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  1. Thanks, just a pole building no insulation or heat but its nice to have the space in the warmer months. Little dis organized right now. But in a couple months she'll be reorganized. Hope to get 2 post lift install somtime next year.
  2. Went out and whispered sweet nothings in ears of my sleeping babies.
  3. Not sure why we can't get a Mod to do anything around here. Maybe @Cdubyahor @OsuMj will come along shortly and help us out.
  4. I've never been good at these elementary school games, dang it. You're just too witty for me I guess. That's it, I guess you win all the internets today. I'll try again some other time. Aw shucks.
  5. Think the term your looking for is patina or peanutbutter. One of those two.
  6. If there were only some around. Free phone to the person that can locate one.
  7. Damn and your a necrophiliac? My mom been deceased for along time. Your even more disgusting than I thought. Which explains a lot.
  8. You are over reacting @CJ74U2NV, and honestly don't give fuck if pissed you off or not. I'm just telling you what I was told via a personal experience with Verizon. Christ you couldn't even bother to clean the disgusting greasy paw prints of of these "fine products" before you tried to peddle them off on some poor sap. Never said your phone was a brick in the sense that it didn't work. I was implying as per my experience with Verizon it might as well be a brick Only thing I said that was wrong was that I threw mine away. I was mistaken I didn't throw it away it was in drawer in my spare bed room. So that being said I'm going to offer mine for free to who ever wants to come get it just so they don't have to buy yours. It's free because they aren't worth much of anything and can have it to give it a try. I also have a similar case for mine but its black not that cool color of yours so maybe thats worth the extra $70. Free to good home. Galaxy S5 Verizon, case and charging cable. Come and get it. Greasy finger smudges not included.
  9. I just want to feel good and have energy. Spent too much of my youth being fat, tired and lazy.
  10. Life is even shorter if you do that. I really don't care what I look like but when I start feeling like crap and my energy isn't there it's time to do something. Me and the Mrs. have too much fun in life to have it come to screeching hault when we get old. I want to explore and be active well into my old age instead of saying "I'm too old for that".
  11. I literally just threw one of these in the trash that was in perfect condition because Verizon dosn't support them anymore and will not activate it. My son had one that was active and he broke it. I had a back up one in the desk at home. I tried to turn on the back up for him to replace the broken one and they said it could not be done. If they are turned on and on in the system they are grandfathered in if you ever shut it off, its a brick. EDIT: speaking of the S5
  12. Week one 7.8 lbs lost. It was a good detox week. Proably have one more week of quick loosing then it gets hard from there. Day 1..... End of week 1.....
  13. 2talltim

    Brake free

    What ever makes you and yours feel safer. I do understand the around town aspect. When I'm in traffic I watch my mirrors religiously and if I see some one come up behind me and it makes me uncomfortable I'm usually constantly flashing my brake lights at them. I put an aux flashing led bar on the back on my wife's Scout to get more attention. It was like $20 on amazon and really gets your attention from behind, I used to have a video of it but cant seem to find it.
  14. 2talltim

    Brake free

    I have brake lights in my top case which kinda puts extra lights back there in the same vicinity. As far as engine braking goes, when ever I'm in the mode doing speeds or the enviornment that require engine braking there shouldn't be anyone behind me that doesn't already understand what's going on.
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