom....
  7. flick311

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Good to meet you today Justin... Yes, the Pirates were definitely out today....? Logged about 250 miles today...
  8. flick311

    Sonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    I may be in for this... I'll fall in at Marathon in Millersburg... Yep.... It's on the charger....lol
  9. We come to your home town 8 times a year about

    We enjoy riding the bike  trail


    1. flick311


      Yes, it's a great trail to ride, walk or run... Watch out for the Amish buggies! Also, from here heading south, great roads to ride also! 

  10. flick311

    Work Boots - Who likes what?

    They sell Keen at Charm...
  11. flick311

    Joe's new bike thread

    That is a sweet looking bike! Enjoy!
  12. flick311

    Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

    This ^^^ Bohn also has them with a mesh material for hot weather riding also...Ill be trying those out this year ?
  13. flick311

    WTB: cheap iPhone 5s or newer

    My charging port went bad ( my fault ).... Had it repaired for $50... The Phone Dr did it.. I googled it, took a chance. Works fine!