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  1. Okay actually paired my camera to my Sena and did my first ever motoblog. It's a hour long video that was edited down from 4 hours of footage where I jabber about various things. Sound is a little "tin canny" but not bad for a wireless set up. Let me know what you all think. Still a work in progress.
  2. I forgot we used to do this. Be kinda hard for me to cheat since all the pics I have of my bike are when it was Silver.
  3. I'll just camp at the gap resort more. A lot cheaper anyway.
  4. Yea its always be a great location and amenities just had been mis managed for years. And its potential closing is proof of that. That place should be a gold mine if managed properly.
  5. Seen this on FB a little bit ago and the first thing that crossed my mind was. Didn't they sell discounted gift certificates over the winter months that some of y'all bought?
  6. @Carwhore has one on his lot. Here is a link... https://jrtrucks.com/vdp/16216961/Used-2018-Kawasaki-Vulcan-S-for-sale-in-Groveport-OH-43125
  7. Yup probably did. Made a stop at the bucket then proceeded down to Beverly then Coolville.
  8. Officially christened. This is a spot that I've literally taken hundreds of shots of my bikes over the years. In New Concord now getting gas. She's running awesome nothing has fallen or or loose. Not bad considering 5 days ago she was a skeleton.
  9. Yup he seem very meticulous about his stuff. He was moving into a smaller place and like mentioned he had to clear some stuff out. Claimed he sold over $12k worth of part parts out of his shop in the last few months.
  10. Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. New and improved look same perfection in comfort, utility and handling that I've made it into over the years.
  11. Thanks I love how it looks now. But at the same time after 7 years and almost 80k miles on her the way it was just feel weird...lol
  12. Side by side before and after....
  13. Oh okay gotcha..sorry little slow today..lol. To much garage time no enough sleep.
  14. And yea I cut a hole in the new ones for my frame sliders. That was literally a 3 hour long decision...and I cried a little when I drilled the hole. But figured it was for the best.
  15. So that guy on the COG FB group was selling these a couple months ago. I inquired about them but he already had a buyer. Fast forward 2 months he messaged me and ask if I was still interested the other guy backed out. I was buy not at the price he was asking. He was pretty desperate to sell so he agreed to $550 and he would meet me half way from Joplin, Missouri. These were off a bike that had only 3000 miles on it and had been wrapped up and in storage for 7 years. When he bought his bike the color wasn't loud enough for him so he bought another set and had them painted Kawi Green then he did the swap. Now he's moving and needed to clear out some storage space. This set was complete with every color piece on the bike. Including the tank, bag lids, mirrors and all the trim. Took my time doing the swap stripped her down nekid and cleaned everything on the frame and underneath. Each piece got new wellnuts and Teflon washers and 3 coats of wax before installing. Did a little tidying of things under the fairings and some maintenance while she was apart too.
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