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  1. Jesus runs a chop shop. If I don't see his face I get to live.
  2. BMW R1200GS Stop Sale and Recall

    looks like an extremely rare issue in an extremely rare bike. /shrug
  3. I'll close my eyes and let jesus take the wheel.
  4. HD Stock at year low. Cut production.

    They should just transition to merch and aftermarket sales only and dump the new motorcycle overhead. /shrug
  5. So I called Mid-O yesterday and asked about the eclipse, the nice lady on the phone said they were going to run it like a usual track day as far as she knew. Not sure they have even thought about it though since she was surprised. Maybe it will make its way up the chain of command. /shrug
  6. Tour de France legs

    vampire wet dream
  7. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    No power wheelies in 3rd gear though. Or really at all. Power-wise, it's on par with a D675 with a tune. Love my Streety though.
  8. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    They redesigned the speed triple in 2016. It lost a lot of weight and gained about 15hp over the previous iteration. FZ10 is still the go-to though if you can't get a Super Dook
  9. BMW R1200GS Stop Sale and Recall

    Pay for quality. Wait...
  10. AIM Expo 9-22 & 9-23 who's going.

    I'll be there in one capacity or another.
  11. Stupid left coast liberal cucks

    There's no sales tax in Oregon. Now there's a flat $15 sales tax on bicycles. I dont live in Oregon. I don't give a shit either way.
  12. Nelson Ledges

    Was more thinking an sv650 vs a 1000rr at the same time, aka open class track day. It'd be all kinds of fun if everyone was running the same displacement.
  13. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    It's only bad over 80. Anything over that just tuck like a flat-tracker.
  14. Then bring a back protector And if you're feeling real frisky, some tire warmers.