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  1. Seems it actually happened, I think that's their first for the year.
  2. New triple tree + steering head bearings installed on the grom, no more 5 degree tilt to the front wheel. Old lower triple was indeed bent from that crash. Glad All Balls made bearings for the grom, feels much more solid than stock.
  3. Was a couple weeks ago but - ordered new triple tree and head bearings because the forks are about 5 degrees off-center and nothing seems to fix the issue... thinking bent lower triple clamp and head bearings are shot. here's the cause... wide angle lens makes it look like I've got lots of room, but our elbows were pretty much touching through that left-hander 😅
  4. Hah yeah, luckily the MotoA guys that show up usually don't race in my classes. I was pacing Gavin Anthony during practice at our first round though, so that was a fun surprise. The kids are the ones I have no hope of ever catching. If the ohvale cup kids are there I know my overall position will be down by however many of them there are.
  5. Yeah I don't get it. It's the ONE thing that every org drills into everybody at every track day. Don't cross the blend line out of pit lane, and signal and stay off the line at X location when entering pit lane. Still, some people don't understand. I did find out the guys that were being weird got knocked down to I group after getting a talking to so at least the CR's were doing their job. Also, got my first wins last weekend with the minis. Took long enough... 😅 Moving up to expert this season has been fun.
  6. Spent the weekend at NCM, had a good time. There were a few knuckleheads in A group though unaccustomed to signaling pit-in and generally swoopy/slow. I pretty much spent the day working on brake markers and tip-in points rather than pushing pace. I also found out I need to go down another spring weight in the front, seems I lost too much weight over the winter.
  7. Round 1 was this past weekend, here are the F3 Expert races and F3 Heavyweight (195lb+) Went alright in both F3 races, though getting stuck behind the Ohvale took me out of the running for top 5's both races. F3 Heavyweight went better, 2nd race would have likely been a 1st had I not gotten stuck in neutral shifting to 2nd at the start. Next time.
  8. Glad you guys are ok Pauly, that's a really lucky one to figuratively walk away from. Heal quickly.
  9. NCM is fantastic. A lot of people would likely recommend Pittrace as well, I havent been on the big track there though so I can't comment yet. This year hopefully.
  10. Yes still for sale, haven't really been focusing on trying to sell things this spring.
  11. was shut down by DHS. keep an eye on new images from the mars rover, you may get a glimpse of the completed project.
  12. Yeah the owner died and the kids are fighting over who gets all the assets, including CRP. We are racing at G&J, Fremont, Adkins and Pittrace this season - mostly split between G&J and Fremont. Cant wait to try the new grom build out at Pitt on the long straight, hoping for 70 mph vs the 50mph XR100's lol.
  13. Ok, for CRP, it was $15 to go down there really any day Steve was available. Hell, if he liked you, you could just show up and leave the money on the table in the shop without him even being there. None of that matters now as CRP is shut down but it's a totally different thing. We have fairly lax tech for mini racing, drain plug, catch can and make sure your brakes/throttle work properly. I have not heard one person complain about these requirements because everyone knows that crashing sucks and these precautions are directly linked to everyone's safety. At big bike tracks I want more str
  14. what

    Ammo prices

    I think I saw 9mm for 0.80/round in the latest ads. I think it was 0.22 when I last bought mine lol... Should have spent all money money on a house and ammo 3 years ago. RIP.
  15. Got the R1 all back together for 2021, just need to swap the new rear tire on and it's ready to go.
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