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  1. What ever it is, Mine is faster.
  2. I have no words. Knowing what you have in your garage already.
  3. I'm 250 nekid. I understand the klr is a little soft. Also know that thrashing offroad is not what I initially plan on doing. I got the KLR vs more powerful bikes because I literally just want to tractor around on it. Gravel roads, blm fire roads ect. I do not need a perfectly set up suspension till I feel I'm ready to take bigger leaps on it.
  4. Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Yup picked up a new 2022 KLR650 ABS. Wanted something the exact opposite of the Connie. I found I didn't like getting the Connie out for short trips into town or on hot days ect. Also what to start hitting some dirt, gravel and back country roads. The KLR seem to check all my boxes with a reasonable price tag. I did finance it just because rates were low and to keep my credit healthy. But it will be paid off in a couple years. Like i said ABS "traveler" model, they made lots of improvements to them for 2022 including Fuel Injection. Soon I'll add bags, crash bars and other farkles. But here she is fresh out of the shipping create.
  5. Couple of you are on the right track. Not going to drag this out this should make it easier.
  6. I never claimed to be a nice person.
  7. Since everyone loves this game so much (thanks @NinjaDoc) let's play again. Guess my new bike! Today I picked up a new steed. And NO! the Connie isn't going anywhere. The new ride is like comparing Apples to Onions vs the Connie. It's slower, has less pistons, but the Connie's pistons are smaller. I will say it is brand new and it's my first ever brand new bike and the first time I've ever financed any bike. Let's start there. If noone gets it ill post a picture clue later. If you already know don't ruin it. Only 3 of you low life's know what it is already..lol
  8. Awe Sucks Wally!!! Pst! You're breaking character. Back to the hate dome.
  9. Pandemics are bad for the figure, MmmKay!
  10. Done! Yea that looks much better. Learn something new every day. Thanks
  11. Wow! that was the most ads on a web site I've seen in a long time. Was there a story behind all those pop ups?
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