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  1. Chain and sprockets for sv650 525 or 520 is fine
  2. beautiful bike. cant wait to get my next one glws
  3. Mykill

    So long 2016

    Fuck 2016. So many lows and a few highs. Hopefully move on in 2017.... Balls
  4. Yup I still have it. I'll check my inbox to see
  5. @oldschoolsdime92 it's a good bike. I only have my rockhopper to compare it to and it's a much softer ride. It's a quality bike amd is well built. I was torn between it and the goblin. I think I would've been happy with either I just got $500 off the hobgoblin brand new so I bit.
  6. Airborne Hobgoblin and Specialized Rockhopper. May get rid of one and get something more road friendly.
  7. I've seen a lot of people use pvc pipe setups on the Internet. Check out mtbr forums and you should find some good diy info. But I think most go the axle route like tonic said.
  8. how much for just the brake fluid reservoir?
  9. I didnt grow mine out this year but I used both balms and oils. Just made my own oil though. Balm was better for giving it shape and oils helped keep it soft. Judd you should definitely brush that thing but nice job.
  10. You dont need a buddy system or support system. If its something you really want to do you would find a way. If you feel comfortable learning at crossfit for a few months then by all means do it. Good luck. Be careful.
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