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  1. 2talltim

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    They are pretty much neighbors probably make one shipment regardless...lol
  2. 2talltim

    2010 Concours 14

    What the stock muffler weighs. Not counting head pipe and Cats.
  3. 2talltim

    My Ride Today

    He wouldn't understand what the ST on the side of your new ride even means.
  4. Starbucks did away with straws. Needed something with a better cup holder.
  5. 2talltim

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    This "dog" can smell a gun related post from 400 miles away.
  6. Too bad her trip has to be ruined by spending it with a . Sending my all my best and love with her. She's going to need it.
  7. 2talltim

    2010 Concours 14

    Just seen on the Area P web site that my slip on is a 14lb weight savings and I'm guessing the slip on I have weights around 6 lbs maybe 7. So that puts the stocker around 21lbs.
  8. 2talltim

    2010 Concours 14

    Well here is the inside scoop. If I lay her down and need to replace her I'm just going to buy another Connie. So hopfully she goes down on the left side and I can take the pipe off and put on the next one. But I'd need to put the stocker back on If they need one on it. Not saying I won't give it to Andy just saying feel out what out there and if nothing else pops up it's all his. I won't let him pay for one before I give him mine. But seriously take the can off and feel the weight. Or I can weigh mine tonight and tell you how heavy that brick truly is. IT"S ALOT!!!!
  9. 2talltim

    2010 Concours 14

    I might let it go if you can't find another one. I was keeping it around in case I ever laid the bike down and needed something to put back on. Mine does have a bad buzz in it. Not sure why. Something is loose inside the pipe and it buzzed the one time i put it on to hear what it sounded like. Most guys will give them away if you pick it up or pay freight.
  10. 2talltim


    How-D!!!! Nice CB, I like the classic look.
  11. 2talltim

    2010 Concours 14

    There is a downloadable service manual in the files section of the FB page if you cant find it I can email you a PDF copy.
  12. 2talltim

    2010 Concours 14

    ECU flash is a must. Your welcome to ride mine if you wanna try it out first. Terry's Custom Seat is the only way to go. Again welcome to try mine out. I have a stock pipe on the shelf but honestly once you take your off a realize how heavy it is your going to want a aftermarket. Sucks about the front end. I was kind wondering why a 2010 had EBC rotors on it, by 2010 I think they had the warping brake issue fixed by putting the thicker ZX14 rotors on them. Ask any question if you get in a bind I pretty versed on the model by now.
  13. 2talltim


  14. 2talltim

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Yo-yoing all summer. Keeping it at or below 235 though. Gained 8lbs on vacation (18 days)but ill shed most of that quick getting back to my regular daily diet.