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  1. I live in the country, so I'm not a fan of the dark. Took many deer and what not
  2. Can't forget the Buttered Biscuit in Maggie also....
  3. Don't mind the non-melted cheese, it was all delicious.
  4. New place in Maggie Valley was really good! New outdoor seating by the creek too. FYI- we walked there from the hotel, thus the beers. We always go to Frankies for Italian, and the Brickhouse for pizza, but we missed our photo op.
  5. I prefer 78 over 555. Too many blinds as previously mentioned on 555.
  6. Long Ridge tomorrow. First time off road since October of 2018.
  7. In person is a blast! Kenworthy's was always really wild too! I haven't watched last Saturdays race yet, but heard it's a bit of a bore. Very one-lined, and not much passing. I'll probably watch it tonight.
  8. Is anyone else watching it? It's been somewhat entertaining this year with 4 different winners in the first 5 races in the 450 class, and 3 different winners in the 250 class. This past weekend was a real shitshow though. And with damage to the riders and their bikes... this has to really suck for the privateers. https://racerxonline.com/2019/02/04/riders-upset-with-drying-agent-in-san-diego-dirt?fbclid=IwAR0pMGltgGpyMRXI8fsGtkhRP7UN-EoCI7Obg4x42bElvUoDXnWjsJJhlMw https://racerxonline.com/2019/02/05/feld-entertainment-releases-statement-regarding-san-diego-track-conditions?fbclid=IwAR10qXWXd3lQMTh48LTIA7ZCIKbmVxejVSvRsgd6GxWAyN6XRaR8ttOqbj0 https://motocrossactionmag.com/ama-feld-working-together-to-help-riders-effected-by-lime-in-soil-at-san-diego-supercross/?fbclid=IwAR2C0-jaZE8adW66_MYxIz-FKIh_F6LQOe3lb3m5JhFEOHg4q9yqxnO4BcM
  9. I'm working on making sure everything is tuned up to go to Ray's Friday!!!
  10. That looks to be a pretty good deal. Where did you find it?
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