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  1. scottie.harris

    ISSC M22 With Threaded Barrel

    Too hunnit dolla?
  2. scottie.harris

    glock gen 4 rsa question

    It fixed my problem so im happy
  3. scottie.harris

    glock gen 4 rsa question

    Btw i switched to hoppes #9 for a cleaner and safariland clp as a lube.
  4. scottie.harris

    glock gen 4 rsa question

    Well got the problem fixed. Took it to the glock armorer at vances and they said it looked good except it was dry. They asked what lube i used and i said Remoil. They said a few drops of oil is plenty, just not for remoil. Just ran 60 rounds of wwb thru a little bit ago and not a single malfuntion. ps. Yes im a noob who learned from the owners manual and youtube. Apparently remoil drys quickly and doesnt have teflon. Sorry for the im a retard thread and thanks for the help
  5. scottie.harris

    glock gen 4 rsa question

    Guess ill call tomorrow they already closed. Didnt realize how late it was.
  6. scottie.harris

    glock gen 4 rsa question

    They are all brand new not reloads, i go to my parents house to shoot because they have a range set up so i know its not a range giving me reloads. As far as hollow points i only carry hornady, about to run my first box thru the glock to see how it feeds this weekend. I havent really paid attention to mags but i know it has jammed in at least two different ones. im about to call glock in a few minutes but since i bought it brand new three weeks ago i doubt its one of the older springs.
  7. scottie.harris

    glock gen 4 rsa question

    Reconrat only thing its had so far is the winchester 115g and i cleaned it before i shot it the first time.
  8. scottie.harris

    glock gen 4 rsa question

    I know what you mean but i lock my wrists and almost always use both hands. i also had it fail to chamber another round so i thought maybe the recoil spring is to stiff. i shot about 275 rounds thru my kahr .40 and never had a fail to eject. Are glocks in particular known to be unforgiving with limp wrist?
  9. scottie.harris

    glock gen 4 rsa question

    Ok so i bought a g19 gen 4 a few weeks ago and have fired 90 rounds so far and had about 8 fail to ejects. Im fairly annoyed with my first glock, but i shoot excellent tight groups( better than any other handgun ive shot). It has the "fixed" rsa supposedly, but still jams. Any idea of how to fix this? I have been thinking about buying a glockmeister stainless steel guide rod with a single spring instead of the double nested spring. If i do should i get a softer spring?
  10. scottie.harris

    fs kahr cm 40

  11. scottie.harris

    fs kahr cm 40

    Selling this because I don't carry it anymore, i have 3 wolfsprings mag springs and a 7 round magazine. The flush magazine fell off my night stand and has a crack in it and the gun has very light scratches by the slide release. Other than the scratches the gun looks good. Asking $325 cash, can add ammo for more at a reasonable price. Located in urbana
  12. scottie.harris

    Remington 700 30-06 to .308 conversion?

    Its an adl model with internal mag, a .308 fits in the mag and feeds properly(minus the barrel obviously)
  13. What all would need to be changed in order to make it work? Every where I look say something different. Would a simple barrel change work since the 30-06 and .308 are so similar?
  14. Ive seen the full video before, yes the guy walked toward the vehicle from the camera when the guys come around the corner to rob him. It seems that he pulled his own gun out, not the robbers.
  15. scottie.harris

    Road Bike Racing

    I dont race but i enjoy challenging rides. I usually ride from Urbana to Yellowsprings and back on the bike path, very scenic. If im looking for more brutal training/ get my ass in shape i ride on state route 245, the hills are steep and long, and the traffic keeps you on your toes(not horrible though). 245 from Urbana to North Lewisburg is the rough spot, the rest of the way to Marysville is fairly flat.