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  1. ktmdirtryder

    Ready for the GAP

    Come try mine sometime!
  2. ktmdirtryder

    WTB: Back Protector

    I use a Knox Aegis. I'm happy with it.
  3. ktmdirtryder

    Shift suit (black and white) $220

    Haha yep!
  4. ktmdirtryder

    Shift suit (black and white) $220

    Hmm... Gotta have a back protector for OMRL though. I'm still hoping to try this one this weekend. Brandon, I PM-ed you.
  5. ktmdirtryder

    Shift suit (black and white) $220

    I'm interested. I'm 6' 185lbs. I usually wear a 44. Think it'd be too small?
  6. ktmdirtryder

    4/20 Wayne ride!!!

    I'll be there all weekend! Likely at P5. Big group of dirt bikers.
  7. ktmdirtryder

    Sprint cell phone hook up to computer internet?

    Oh yeah. The connection manager says 0%. I can roam on Verizon with a great signal where I'm at, but we only get 300MB of roaming data a month. I'm camping in the middle of nowhere right now.
  8. ktmdirtryder

    Sprint cell phone hook up to computer internet?

    I'm using Sprint "Mobile Broadband" right now. Killer speeds...
  9. ktmdirtryder

    Rule 3 Bike Night in Pickerington

    I might swing by for a few minutes. Sucks not being 21 yet. 3 months to go...
  10. ktmdirtryder

    New Here

    Sweet. I don't see them too often.
  11. ktmdirtryder

    New Here

    Hey. I'm Kevin. I'm from the Pickerington area (SE Columbus). I'm 20 years old. I've been riding offroad for about 2 years now. Two weeks ago I bought a 2004 Husqvarna TE450 and I just got it plated. I just need to get my temps/endorsement and insurance and then I will be allowed on the road. I wanted a dual sport bike because I go to OU in Athens and I want to be able to ride over to Wayne National Forest to do some riding as well as have a bike to commute to campus. Now I just need to find someone to buy my KTM. I don't really need two bikes now.
  12. ktmdirtryder

    got my first dirt experience

    Not true. I'm 20 years old and I own a KTM smoker and a Husky TE450. I'm able to maintain them. Parts may be slightly harder to find for the Husky, but the internet seems to have everything.