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  1. I feel I have average wide feet and they cup my foot very nicely without any side to side extra room. Kind of a perfect fit for me I guess. So if one has a wider foot it might be a bit snug.
  2. Love mine! Most comfortable boot out of the box that you can buy. +1 on ponying up for the Gortex ones, worth every dime.
  3. Sold all my 380 to a coworker. He said name your price. I did, thought it was high he paid it without hesitation. 500 rounds for 3 times what i paid for it many years ago. He said you just can't find it.
  4. I too have stepped up my game.
  5. My 2008 Connie with 83k miles still has original bushings and they too are not serviceable. But I have had no issues with them and still feel tight and right. I have flushed my fork oil twice since I've owned it.
  6. Steven Kings The Stand The Sawhank Redemption Groundhog Day Pulp Fiction
  7. Thanks, just a pole building no insulation or heat but its nice to have the space in the warmer months. Little dis organized right now. But in a couple months she'll be reorganized. Hope to get 2 post lift install somtime next year.
  8. Went out and whispered sweet nothings in ears of my sleeping babies.
  9. Not sure why we can't get a Mod to do anything around here. Maybe @Cdubyahor @OsuMj will come along shortly and help us out.
  10. I've never been good at these elementary school games, dang it. You're just too witty for me I guess. That's it, I guess you win all the internets today. I'll try again some other time. Aw shucks.
  11. Think the term your looking for is patina or peanutbutter. One of those two.
  12. If there were only some around. Free phone to the person that can locate one.
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