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  1. what

    What did you do to your bike today?

    If that's the original filter in that photo, it looks pristine.
  2. what

    What did you do to your bike today?

    How many miles do you have on that thing, to have it stripped down to the airbox?
  3. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Apparently this guy just died of corona... I guess? Pretty shitty deal if it's true.
  4. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    to be fair, they kinda saved our asses in the first place.
  5. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Speaking of flat earthers, has anyone else noticed a hard swing in the uh.. nazi direction with them lately? Seems like a lot of their talking points have now become "the jews are behind it" "hitler tried to warn us" "hitler was misunderstood" "illuminati" "hitler found out about the giant ice wall, was able to escape and now has a giant nazi mega-fortress built under the wall, biding his time and is waiting to come save us from the jews" It's kinda sad, I used to like flat earth as a conspiracy group because it was mostly harmless and witnessing the mental gymnastics every time one of their experiments failed was endlessly entertaining. They sure seem to buy a lot of faulty equipment. I hate it when I buy a $5,000 laser and the light bends and twirls all over the place instead of going in a straight line.
  6. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    That Nature article he is basing his whole theory on just proves that they were working with CoV. This is no great mystery, as China has been messing with that family of viruses since the SARS outbreak trying to figure it out. But yes, this whole thing is going to turn into the next big conspiracy theorist wet dream, like 9/11 and Kennedy. I wonder how long it will take before the flat earthers blame NASA and the reptilians.
  7. what

    Bell Star MIPS DLX Tantrum Helmet

    I just bought a backup from you!
  8. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    I haven't been out of my apartment in 14 days. I haven't seen another human in 14 days. 😐
  9. what

    Bell Star MIPS DLX Tantrum Helmet

    Wish this color had been available when I bought my last Star from you. 😥
  10. what

    New track bike

    I've been holding off on putting the track fairings on the R1 as well, as I have the same suspicion that you do about a delayed start to the track season. Hoping for some nice days over the next few weeks for a SEO trip or 2 so I can get some miles on the bike and start to get to know it.
  11. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    If people were working desk jobs and then are asked to mop up gore in operating theaters due to a shortage of staff, I won't blame them for not wanting to mop. Everyone has a set expectation of what their job entails when the start. If they want to help out and that help is not part of their usual day to day responsibilities, that's wonderful and they should be commended. If they don't, then that's fine too. If someone is truly worried about catching this, to the point where they are going to work every day and fearing death, then decide it is in their best interest to just not go to work, again, I can't fault them. It's their choice. Congratulating them for being heroes or whatever, who cares. They will know whether or not they made a difference or did anything worth praising. If being called a hero comes with benefits and people who did not participate are taking advantage - it doesn't as far as I know - obviously that's an immoral thing to do, but again, you can't force people to do work they do not want to do. Unless you're a brutal dictatorship that threatens the lives of entire families if you don't capitulate.
  12. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Maybe they are maybe they aren't. Can't force people to do a job they don't want to do. Who knows what their situation is as well, it could be that they live with someone at high risk and don't wan to bring it home to them. It sucks there are staff shortages, but that's the way things go, especially when people are facing their own mortality or the mortality of their loved ones.
  13. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Conspiracy time!
  14. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Yeah. I'm mid 30's with a flawless driving record and a 13 year old car, my rates are still like $1200/yr for insurance. It makes no sense. I can't imagine what it would be having points on my license or a history of wrecks. My 2016 R1 is worth more than my car, has better coverage and costs the same per month for insurance 😅
  15. what

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Most of the kids I was in college with didn't have their licenses, 10 to 14 years ago. The decline has only gotten more dramatic since then.