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  1. FZ1 - new to me

    http://www.yamahafz1oa.com/forum/index.php ^^This will be your friend! Best bang for the buck in that price range as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Construction bubbies, got a question.

    If I hated the existing finish that bad, I'd try to scrap it off (as previously suggested), and skim coat the ceiling. Or new drywall screwed into existing joists (probably end up nailing because the old joists are hard as hell). But, I prefer light colored ceilings.
  3. Great video. And I really like where you mounted the camera. Gives us a much better idea on the road conditions. Thanks for sharing!
  4. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Did my first 15 mile ride yesterday. Heading out for a 25 or so today. Hopefully I'll work up to be able to hit the trails in a few weeks.
  5. Anybody play Foosball?

    Mine is covered up with crap right now....cause I ain't got nobody to play with. It looks nice, but it plays slow as hell. We typically have a Foosball tourney at our house in the winter. Everyone kicks in like $20. Winner's take all. I prefer angled corners and single goalie much better. My son used to go up to the Palace on Friday nights for their tournaments.
  6. Advice on SEO route

    We've been there a few times as well. That's where we went on one of my first Jeep rides. Before the lift and wheels and several more $$$$$
  7. Advice on SEO route

    That being said, I would take 56 to 278N into Nelsonville and take 78 all the way to McConnelsville. 691 is a fun road as mentioned above too.
  8. Mountain Bike Questions

    I also want to get a blinking LED to stick on the back of it.
  9. Mountain Bike Questions

    Thanks man. I ended up just picking up something cheap for now. I'll see how it goes and upgrade if needed.
  10. Step 1: Buy a GoPro...

    Way cool!
  11. Mountain Bike Questions

    I race a little motorized MX here and there, so I've got plenty of full face style helmets. I just thought I'd like a lightweight, breathable helmet for MTB'ing.
  12. Mountain Bike Questions

    Do I need to spend decent money on a helmet in the MTB world? Or are they all close to the same? I'm sure there is weight and strength differences, but what do you guys suggest for starting out?
  13. 16 Year Old from NE Ohio!

    Welcome grasshoppa. Stay safe.
  14. Mountain Bike Questions

    I've only got scar tissue left on my shins from racing BMX when I was young. We would file those f'ers until they were razor sharp....for some stupid reason.
  15. Mountain Bike Questions

    Cool, thanks Chris. Do you guys use phone apps for speed, miles traveled and trail maps? If so, any bar mounts you recommend? Or should I just get a dedicated device to download maps and keep track of distance/speed?