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  1. what

    Best Moto GP video I've ever seen

    Clearly don't watch many motogp videos.
  2. Helmet laws, giving those without a brain a reason to protect it.
  3. what

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    Parts of the deck had been rounded off leading into the bowl which was causing a few different possible issues, one of which was hot spots.
  4. what

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    They are fairly new, a couple of CRs from Mid-O started it up this past winter. They are working hard at establishing themselves and have been great to work with on a number of projects so far. Jake is a legit tuner, which is nice to have in the Columbus area.
  5. what

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    Hoblick is also a good choice, he rebuilt the forks on my old 750ss and they came out great.
  6. what

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    28 is fine but Ryan is so busy it's been hard to get stuff to him. I'm not going to get into which shop is better or why but I can almost guarantee you'll have your forks back sooner from The Dyno Shop.
  7. what

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Motorsports-Store/The-Dyno-Shop-537307406746916/ Talk to Jake.
  8. what

    Ducs are attention whores

    It's physically impossible to hold a Starbucks triple dirty double latte if you're riding a Kawasaki. The Starbucks green and the Kawi green clash - but if you're on a Ducati, it's like Christmas every time you hold that burned brown liquid in your hand (which could be said any time you touch the case of a Ducati engine as well, burned brown liquid everywhere).
  9. what

    Random Track Talk

    Yeah you'd have to be a silly goose to go ham first session on fresh tires.
  10. what

    Crash Investigation

    Rear wheel locked from downshifting it seems, as said above. Was good meeting you, bummer about the trip to the farm at the end of the day. Your bike looked fine for the most part so I was hoping you got through unscathed as well but it sounds like that wasn't the case. I hope the surgery gets things sorted out and it heals up fast!
  11. what

    Random Track Talk

    Mine were fine after like 2 laps of scrub. Every session after that I was digging my knee in after turn 7 on the first lap (not running warmers). They heat up FAST.
  12. what

    Random Track Talk

    Cool, I'll probably grab some SC3's for my next set of tires then.
  13. what

    Random Track Talk

    If I can get comparable grip to the Q4s out of an SC3 rear I'd be happy. I don't plan to race big bikes so pushing the very limits of grip isn't really something I'd like to toy with - I have enough fun doing that and trying not to eat shit on the little bikes. 😊
  14. what

    Random Track Talk

    Yeah, talking to Jake yesterday had me considering the 3s. I think Mark was after him to give them a shot and he seems to like them pretty well.