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  1. what

    Recommend some track gear

    Unfortunately off-the-rack stuff doesn't fit me well otherwise I'd be looking at regular name brands. To get a suit that fits my legs it ends up being like 3 or 4 sizes too big in the chest and waist. Torso length is also an issue it seems. To buy something off the rack then get it altered to fit, I might as well just get a custom suit for $600 to $800 and call it good.
  2. what

    Recommend some track gear

    People hate on RST too and their stuff (that I've seen) has all been good quality. I'm looking at getting a custom suit from Comet this winter. Syed, while it looks nice, is way out of my price range. I know a few people running Comet stuff with numerous crashes in them (big bike) and they've held up great. People seem to like Heroic, Vo2 and the other brands like that minus the odd mizer who thinks stitching falling out after 5 crashes over 2 seasons is on the manufacturer to warranty
  3. what

    New Honda CBR

    Was talking to Tall Tim but you're welcome to come along too
  4. what

    New Honda CBR

    The only truth in here is that no corners are straight. 👨‍❤️‍👨🏳️‍🌈👩‍❤️‍👩
  5. what

    New Honda CBR

    I didn't bring it up!
  6. what

    New Honda CBR

    Oh and it's not all about being faster. Being faster is a result of being safer. Being safer is a result of being better. Being better is a result of continually practicing all aspects of riding and applying that experience. How the fuck did this thread turn into another god damn track & street conversation anyway.
  7. what

    New Honda CBR

    groms are fucking stupid
  8. what

    Dream Bikes

    Multistrada V4 is how it's going to play out in the end. You know this. I know this.
  9. what

    New Honda CBR

    Tim you need to come try racing minis with us Cheaper and less risk than racing big bikes but still the same concept. May change your perspective a bit. Racing itself is fun, but I never realized how much I still had to work on before I starting doing track related things. This all is an effort to make myself a better rider, getting to whoop on my buddies and trash talk is just an added bonus. Seat time is seat time as long as the foundations are there. That said, I'm really considering picking up a clapped out 600 project bike and doing a couple wera races here and there within the next 2 or 3 years.
  10. what

    New Honda CBR

    Uh oh is this winter drama starting early? 🤩
  11. what

    New Honda CBR

    Some well funded team will buy one and make one-off parts for it just for the horsepower advantage. Even with a basic setup (exhaust, tune, thin head gasket) you'll probably see 10 more horsepower than FZ07/SV650 full builds.
  12. what

    New Honda CBR

    Aprilia 660... no reason to not just get any of the modern 600's. They make more power and are way less of an investment. Unless of course you're racing in the lightweight twins class and want an extra 10 or so horsepower over your competition.
  13. what

    New Honda CBR

    yeah, that's going to cause so many people to lowside pushing the magic 65 degrees of lean MM can do when he uses his knee and elbow to hold shit off the ground.
  14. what

    New Honda CBR

    I think they borrowed some valve/cam/timing tech from the rc213v on top of the bore/stroke. "In the cylinder head, new DLC-coated camshafts actuate new finger-follower rocker arms, replacing the shim-under-bucket design to reduce drivetrain friction by 35 percent and cut inertial weight by 75 percent. Those new coated cams are driven by a semi-cam gear-train system. This patent-pending design uses a small timing gear on the crankshaft that drives a cam-idle gear that then in turn moves the cam chain. The goal is a shorter cam chain for less weight and inertia. Reciprocating mass inside the engine has also been reduced with new titanium connecting rods that weigh half of the previous chromoly steel units. New forged pistons made from A2618 aluminum are 5 percent lighter with improved durability and strength. Ober (Teflon and molybdenum) coating on the skirts and nickel-phosphorous plating in the pin clip groove increase high-rpm wear resistance."
  15. what

    New Honda CBR

    Hopefully they didn't let marc dictate how it handles lol...