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  1. Likely not enough people registered for it today. If they didn't send out any sort of update, that sucks.
  2. Nobody symptomatic at least.
  3. Getting fuel a 2? I'm at 50/50 that's what I got it from. I should go to 2 "good" protests, I bet it cures me. 3 protests and anywhere I walk my immune system actively kills the virus in a 10m radius.
  4. The weakest/most unlucky go first is my guess. But it's just a guess. Good news though, turns out hydroxychloroquine seems to cut the mortality rate nearly in half for those that start on it early enough into covid infection. https://www.henryford.com/news/2020/07/hydro-treatment-study This is a stark contrast to what every major news outlet was saying about it a month ago, this dangerous "untested" "unproven" drug... that has been used for almost 70 years. lol...
  5. It all goes together. Those people out protesting go home to their family, go to work at the nursing home, go shopping at the grocery store, don't wear masks, don't take precautions and we end up where we are. Sure, it was still going around, and the states were starting to re-open around the same time little by little, but the bottom line is the amount of exposure going to one protest is way beyond what someone would experience in their day-to-day over the course of a week or more. Any mass gathering is the same - if people went to a large concert or sports match with 1,000's of people all crammed together we would have the same outcome. Indoor or outdoor does not matter, someone coughs on you, you get viral load, you get sick. Not everyone that went will get sick, but some will, and then their acquaintances will, and then it's off to the races. Repeat that day after day, weekend after weekend and we end up where we are now. We would have gotten here eventually but it would have taken a lot longer.
  6. To be fair, things were on the mend for a good bit before this new spike. What was happening 2 weeks before the uptick 2 weeks into June I wonder? Literally the dumbest thing anybody could do during a pandemic that was showing signs of abating. The blame for the current situation lands squarely on the backs of everyone who went out en mass to protest and/or riot. If they were aware of the risk and decided that the protesting was more important, that's fine - but to turn around and blame other people for the (very apparent) consequences of their actions, I really don't have words.
  7. All the political bullshit 24/7 is making people forget they have friends that might not agree with them on 100% of everything but they are still friends. The media is to blame for the state of the country right now, by and large. Social media and the 24 hour news cycle may be the end of us all. Hope not. Good plan to stay away from it, it makes life a happier experience.
  8. My R1 has a linked system like that as well. It makes a noticeable difference when both tires are on the ground.
  9. I'd say about 20% of people around where I live in Columbus wear masks. Also the mandatory mask thing isn't being enforced unless a store calls the cops on you after asking you to leave and you don't. And even then it would be a trespassing call and not a call over someone not wearing a mask. They can't actually do anything to someone because they aren't wearing a mask.
  10. trailing with the rear is a quick ticket to highside city if things go sideways. highsides are not fun. all included puns intended.
  11. Supposedly they had already moved to their own forum almost 6 months ago, that subreddit was dead. Not sure what they got up to on there to get them banned, I do know reddit is a cesspool of SJW ideals though. I've been banned a couple of times over the years for posting pretty innocuous things that got spun into whatever "-ist/-ism" the flavor of the month was at the time.
  12. clearly the panic is starting to set in for someone. always late to the party?
  13. I still don't think the official infection #'s are anywhere close to realistic, which would bring the death % down by at least half if not more. Still higher than flu though. And still fucks your shit up beyond the actual sickness.
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