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  1. what

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    groms were built to be shit on and like it
  2. what

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    You'll get no argument from me. Suspension is probably the most important part of a bike after the rider.
  3. what

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    I looked into that before suggesting Racetech. The R1 shock takes a bit of doing and I think a fork swap takes some custom milled spacers. A full front end swap would probably work out though.
  4. what

    Random Track Talk

    You guy should hit up Adkins too, it's probably about the same distance from you as pirc. And it has a high bank corner. a very high bank corner.
  5. what

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Well my vacation has been approved and will be booking a cabin soon-ish. See you if I see you 🏁 (I'll be down 6/6-6/9)
  6. what

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    I kinda wonder if the MT10 suspension would work on the MT09. The stock KYB on the MT10 seems decent. I've heard the MT09 is an amazing bike once the suspension gets sorted out.
  7. what

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

  8. what

    Random Track Talk

    that little 2 stroke is gonna be a handful on the kart tracks.
  9. what

    Random Track Talk

    To be fair there wasn't much ripping going on with the grom, more like slow shuffling because, for some reason, slicks have no grip in 6 inches of snow.
  10. what

    1955 Triumph Ariel HS

    Ariels are pretty cool, one or two show up at Watkin's each year I've been. The coolest bike I've seen at Watkin's is this though It's been there the last 2 years. Info: https://www.nationalmcmuseum.org/2017/09/15/1956-nimbus-750-four/ There's also a replica of the Curtiss V8 It has a shaft drive, and the brake is just a piece of metal formed into a V that presses into the rear tire (which was just hard rubber, no air involved). Set the land speed record in 1907 at 136mph. If anyone is interested in seeing a really cool collection of vintage bikes though, go to Brim's Imports in Kenton and ask if you can see his bike warehouse. Some really beautiful stuff in there.
  11. what

    Pauly's got a brand "new" bag...

    new bag? does it have hair or is it smooth?
  12. what

    Random Track Talk

    Cool. I want to hit Nelson's this year for sure on the gofast bike. Coulda been ripping on the KX65 with us in the Saturday blizzard, or on the Grom on Sunday
  13. what

    Closing Sale

    who is this judas that bought the EU2000 out from under everyone? expose them!
  14. what

    2019 Gap Trip.

    If you like waiting 3 hours for your fast food, go to that bojangles.
  15. what

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    Retail often doesn't offer any benefits, they like to assign people exactly enough hours to keep them as part-time just for that reason.