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    First time for everything, right?

    Most of the dumdums are on whatever local facebook riding group now days. I know that's where I shitpost now days.
  2. what


    Guys I lost my keys to my bike so I tried to use a screwdriver and drill out the ignition then the owner came out and beat me up even after I told him it was my bike now. How do I start my bike next time without the owner coming out and beating me up? I can't go back to prison.
  3. what

    Recommendation for a moto mechanic NEO

    bike's totaled time to part it out.
  4. what

    Check Ya Nuts

    So does this mean 50% more hate or 50% less? Glad it worked out Jim.
  5. what

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I saw them on their hello again tour in like 1999. I'm seeing King Diamond in November at the Agora, that should be fun.
  6. what

    Random Track Talk

    Ricky Racer Summit Club works that way?
  7. what

    OMRL 2019 Season

    Starting a seasonal mini racing thread because everybody hates us and we should stay in our hole. Here's our hole. Also, looking like a pretty large grid this year with a lot of cool stuff happening with the organization, along with some possible new classes. @MidgetTodd time to bust out the grom/Z and blow us all up.
  8. Any of you that have ridden with me over the last 3 years know this bike. I haven't ridden it really at all this year except down at the Gap, since my focus has shifted more towards racing and track and I don't want it just sitting around because it's a great bike, and it deserves a great, active lifestyle. I wasn't going to post this until spring, but I figured why not get a head start. I don't have a lot of aftermarket on this bike. Here's a list of what it does have: New grips - old grips were worn Fresh DID chain + sprockets, probably only 200 miles on them if even Fly screen/cowl over headlights Center stand - currently off the bike but is easy to re-attach Dunlop Q3's - takeoffs from my track bike, only had 1 track day on them... still some life left, maybe 30 or 40% Battery Tender leads - I know, can you believe I'm willing to let this go with the bike? Wow! Everything else is stock. I keep up with maintenance. It has had the 12,000 and 24,000 mile services done at Motohio. The bike had 22,000 miles at the time, I just decided to get it done early so I didn't have to bring it in over the summer. I don't think I actually hit 24,000 yet. I'm the 3rd owner.
  9. what

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    I'll do $3,500 on the street triple if it's gone before the 17th.
  10. what

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Got about +1hp (12.55 wheel HP with 8.6 ftlbs) on the Grom with a new tune on Saturday thanks to The Dyno Shop in Powell. Stock HP/torque on that dyno is about 7.8HP and 7.5 ft lbs - so pretty big gains. Ported head and larger TB are being installed this winter, would be awesome to see 14 wheel horsepower out of it. Got rained out yesterday at the track and then spent the afternoon in a mad scramble getting bike title notarized to sell the thing today. Spent today bummed out after the dude backed out at the last minute because ??? Yay. Also fuck selling bikes it's the worst.
  11. what

    Mid-Ohio Cherry Popping . . .

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. It's a great track when the stars align and weather is perfect.
  12. what

    2010 Street Triple R - $3,600

    $3600. I dont want to renew tags in 15 days.
  13. what


    You're gonna find the best deals from private sales rather than dealers. No idea what the gsxs750 is worth but it seems like $4700-5k for private sellers and around $6k for dealers for a 2015 after a quick scan through facebook marketplace.
  14. what

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    Should come out and play at the track sometime next season
  15. what

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    The grom is fun down on the dragon and at kart tracks, not so great on regular twisty rides. Currently my grom is -2/+11 and tops out at about 50mph so it's not very practical on the street. It lifts the front wheel a bit when I roll on after shifting into 2nd though 😂
  16. what

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    Almost the entire grid in the MotoAmerica Junior Cup is the Ninja 400 this year. Out of 20+ bikes, there are 2 Yamahas and 1 Honda, every other bike is a Kawi 400. They are only running a few seconds slower than the 650 class, which are pushing 100 horsepower.
  17. what

    Mid-Ohio Cherry Popping . . .

    they are running late days (1pm to 7pm or something?) on saturday and sunday at a discounted price.
  18. what

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    Sounds like ya'll had a good time - the entire point of motorcycling beyond basic transportation. 👍
  19. what

    Random Track Talk

    youre not invited check the small print on the ticket, it says no tims.
  20. what

    Random Track Talk

    Yeah the scuttlebutt from a number of CRs seems to be that they are at least talking about it. The quote was just me being a tongue in cheek asshole to Timbo. Whether or not a repave happens, I guess is probably up to Indycar, and if they are threatening to pull out of Mid O due to pavement concerns.
  21. Well, the 12" wieners only went into one guy's mouth and I had nothing to do with it. There was also chili involved.
  22. what

    Straight up trade?

    Hah, well I was just basing things off the Russians I know. I guess I don't know many white supremacist Russians, thankfully. I do think shipping them off to Africa would be some sort of poetic justice though. Or maybe Israel.
  23. what

    Straight up trade?

    Russians seem to be fairly accepting of people so long as they are pro-Russia. I think their prejudice is more along the lines of "if it's not Russian, it's no good" rather than based on race or skin tone.
  24. what

    Straight up trade?

    Not sure who would take the white supremacists, honestly. Give them to Africa as laborers?
  25. no idea where we went except south east. a dairy queen a giant wieners were involved though, as well as a track bike. interesting 200 mile ride. forgot how peppy the triumph is.