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  1. mike884

    Ammo prices

    meh ammo has been insane since the rush on it during the Obama "scare", and it has never gone back down. still have your ammo and guns though!
  2. Hello I have a venom Center Stand dolly. Works great if you have a smooth ish garage floor. Otherwise it's a bit tricky. I need it out. So 30 obo. Located in Parma. Thanks!
  3. Olympia airglide jacket. Size 3xl. Unsure if I have the liner, but will look for it. Has back, shoulder and elbow pads, neoprene neck li er. nice jacket... Will fit a 50 chest, maybe a little more. A little dirty will clean up, but in good shape no wrecks or anything, just sitting taking up space. 40 bucks pickup or can have it shipped, probably less than $10. In SW burbs of CLE. OBO. Thanks!
  4. It's all good. Litter away.. you know you want it 🛵
  5. Hi all. My Africa twin is up for sale. If anyone is at all interested I'm pretty motivated. Pic has all bike details. Thanks!
  6. The german stuff its cheap because it already has issues or its soon to bite you on the backend after the sale. If you have any semblance of a "budget", please don't buy old ish/ high mileage german, especially obscure stuff... unless its a backup car. Its a cool ride till its finicky and/or always broken and that gets old reaaaalllly fast. Also... A4, 3 series all the lower rung stuff is pretty meh to drive, not worth the hassle,...just go Acura, Lexus, SI, or a focus/fiesta ST or something. Even a nice Accord sedan/coupe with a 6 cylinder will really hustle and be around a long long time.
  7. i don't understand the peg placement on some of their bikes. If you are going to go for mid controls, just stick them where they should be... not this 3/4 somewhat in front of you so no one over 5'5" can fit on it.
  8. mike884

    2017 XSR900

    sold pending pickup, thanks all!
  9. Anyone know of any atv rental joints near Wayne? Used a shop on 93 near New Lex prior, but that was a couple years back and I can't find anything. Thanks!
  10. mike884

    2017 XSR900

    Bump, need the room. Common someone come get this rocket... 6500 obo
  11. mike884

    2017 XSR900

    friday price drop... 6900 obo thanks!
  12. 2017 blue xsr900. Clean/clear Ohio title in hand. No drops. Just under 4,000 miles. Brand new michelin road 5 tires, literally put them on last week. Located just south of cleveland. Looking for 7200 OBO. Thanks!
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