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  1. Awe Sucks Wally!!! Pst! You're breaking character. Back to the hate dome.
  2. Pandemics are bad for the figure, MmmKay!
  3. Done! Yea that looks much better. Learn something new every day. Thanks
  4. Wow! that was the most ads on a web site I've seen in a long time. Was there a story behind all those pop ups?
  5. I'm headed down next week. Have a blast
  6. Here you go made a google maps route, this include most of the best twisty roads I would hit. https://goo.gl/maps/RsBpnWHwsvCMj5au5
  7. You want to add to that route and have some twisty road fun. Take 541 to the other side (west)of Coshocton, then grab 60 north all the way to Killbuck, do a little zigzag over to 520, take 520 to 514, 514 to Danville, 62 to 36, 36 to MTV. You can thank me later.
  8. Think I need more training. I'm just a Rookie by the new software standards.
  9. I have some take offs from my bike that I'm probably never going to use. 190-50-17 190-55-17 120-70-17 Still some life left and if you bring your bike (I'll help)or wheel over I'll mount them for you. Bridgestones have avout ¹/3 tread left angel gt about half. If none takes them in the next week or two I'll toss them. They are just taking up space.
  10. This is always the correct answer for me on the Connie. 3000 that's is my average rear tire mileage. I never wait till i need them to order a set. Usually have a standby set sitting in the garage. Usually get 2 rears to one front, but that front will be a little iffy at the end of that second rear.
  11. I have found there is no text book suspension settings for me on the connie. I like mine stiff and fast. Fast as in quick responding. When its adjusted like that for me that equals a harsh ride and quick tire consumption. It also equates to best feel of the road and tight handling. I too have encountered the feathering of the tire when loaded down or 2up. Just had to learn to back it off a bit to conserve my equipment. You have to think 700 lb bike + 200-400lb occupants + 40 ish lbs luggage = a lot of forces on a bike that wants to drag hard parts. You want better tire wear your going to give up handling. There is no answer to this. I have ate a tire on a gap trip in 1700 miles before, i have also gotten 2 gap trips out of a tire before. I have just learned to be more conservative when I need to be. this pic is that 1700 mile tire i spoke of..
  12. Not sure im going to make it next week now. Had a little accident helping my dad and i have a splint and a freshly glued laceration on my finger. Playing it by ear right now, hope to still go down but have to see how my healing goes in the next couple days.
  13. Im assuming your running no less than 42 psi in them hoops? sometimes fully loaded ill put 43 in them.
  14. Yes warped rotors are thing on these in the earlier years. I think in 2012 they started to put thicker rotors on them combat the issue. With yours being an intermitten problem i would for sure start with trying to clean out the buttons. I replaced my rotors at about 45k miles with EBC rotors. Usually stock pads or softer pads it takes longer to warp the rotors, Mine only did after I put EBC pads on my stock rotors. I think one of ebc rotor is a little warpped now too because i hit a retread on the freeway pretty sure it struck the rotor hard.
  15. Let it play out. Can't fix stupid.
  16. Pretty sure I'm meeting up with @Blitzthat week too. You should go we'll have a nice little group to hang out. I should know in the next few days for sure.
  17. All those bikes you speak of are fly by wire(if I'm not mistaken) the Connie is still push pull cable throttle. They would have to almost do a complete redesign to make it fly by wire which Kawi isn't ready to do or don't think there is a market to spend the money to do it. That is the main reason for no cruise.
  18. I was going to tell you FJR till you mentioned your height. The C14 is a tall boys bike for sure. I rode Justin's FJR a couple times and I was soooo crapped on it. I'm 6'4". The cruise can be added to the C14. The more plug and play one is very expensive. The other options are reasonable but a pain in the dick to install. I have cruise on mine. FJR is a little more user friendly when it comes to routine maintenance. But the C14 is a better all around drove train. (I'm my option) Connies can be had for stupid low prices if you dobt mind one that's a few year-old. Not sure if any of this helps. Between me and @Connie14 I'm sure we can answer all your C14 qiestions.
  19. Took mine for a little 1900 mile stroll this weekend.
  20. True story. I even struggle with the Nomar changer.
  21. All the RS3s are more or less A spec or GT spec. They don't make one that's not. The RS3 are the heaviest carcassed tire I've ever found. Proably why they wear so good. But they also take a little longer to warm up in the cold.
  22. She's a thirsty girl when your wringing her neck all day. On the open road at highway paces ill get 200-220 outof a tank. But I didn't buy a bike for fuel mileage I bought it for smiles per gallon.
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