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    2012 Triumph 800 XC, 2001 Suzuki DR 650
  1. Good luck with your adventure Dan! Safe travels!
  2. bike FOR SALE 2006 DR650 for parts-CHEEP

    Dan, pm sent...
  3. Adventure Ride Sunday 12/03/17South Central, OH.

    Hope you guys had a good time! Chaz knows how to get around on his V strom....
  4. What did you do to your bike today?

    Good to meet you today Justin... Yes, the Pirates were definitely out today....😳 Logged about 250 miles today...
  5. Sonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    I may be in for this... I'll fall in at Marathon in Millersburg... Yep.... It's on the charger....lol
  6. We come to your home town 8 times a year about

    We enjoy riding the bike  trail


    1. flick311


      Yes, it's a great trail to ride, walk or run... Watch out for the Amish buggies! Also, from here heading south, great roads to ride also! 

  7. Work Boots - Who likes what?

    They sell Keen at Charm...
  8. Joe's new bike thread

    That is a sweet looking bike! Enjoy!
  9. Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

    This ^^^ Bohn also has them with a mesh material for hot weather riding also...Ill be trying those out this year 👍
  10. WTB: cheap iPhone 5s or newer

    My charging port went bad ( my fault ).... Had it repaired for $50... The Phone Dr did it.. I googled it, took a chance. Works fine!
  11. Weekend trip with my wife. Any destination recommendations ?

    Cool place. 2 miles from my house...
  12. Do you have an XR650L?

    That looks sweet!
  13. Castrol power 1 synthetic

    Dustin, thanks for the heads up... I ordered some the other day!