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  1. Sorry, probably too late....
  2. We're renting one at the end of July in the smokies. We'll see how it slays.
  3. Welcome, and thanks for the invite. I will be busy consuming several gallon of beer though. Crawl for Cancer it is.
  4. Ringo Re intro

    That's HAWT!
  5. Chris Cornell dead, suicide

    ^^^yep, shit is f'd up!
  6. Is wayne safe for solo ride?

    I went head on with a guy years ago on a Monday or Tuesday that was by himself. We had to load him up and send him on his way broken bones and all. I wouldn't recommend going alone. Find some bubbies somehow, someway.
  7. GPS recommendations

    I like the features of my old TomTom a lot better than any of the new Garmins that I've had. Distance/time to next stop on a planned route, POI along your route, etc...
  8. New to me ride

    Looks good man! My son just picked up a street legal 04 YZ450F with supermoto and dirt wheels. I'll have to borrow it sometime so we can go terrorizing.
  9. Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    08 YZF R6 for $1800 With an automatic!!!
  10. FML, I thought I'd never post in here

    Yo, sell me that bike you ain't using, so I can put it in my corner to gather dust!
  11. 20170406-113726.jpg

    From the album Toys and Stuff

    Almost done making it mine...
  12. Tire Gauge Sale On Amazon

    I like the single handers much better.
  13. Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    Comes with tags good until March '18.
  14. I think I have a Powerstroke addiction...

    Nice! Hope all is well with you bud!
  15. 2017 Wayne thread

    Agreed! I've only had the Jeep out at night on trails. I need to use the RZR more this year. But now I've got my YZ450 that eats up my free time too.