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  1. I trail brake all the time. Only way to get 1100 lbs of motorcycle, big man and pack mule gear to handle as fast as I make the big girl do what she does. But trail braking is done with the front brakes not the rear.
  2. I almost never touch my rear unless I'm scrubbing just a little speed, killing the cruise or a flat out emergency braking situation.
  3. Sorry lengthy PSA.... So have to make a post about this because maybe some don't realize this when they do it. If you go the store and park in the end painted area that a car can not fit in I feel that is okay. I actually feel this is best because one your not taking up a whole spot a car could park in. And two somtimes when you do park in a regular spot people in cars might not see your bike and could hit it. So I'm fine with it even do it myself. I park in these half spots or end areas that are usually painted or checkered. What I'm NOT okay with is the motorcycle riders that park in the ones right next to the handicapped spots. Especially the handicapped spots that are right in front of the entrances. If you do this you are an asshole. Folks with handicapped vans sometimes have ramps the need to deployed and need these areas to exit their vehicles. So as in the picture of my bike I think the is is acceptable. I'm off to the side of the entrance out of the right of way and most importantly not beside a handicapped space. Now as in the second pic the folks are just assholes. There is absolutely no reson to park where there are. While pulling out of the parking lot there was another bike in one of these spots and the guy was walking up to his bike. So I pulled up and had a conversation with this gentleman and explained my thoughts on this. His reply is why I'm making this post. He said "damn im sorry, I actually never really thought of it that way". So maybe there are lots of folks that have never thought of it before and a PSA was in order. So here it is. So if you do this please stop, if you see someone doing this please explain to them why it not the right thing to do. And feel free to pass this message on and on. Thank you!
  4. These were my rears just edited my post to say that. She's had (including stock) 4 sets on the front in her life.
  5. FYI...the rear stock kawasaki brake pads on a C14 will last 82k miles Need to make a trip to pony in mansfield tomorrow morning. They are holding a set of EBC HHs for me.
  6. Well i was an asshole today and this is all I got. Fucking generic response. We are now 3 days past the promised delivery date and 2 weeks past order date. If they can't fullful when the promise they shouldn't promise. Just seems like COVID is just every ones excuse for shitty customer service now. Like so many we are short staffed and backed up due to COVID 19 (including USPS). This is causing delays as order volume is at high levels and staff is at very low levels. I see your order is processed and will be shipped out any day. Thank you in advance for your patience. Please keep an eye on that tracking and it should start moving very soon. Thank you And this is what the tracking has shown for over a week.
  7. I usually get them in 2 days from RMATVMC, but they didn't have the size I needed in stock. I think this one slipped through the cracks, no reason that that shipping has gone cold after week. Doesn't even say it's been picked up yet. every time I have a amazon order that the tracking goes cold on after a couple day it's usually lost.
  8. I ordered a rear tire from MC-motosports on amazon 9 days ago, 7 days ago it said shipping label was created, 4 days ago i emailed them because tracking has gone nowhere. They reply that sometimes it takes a couple days for tracking to show up. and here we are today. Nothing but a created shipping label on the 22nd. I'll give it another day or two before the asshole in me shows up. Today was the promised delivery day when I ordered.
  9. 42/42 is what I have to run the big girl. She eat tires fast enough as it is, any less than that she eats them even faster.
  10. My full up and back Dragon run from last weekend.... https://youtu.be/SMMVSjd7h8Q
  11. Death rate is only accurate and relevant if everyone that's had covid19 is accounted for.
  12. Ive ran a couple sets of these and haven't had any of these issues. just had a new front put on at wheelers last weekend and railed it everywhere.I do know they are a very heavy carcass tire and it takes extra time to get any heat into them. But at the same time they last monger due to this too. Me and @JustinNck1 ran them for our trip out west and I ran a set for a gap trip the month before. maybe the heavier bike helps them perform better not sure.
  13. Absolutely they were awesome. Got a personal invite and free t-shirt from the director ot the back roads of Appalachia to come back down and have him show me around the other roads. I told him maybe sometime in October. He was wanted to use my video footage for marketing and wanted to thank me for it.
  14. Part 2 video is up... https://youtu.be/yJrfNcb4LRQ Check out the view at the 26:05 mark
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