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  1. motociclista

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Rolled the odometer again.
  2. motociclista

    Hocking to Gallipolis Loop

    Yes, family responsibilities take me down to the Pomeroy area regularly and I've tried every possible combination of roads between there and Columbus over the years. Those are among the good ones on the southeastern half of my trip.
  3. motociclista

    No upshifts

    The near impossibility of getting the sprocket off the output shaft from the motor is famous in Versys circles, so I'm not at all surprised it's the same with this related model. They come from the factory torqued to some ridiculous setting. The first time I had to change sprockets, I had to take it to a shop with a commercial-grade air gun and get them to loosen it for me. Lots of stories of owners trying all methods to get it off by hand and failing. I had that bike for more than 89,000 miles, so I changed a few sprockets. Once I was doing the torquing, didn't have that problem ever again. But the first time... Good luck. Hope it's a simple issue.
  4. motociclista

    Who has a Speed Triple?

    Congrats on the Street Triple. I think you'll like it. Sorry I missed your question directed to me before about Speed vs. Street, but everyone else answered it the same way I would have and I think you probably ended up in the right spot, and as you say, you can resell it if you don't gel with it. I love the 675s and the new 765 is basically the same experience but with more torque, so a bit closer to the Speed Triple. Now that the 765 is out, I really don't see much reason to buy a Speed Triple today, unless you just really want the physically larger (heavier) bike and the bit of added torque, and that's coming from someone who has owned a Speed Triple for 21 years and will keep it til it dies. This will sound petty, but the most annoying thing about the 2018 Speed Triple RS I rode was the stupid fob and starting procedure. It takes five minutes for someone to explain how to start the damn bike the first time you do it. Seriously. It is the worst example I know of needless complication in a motorcycle for no good reason at all.
  5. motociclista

    Who has a Speed Triple?

    I have a very long history of Speed Triple ownership, since I have a 1997 I bought in 1998 and now is into six-figure mileage. But of course it's so different from what you're looking at my experience is irrelevant. I also got to ride both the 2018 Street Triple RS and 2018 Speed Triple RS. Of those, I would definitely choose the Street, but that's mostly down to personal preference and price. And those bikes are both too new to be relevant. So in other words, I have nothing useful to add since everything I've ridden is either too old or too new, so I'll just show myself out now.
  6. motociclista

    2015 Fiat 500 Pop, $6000

    2015 Fiat 500 Pop 5-speed manual transmission58,000 miles, mostly highway commuting Listed on CL for $6,400, OR price: $6,000 This is a car that feels a little like a motorcycle on four wheels. My wife bought it when it was less than a year old and had under 900 miles on it, so we have service records for virtually since new. All regular service was done at Bob Boyd Fiat (now Germain, after it recently changed ownership).Fiat calls this color "Verde Azzurro." It looks dark blue until bright sunlight hits it and then you can see a hint of metallic green. Gray cloth interior.Everything works: power windows/locks/mirrors, stereo with aux/usb inputs and Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone calls, AC, tilt steering, stability control, ABS and both regular and Sport driving modes. Has alloy wheels. This car needs no work. It recently had the Multi-Air valve actuator replaced under warranty. The car has an extended warranty for six years and 80,000 miles, but there is a $150 fee to transfer it to a new owner.Four new tires in December with less than 5,000 miles on them.
  7. motociclista

    Free Firstgear mesh jacket, size L

    GONE to its new home with max power.
  8. motociclista

    gear Free Firstgear mesh jacket, size L

    If you're riding around in a T-shirt because it's too hot to wear your jacket and you'd like to have a little more protection, then you can have my mesh jacket. This is a Firstgear Mesh Tex jacket. It's all mesh, so it moves a lot of air. Has armor in the elbows and shoulders and a flimsy foam back pad. Has a zip-out windproof (not waterproof) liner so you can wear it when it's cool in the morning and take out the liner when it gets hot later. That's about it for frills, but it's free. It's a size large. I'm 5-11 and 175 and it will fit you better if you're a little bigger than me. I used to have one of these in medium but went to a large just to get a little more sleeve length. It's always been a little loose on me and I think air flows better through a mesh jacket when it's not baggy. It's kind of old and it's red but it's functional, all the zippers and snaps work, etc., and it's free. I'd like to see it go to someone who needs it rather than toss it. Come get it this weekend. You can text me at 614 239 8159.
  9. motociclista

    Kalashnikov made a bike?

    Yeah, that's mine. I edit all the stuff at Common Tread at RevZilla and write some of it.
  10. motociclista

    Kalashnikov made a bike?

    Thanks for reading! Glad you found it interesting.
  11. It seems like the consensus is to take the Redvers tent but I'm going to disagree. For the U.S. leg of your trip, I'd take the smaller tent. The time spent setting up and tearing down every day gets old. The extra weight and bulk gets old. And for what? You need a garage on the trail? You're going to ride your bike through all kinds of weather and crap anyway. So what if it sits out all night? The only time I would consider using the Redvers tent is if I was going to a destination where I was going to be in the same spot for a week trail riding or something and didn't have to make and break camp every day. Just my personal approach, which usually puts a premium on traveling light. Once I finished the U.S. portion of your trip, I'd sell the small tent or ship it back home. I have traveled in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Camping is so much less common there and hotel rooms can be had so cheap that I would not camp. Off the beaten path, I have rented a room for $3 a night. I am not an alarmist and I don't worry about traveling abroad, but by camping you are doing something unusual and may just draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself from the wrong kind of people. I have not traveled in South America so I won't comment there (though Colombia -- not Columbia -- is not going to be a lot different from Central America). In the south, in the more remote areas, having a tent may be a real asset, even necessary. I don't know. The best thing you can do is continue practicing your Spanish. Vas a tener una experiencia mil veces mejor y mucho mas profundo si puedes comunicar con la gente en vez de viajar solo y mudo por el paisaje. Buen viaje.
  12. motociclista

    Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Not all Triumphs. My Speed Triple turns 21 next month (yes, I'll buy it a beer) and has 105k+ miles and has never had anything serious go wrong. My Daytona 675 has been totally reliable, too.
  13. motociclista

    Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    If you were mainly looking for long-haul comfort, I'd say go with something like an FJR1300, but since you're a sport bike guy at heart, the Ninja 1000 is the best bang for the buck in terms of a sport bike made comfortable enough for travel. I'd also agree with ricer1's recommendation to consider an FZ-10 if you don't mind assembling your own luggage options and maybe finding the right wind management that works for you.
  14. motociclista

    Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Ninja 1000. If you "absolutely love sport bikes," then I think you should consider the Ninja 1000 with the saddlebags, especially if you're considering a track day. It will be sportier on the street and way better for a track day than a heavier Concours 14 or FJR1300. It also happens to be more powerful and lighter than a VFR800 Interceptor and generally less expensive, too, both to buy and to maintain (no VTEC). It's a sport bike made reasonably comfortable. The 2017s and later have an IMU so you get angle-sensitive ABS and traction control. 2014-2016 get you the better bags and some engine improvements. I have not ridden the new ones with the IMU but I did get a day-long test ride on the previous edition.
  15. motociclista

    MA at PIRC vs Mid-Ohio

    The ownership does seem willing to listen to requests and suggestions and spend money, so I'm hoping they'll be able to improve the spectator experience, within the confines of the property's limitations. Saturday attendance seemed noticeably larger than Sunday's. Definitely a lot of people from Ohio. Here's my Saturday and Sunday coverage at RevZilla.