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  1. are those carpet squares or loose stone pavers? hopefully not pavers 😬
  2. Just let me know 🤷‍♂️
  3. I likely won't be going back to Mid-O again unless I get a cheap cert and am peer pressured. Having to take a vacation day is bad enough but now it's more expensive than NCM or Pitt, no thanks. That said, this should be a fun season. 17-18 wheel horsepower super 125 grom is in the works for racing (baseline of 8 wheel), and have a couple new (to me) tracks on the list I plan to hit this year on the big bike along with all of the NCM days I plan to attend. Busy busy.
  4. Still have these if anyone wants. $275 takes them.
  5. 120/70/17 front 190/55/17 rear Date codes - 2018 Came on my R1 when I bought it - tires were brand new. Maybe 50 miles on them before I took them off to replace with Q4's for track. Tires have been stored indoors. Retail is around $400 for the pair.
  6. Must be a doppelganger out there 😮
  7. I'll be riding on Saturday just not on my bike. Training training training.
  8. Got the R1 out one last time this season at NCM over the weekend with @jacobhawkins and another buddy. Weather ended up decent. Most fun I've had on halloween since I was a kid. Surprise cameo by @Hoblick picking up a sweet new race machine.
  9. Eh I dunno, it seams like a liability to me. Can't always be exactly where you want to be on the track, especially during a race.
  10. yikes. seems like something they should take the grinder to if the difference in surface height is that drastic.
  11. Nelson Ledges, Pittrace, NCM, really any track in the area is better off than Mid Ohio right now sadly. The track surface is not in good shape there and I would call it dangerous unless the weather is perfect (70+ degrees and sunny). A couple of the bumps have gotten worse this season too which is unfortunate, since it was mainly a sealant issue before. Be careful if you're going this late in the season.
  12. Here's a fun comparison - 2 years ago vs last month
  13. 1/3rd of the active people are still active, 1/3 went track/mini racing and rarely ride street anymore, and the last 1/3rd just quit motorcycles. Oh and one is lost in the jungles of South America looking for El Dorito.
  14. We get whooped on by Eli every race weekend. He's teammates with Rossi Moor, who won the Ohvale GP over in Italy 2 weeks ago, and the MotoA Ohvale cup.
  15. heard you boys got whooped on by a 12 year old on a 250.
  16. what

    ISO: TRS Stand

    I need everything except pins.
  17. what

    ISO: TRS Stand

    I'd call that the wall mount.
  18. what

    part ISO: TRS Stand

    Looking for TRS stand/plate.
  19. what

    Let them die.

    They killed off their apparel division earlier this year I think, which, honestly... not sure about that. I feel like Harley should probably at this point be focusing on the lifestyle portion and get away from all the overhead of developing new bikes. Go hand-made boutique high-dollar versions of older more popular bikes. Sell merch to the die-hards. Rehab and certify their older/vintage stuff and resell as showroom. As for innovation at Suzuki, the variable valve timing in the newer GSXR1000 is really good. It gives the bike so much more midrange without sacrificing top end. Suzuki was the first manufacturer to put VVT in a superbike as far as I know.
  20. WD picture was a joke. Don't do that. Use Hondabond on your tires instead for superior grip.
  21. Tires are ready to go for the next track day
  22. You're right, the way you behave I don't want your advice and I don't want to deal with your bullshit. And I never said you haven't ridden a bike on a track before, you just have no experience, at least to my knowledge, on that track. So, no first hand experience. Anyway have a nice life.
  23. I've got work to do and I know that better than anybody, especially at that track as I've only been there twice. I'm happy to take feedback, hell I try to ask about things and learn as much as I can, but I dont need it from someone just trying to be a dickhead. And yes, I was down on pace, and I have a good idea as to why. Hopefully some of the things being done with the bike rebuild this month will help there next time. The long downhill right-hander was a really bad section for me because of the exhaust can position and that really hurt my time as it affects the next 3 corners. Just about ate shit 3 or 4 times putting a little too much weight on the can and the rear started slipping out. The can will be high-mount now so more lean angle to play with in right hand corners. A (hopefully) additional 3 wheel horsepower will even out the weight disadvantage and then if I'm still down by 5 or 6 seconds I will figure out what is going horrifically wrong with my riding.
  24. I never claimed to know it all, I think that's your domain, Craig. Thank god we have someone on here with your vast experience to hand out sage advice on things they have no first-hand experience with. "Looks like" being the key phrase here. The photo you posted of the kid was not taken from the same angle and I don't think it is even the same corner (that may be turn 7 from the map above). See the red line right between your green and black lines and right after the apex in T15? That's likely where the photo was taken. Where would the bike be pointed at that exact moment? At the grass, because I am mid turn. Your green lines make no sense for that section of the track as you would be scrubbing way too much speed to apex that late with the first green line, and your 2nd green line, while a bit closer to reality, is still not a great situation for that corner as again you'd be scrubbing too much speed to turn in tight enough to hit the apex there. I said earlier that maybe that photo was taken one of the two times I blew that corner that day, but it's unlikely as both of those times I was battling someone and pushed wide, and they would have been in the shot. Obviously I need to find areas to improve otherwise I would be leading in points this year, but this whole discussion is pointless as it's just based on speculation.
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