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  1. What year did they make these changes? I've been eyeing wings for a while now.
  2. Blame Google, or George W
  3. Here is the whole Buckeye Series schedule for 2021.
  4. The Buckeye Series Races are May 30th and July 25th.
  5. 119 west from the 23 split down towards Lynch is really nice too!
  6. Thanks! Our big races of the year are typically the Buckeye Series Races. The place gets packed, and there is some really great racing, even for spectators. A lot of the local pros have, at one time or another, been on the National seen as well.
  7. COCR is in Sugar Grove, and we'll have a couple of open practices this year. I should have the website updated by this weekend. We are a private club made up of volunteers. You can have 24/7 access if you become a member. Let me know if you are interested. https://cocrmx.com/ Here is another website that is great for finding local MX events http://www.pitracer.com/
  8. Just my opinion, but I would try selling them separately.
  9. There we go....I knew is was there.
  10. It sure is quiet in here for all of the BS flying around.
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