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  1. New bike ordered yesterday

  2. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Starting today I'm back to tracking and counting calories and carb intake. As well as extra calories burned.
  3. Truck driving

    He doesn't get on here much anymore but maybe he'll chime in with a page. @Gunner75 He's recently gone though this and now drives OTR.
  4. running from the man

    Ive gone down some sketchy roads like that before, maybe not quite at the speeds they were doing and wasn't any popo on my tail.
  5. JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    It's coming back again, I just think for years they weren't giving the masses what they wanted. They are slowing doing that now, the biggest problem now is they are giving us what we want at a extreme cost. Folks don't have to disposable cash they once did and they need to find a happy medium between cost and what people want.
  6. hey everyone, I'm here; finally.

    Welcome to the shit show !!!
  7. JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    JP Cycles does not surprise me. A friend of mine bought some stuff from them(like $600 worth) and they claimed it shipped but he never got it. Tracking showed label was created but FedEx never picked it up. They tried to say he had to file his claim with FedEx not them. Took 3 months and a letter from an attorney to get his money back.
  8. JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    Customer service with riders discount is unsurpassed. And no you don't need to call. I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from them and never talked to anyone on the phone. Every place has thier own method of operation and customer service and price is @RidersDiscount and they are always the first people I contact.
  9. JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    Who fucking cares ?
  10. JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    Https://Www.jakewilson.com https://www.ridersdomain.com This is interesting.
  11. Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Sorry didn't see you other post, been up since 2am, I'm a little slower than usual.
  12. Lets fix this ear plug BS

    is this going to affect anything? http://nbc4i.com/2017/11/15/ohio-state-house-rep-wes-goodman-resigns-after-inappropriate-behavior/ I noticed his name is on the bill as primary sponsor.
  13. Back after 4 year hiatus....

    I've put 43k on mine since then. LoL
  14. Back after 4 year hiatus....

    Since his last post was July 3 2013 and I got the Connie June 14th 2013 guess I can say I do.