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  1. Took mine for a little 1900 mile stroll this weekend.
  2. True story. I even struggle with the Nomar changer.
  3. All the RS3s are more or less A spec or GT spec. They don't make one that's not. The RS3 are the heaviest carcassed tire I've ever found. Proably why they wear so good. But they also take a little longer to warm up in the cold.
  4. She's a thirsty girl when your wringing her neck all day. On the open road at highway paces ill get 200-220 outof a tank. But I didn't buy a bike for fuel mileage I bought it for smiles per gallon.
  5. Looks like you the old style TPMS. No need to replace those when they die. You can dissect them and replace the battery. With a little bit of patience.
  6. Took a few renditions to get to this point but haven't changed it in about 4 years now. I seldom use the tour pegs but they are nice for that rare occation.
  7. Above it unless it's up all the way, which i almost never do. Usually run it down or about half way up. In that picture its about half way up .
  8. I ate a pack of DingDongs and a powerade off the seat of my bike in a Circle K parking lot. Sorry didn't get pics, I'll try harder next time.
  9. Was a couple days ago but finally got the old girl out. 228 mile ride after work and still perfect in every way.
  10. Like Mike said switch to the 190/55 rear and you wont be edge to edge anymore untill well past scraping hard parts. With the vstream if you know your going to park in the direct sun light just throw a towel over it. Where the screen curves act like a magnify glass and direct a hot spot on the dash(so Ive been told)
  11. That 023 is probably the toughest tire ive ever ran on my bike. BUT. They don't grip well in the cold and or wet. Always loved the T30 EVO but the bike chews them un quick. Can't comment on the the RS2, only ever ran the RS3 My bike is set up stiff like a true sport bike. Preload is almost maxed out and think im 2 clicks out on my rebound. Im a heavy guy that likes the bike to feel tight and predicable but it does make for a rougher ride.
  12. For seats the two i would recommend are Russell Day Long and Terry's Custom Seat. I have the Terry's and @Connie14 has the RDL. For wind screens there is (was) only one I would recommend. The only problem isn they don't make them anymore. The Cee Bailey touring screen is tits. But Cee Bailey stopped making them a few years ago yo focus on aircraft plastics. Somtimes the pop up used on FB or Forums, just found @TheBrown57 one last year. Other then that I can't comment on screens. Just know the Vstream one can melt your dash if the sun hits it just right, but people love the function of th
  13. Yup same here, never really found a cause of it just played around with different tires and found one that didn't do it as bad. PilotRoads and Angel GT tires were the worst. I also found the RoadSmart3 and BridgeStones are the best. The RoadSmarts being my go to tires for price and durability. Only time I found it a issue was when I tried to stretch one front to two rears. If you change them together you will also be fine most of the time.
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