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  1. Need tires

    @JustinNck1 just spooned on a set of roadsmart Threes this weekend don't think he's got any time on them yet though. I'd make you a sweet deal on a set Stones 023s but Logistics would be a pain
  2. Tim is down, but not out.

    Thanks man, yea im healing good. Doc said every thing is stablized and I can make my bike trip next week if I take it easy and wear the new brace she gave me. Just got back from florida with the family and got plenty of hot tub soaking in. I have some pain down my leg but it very slight and comes and goes. I too will be off till mid july only making 60% of my pay.
  3. Disclaimer: Yea just like all motorcycle trips it is a out door activity and the weather will be a crap shoot. So I'm going to put this out there to all going. I will ride in the rain, didn't say we because you all are big boys and can makeup your own minds. If you make the decision to ride or not ride in the rain that is all on you and your riding comfort level and talent. If I roll and you say "fuck that" that is fine I'm not the boss and it's free country and no one will think any less of you. But also if you decide to roll with me in any kind of inclimate weather that is your choice and you can not judge me on my decision because "you didn't like it". That being said there is a very good chance of getting wet, things always change but right now it looks like Saturday might be a wet one and it's 50/50 on Sunday right now so plan accordingly. Hotels are book and my ultimate plan is to make it to those hotels every night. Now if weather it a total wash out and safety is a concern we can change the route on the fly and shorten it or find a freeway where one wasn't planned and get there a little quicker. First 2 nights hotels can be changed or canceled the day of check in, the next 2 nights require 24 hours advance for changes and cancels and 5th night is a day of one as well. So keep those time frames in mind for financial reasons if you have any back out plans due to weather or any other reason or if we need to make any mid trip changes due to anything unforeseen. Ive ridden with all you gents before and don't foresee any issues just wanted to put this out there. Going to tag everyone going in this post just so they know it was posted.... @2talltim, @JustinNck1, @Namdum68, @Al Z. Heimer, @Connie14
  4. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    I’m jealous of all the people that haven’t met you@Casper, you do grow on people though....but so does cancer.
  5. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Moss is a killer, It should be banned.
  6. Ringo Re intro

  7. Garmin Zumo 220; $150

    that didnt last long
  8. Ok the routes are finalized. I posted the ITF files in the first post for the ones needing them for their devises I'l post them here as well. Think we will be fine with on the fly gas stops for every day except day 3 and they are planned out. Think every one going should be good for 150+ miles on a tank and ill try to stop around 100 to 125 ish. Day 1: is your route to the hotel. Day 2: Day 2 Final.itf Day 3: (4 parts) Day 3 pt1 Final.itf .... Day 3 pt2 Final.itf .... Day 3 pt3 final.itf .... Day3 pt4 final.itf Day 4: Day 4 Final.itf Day 5: Day 5 final.itf Day 6: Day 6 Final.itf
  9. Ohio Riders

  10. Bell Women's Medium Helmet

    Bla bla bla, one of my minions took care of it.
  11. AT&T Wireless users come on in

    Yea cheaper is almost never better. See it woth folks all the time with Sprint or att, I have coverage and they don't. My Verizon is $195 total price for 4 smart phones and one flip phone with 16GB of data with carry over and 2GB of bonus data on 2 lines. I get calls and data (same as my home plan)to and from and while in canada, mexico and the caribean. No payments or leasing of phones mine are all paid off and out of contract, that weighs heavily with them when you're trying to negotiate a price and they know there's nothing holding me there. Every now and then when I feel like I'm getting a raw deal I call them and say Hey What Can you offer to keep me around they usually throw something in.
  12. Ringo Re intro

    Maybe @Exarch, @Mach Retardor @Vagabound will ride with you they are on the same level.
  13. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    I was 229 when i left for florida so i wont make my goal either probably gain 5lbs this week on my family vacation.
  14. I've got a couple different routes planned. All depends on weather and what time @Namdum68 can leave.