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  1. Short version: Looking to see if someone might be interested in a quick purchase of my 2006 Daytona 675, maybe for a track bike. Sad story version: I did a stupid thing and had a low-speed lowside on my Daytona, which was the only thing I'd ever owned and managed to keep in pristine condition, so I'm a little heartbroken and a lot pissed at myself. The complicating factor is that I'm in the process of moving and I need to be gone in a week. So I'm going to either have to store the bike here and figure out how to fix the cosmetic damage later, but I also thought I'd put it up here in case someone wants it as is as a track bike, and then I won't have to move it. A sale would have to take place in the next week before I leave. Four of the six pieces of plastic got some rash, as well as the right side engine case. Naturally there's a gouge in the tank where it sticks out like a wing above the knee cutouts. I rode it home. The frame was untouched and the bike runs same as before. The only part that would have to be replaced to ride it would be the brake pedal. Details on the bike: 2006 Tornado Red Daytona 675 which I bought barely used in 2007. That means no ABS or TC, just a sweet-handling bike. Mechanically stock except I removed the valve in the exhaust system when it malfunctioned, as most of them eventually do. It's just there to pass the noise test with the EPA and does not affect performance. Currently has 22,697 miles so it would be due for a valve inspection at 24,000. HeliBars clip-ons currently on the bike. I have the stock clip-ons to go with it. Recall on the regulator/rectifier was done. Always Mobil MX-4T oil. I used this bike for back road rides and maybe 10 track days over the years. Asking $3,000. Call or text 614 239 8159.
  2. Back when I was affiliated with Whitehorse Press, they used to send me copies of the books they published. I now have extras of a few titles and I'm trying to pare down for a move. If anyone wants these, they are free if you pick them up (I'm located in Bexley, 43209) or $3 each if I ship them to you. All are in good condition. The following are guidebooks with photos and maps of suggested routes: Motorcycle Journeys through Western Europe by Toby Ballentine Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps and Beyond by John Hermann Motorcycle Journeys through the Pacific Northwest, 2nd Edition, by Bruce Hansen Motorcycle Journeys through North America by Dale Coyner The Ride Guide - Midwest Edition by J. Michael & Barbara Ring The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado by Steve Farson Other how-tos: The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel by Dale Coyner, more of a general how-to, which might be a good gift to someone who's getting started in motorcycle touring How to Set Up your Motorcycle Workshop by C.G. Masi Motorcycle Camping Made Easy by Bob Woofter
  3. Postponed, at least. https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/strangeness-a-bronx-cheer
  4. I have an old one-piece Alpinestars leather suit that I want to get rid of. Ideally, this would be good for someone who's thinking of doing a first track day and doesn't want to make the commitment yet to buying all new gear. This would be enough to get you started. I got a new set of leathers through my work and reality is I'll never wear these again, so they need to go to a new owner or the landfill. Full disclosure: they're old, I sweated in them many times and they're not that pretty, but they're totally functional and I've seen far worse at many track days. They have only been down once, and that was a ridiculously low-speed and embarrassing crash I wrote about in my book years ago. That resulted in some scuffs on the right shoulder and knee, but not nearly enough damage to put the leathers out of commission. The size is US44/EUR54 but they fit like a US42/EUR52, which is the size I wear in everything else. I am 5-11 and 175 pounds for reference. Make arrangements to pick them up in Bexley (Columbus).
  5. Now that we're a few races into the resumed season, I have to say I'm disappointed. Motorcycle racing coverage seems to continue to diminish in the U.S. NBCSN is only covering selected WSBK rounds and some MotoGP rounds are live, others tape-delay. No Moto2, Moto3 or World Supersport, all of which we could see in past years on beIN Sports. I know a lot of people complained about beIN because it was not a widely available channel, but at least they showed all the races live. Seeing the races at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday is not that bad, because they I still have the whole day to go riding or do what I want or need to do. Spending have the day avoiding social media so I don't know who won the race before I watch it at 3 p.m. is not ideal. Plus, an American rider was on the podium today in the intermediate class for the first time since the 1990s (go Joe Roberts!) but nobody in the U.S. saw it on TV.
  6. I tried a few different methods and came up with two ways to do it that don't involve leaving anything permanently mounted on your motorcycle and allow you to remove the transponder or switch it from one motorcycle to another in a second. http://www.theridesofar.com/2017/04/experiments-in-e-zpass-on-a-motorcycle/
  7. I've already gone on record publicly as stating this is the most inexplicable and stupid thing BMW has done since it "invented" power brakes. And it's probably worse than that. Even worse than its last failed attempt at a cruiser. Big cruisers were the fastest declining category in U.S. motorcycle sales last year and outside the U.S. big cruisers are a novelty, an oddity, or worse. Usually just ignored. So you build an expensive bike for the most rapidly dying segment and turn your boxer engine, which was traditionally loved for providing lots of torque in an engine that felt light, into a monstrous lump. This thing is going to be such a failure it will make the R 1200 C Montauk look good.
  8. Plenty of Held gloves available for sale, including Phantoms.
  9. Yes, family responsibilities take me down to the Pomeroy area regularly and I've tried every possible combination of roads between there and Columbus over the years. Those are among the good ones on the southeastern half of my trip.
  10. The near impossibility of getting the sprocket off the output shaft from the motor is famous in Versys circles, so I'm not at all surprised it's the same with this related model. They come from the factory torqued to some ridiculous setting. The first time I had to change sprockets, I had to take it to a shop with a commercial-grade air gun and get them to loosen it for me. Lots of stories of owners trying all methods to get it off by hand and failing. I had that bike for more than 89,000 miles, so I changed a few sprockets. Once I was doing the torquing, didn't have that problem ever again. But the first time... Good luck. Hope it's a simple issue.
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