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  1. what

    Guess the new bike thread

    Nice wheels! too bad they are attached to a bmw 😁
  2. what

    Tuesday, Jan 14 Ride

    Roobin mmmmmm
  3. what

    Tuesday, Jan 14 Ride

    Yeah, they should have. Last I heard is they sent in the papers to the DMV on 12/27. 2.5 months after date of purchase 😐 I got my passport sent to me in 1/3 the time lol.
  4. what

    Tuesday, Jan 14 Ride

    Would be fun but still don't have the title/plates for the bike I bought in October. 😐 Also work. 😐
  5. what

    New track bike

    Q4's were great when I had them on last year, but you wouldn't want to run them on the street as I doubt you'd get 1000 miles out of a rear. I got some Michelin Power RS's for the cost of a good lunch so I'll be giving them a shot this spring. I've run Dunlops for the last 5 years so not sure what to expect from the Michelins. As far as blipping goes, it depends on what kind of braking you're doing. The end of a long straight where you may be dropping 3 or 4 gears I generally brake, clutch in, and slowly count out the gear drops in my head as I get towards tip-in. I've got a downshift marker like I've got a braking marker - I make sure I'm at X gear by the time I hit the marker. I usually don't release the clutch between shifts when dropping multiple gears in one go. For quick downshifts I generally don't use the clutch anymore at all, just a quick blip. That's a preference thing though.
  6. what

    New track bike

    Someone I know is doing a supersport build with his daytona 675. Great platform, wish I fit on them. I will say, when it comes time to get it tuned bring it to Jake at The Dyno Shop in Powell. Little bit of a drive for you but well worth it for his expertise. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Motorsports-Store/The-Dyno-Shop-537307406746916/
  7. what

    Breaker 19

    I've just been downloading podcasts or listening to talk radio on SiriusXM for long trips. 10 hours of Last Podcast on the Left for my trip down to Bowling Green and back in a day. 6 hours for my trip up to Cleveland a couple weekends ago.
  8. what

    Best Brewery in Cbus?

    I try
  9. what

    Best Brewery in Cbus?

    Same, and I've lived here for 8 years. North Market isn't bad, but it's pretty much a fancy food court. Hot Chicken Takeover on the 2nd floor is the current popular spot in there. Also, if you're downtown, Barley's is decent: http://www.barleysbrewing.com/ Their sour kraut balls and white creamy sauce are the stuff of tonik's dreams.
  10. what

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yeah weather is pretty crappy but you ADV freaks seem to thrive on pain. I guess you haven't fully transitioned yet.
  11. what

    Best Brewery in Cbus?

    CBC isn't bad. Brewdog is new-ish but I don't know if they have food or not. I've met the owner of North High Brewing at Mid Ohio a couple times hauling his RSV4 in the back of his beer delivery van, so maybe that's points for them too? Those are the only ones I know of but I'm not too big into beer or drinking in general so
  12. what

    What did you do to your bike today?

    those handguards will be nice for the cold
  13. what

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Looks like Deal's Gap in 1899. Took the R1 down for its out of state inspection today. Found out that the front wheel will not stay on the ground pretty much no matter what. Hooligan bike for sure.
  14. what

    What did you do to your bike today?

    put new front fairing on bike to replace the broken one. 🙄