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    New to me bike

    There are two of them correct? One on each side. Too lazy to go look at my bike
  2. I have a Givi E55 my wife hated the back rest pad. She prefers the extra room she has without the pad. I would never mount a heavy box on the shit factory rack it will crack. I have the Givi 410 mono key mount with reinforcement arm its pretty stout. Check out www.tourandride.com for the best prices on Givi stuff.
  3. If your not ready to spend money dont look at mine or ride it. Just ask @Dre. Riding mine cost him a lot of dinero on farkles.
  4. 2talltim

    New to me bike

    If thats a lower link I'd yank that thing off. You probably don't have the original one though. 2 reasons. One if you value your oil drain plug. And two lowering these things totally takes away from the handling so ive heard. What do you have your rebound set at? I running 2 clicks out. 1 line showing on front preload. Tires at 42 F and R. Want to say 10 clicks out on rear preload and 3 or 4 out on rebound(id have to check those) I run my stuff tight. Can't say I notice any bouncing. Then again ridden her for 70k miles and 7 years I can't compare to much.
  5. 2talltim

    New to me bike

    The inside of the cap gets corroded, there is a how too some where on how to disasemble and clean it up. I will get worse and to the point it wont open. I did mine twice before I said screw it and put on a Vortex cap. I have mine cranked down tight too, always have. There aren't any stiffer springs for these I've checked high and low. The stockers are 1100kg. These are cartiage forks and you can change the valveing in them but most say it's not that good of an improvement for the money spent. Some guys put 10wt oil in them I stuck with the 5wt. Just a fluid change to new clean fluid made mine feel much better. Fork bushings are not changeable. Once you get used to the weight you'll be almost as fast as the CBR with twice the comfort.
  6. @Casper got us all fixed up after I text him about it last night.
  7. Actually remembered I still owned a bike and took her out to smash some bugs.
  8. Watching it on the dark web. Not impressed so far. Kinda hard to be impressed when the have a big ass flat bed truck with diesel generator on it following them around for when the get in a pinch.
  9. This is true. I'm working nights now on a new job title at work and can't just hang out on my work station computer all day anymore. Plus been kinda bust at home with family and haven't rode much since July. Things should be back to normal in about a month.
  10. This will also probably be my next two wheeled purchase but will be a few more years since I just bough another new toy.
  11. Tinker less ride more would be my recommendation. People always seem to try to squeeze "moar powa" out of bikes and usually just make them unreliable and give them problems. Just seems like a rabbit hole I never want to go down, but thats just me. These machines are engineered for long term reliability why mess with that?
  12. 2talltim


    I would have glued that crack up as a temp fix while waiting for the new one. Hell who am I kidding, I would have glued it and if it didn't leak ran it forever.
  13. yup show rooms are empty and dealers can't get stock. Used market is HOT HOT HOT.
  14. 2talltim

    Dragon shortcut

    it's just a road with curves...good ol' Hiro over thinking things again.
  15. Not sure what's my problem lately but even though I've got about 7000 miles on my bike so far this year I haven't touched it in over 6 weeks.
  16. Part 4...first 50 seconds or so were me explaining how I was having issues this day and not many camera angles....
  17. Part 3 "the good stuff"...
  18. Revisit it, treated wood is hard to find right now and prices of it are skyrocketing. Concrete is almost zero maint.
  19. Still a working project. More to come.
  20. Why I don't commute on my bike. Too many critters out here in the Stix to worry about.
  21. Well stepped up my game today with a 3rd camera and new laptop. My old dinosaur computer just took way too long to import, edit and export. the new computer is 4 times what the old one was. So maybe ill get less frustrated while editing now. Also might need to look into a different edting software because I've found limitations on the VIRB Edit software I can't seen to get around. Which is a bummer because im getting really fluent with it. For the ones that haven't seen my other post with recent trip videos check out my channel and subscribe. Still learning and still figuring things out but im honestly enjoying the new side hobby. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCztXuEWA499C22dwW0zYb5Q?view_as=subscriber
  22. Looks to be true story says he was killed on his birthday and @LINK profile on here says his birthday was yesterday. RIP brother haven't seen him in years. https://morganton.com/news/local/victim-identified-in-fatal-wreck-on-nc-126/article_be2e2dc8-d079-11ea-a9c3-5b2954cf120b.html#:~:text=Troy%20Dean%20Benson%2C%2049%2C%20of,on%20Benson's%20birthday%2C%20Macchia%20said.
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