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  1. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Can't take a large break from work right now
  2. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Excited for you buddy.
  3. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    I don't think I will ever be able to say the good religion has brought to the world outweighs the bad. I wouldn't lose any sleep if the Catholic Church came crashing down tomorrow, sadly something different would just pop up to replace it, and probably worse.
  4. Electric Motorcycles

    some additional new battery tech info released this past week: https://inhabitat.com/fisker-patents-ev-battery-with-a-range-of-500-miles-that-can-be-charged-in-1-minute/
  5. New bikes 2018

    Too bad it's just a concept, I'd ride that. The Indian concept is kinda cool too... I like the look of flat track bikes.
  6. New bike ordered yesterday

    boosting your whoolie power by 100cc?
  7. Moto2/Moto3/MotoGP 2017

    In my experience all sarcasm does on the internet is start fights so I'm never sarcastic.
  8. Moto2/Moto3/MotoGP 2017

    He crashes a lot, but he is also crashing a lot less than he used to. He has started playing the strategy game to a greater degree as well. Hopefully he can keep his head and continue steady growth and not get himself into trouble. And I think the consensus was that everybody should stay off the 500 2 strokes, since they don't use them anymore
  9. Moto2/Moto3/MotoGP 2017

    Marquez has the talent and mindset to steal GOAT from Rossi someday. That said, I was impressed with Zarco this season.
  10. Back after 4 year hiatus....

    Welcome back.
  11. Lets fix this ear plug BS

    This thread is turning out to be a great example of what happens when you put faith in government to do anything right.
  12. Lets get the knees in the breeze

    nice one casper. let the new member threads age like a fine wine cooler before opening them.
  13. New Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX

    @jschaf time to upgrade the ninja?
  14. Wow

    looks really vanilla. meh.
  15. Sunday “Last Chance” ride

    Just saw your message, unfortunately I can't make it. Hope the weather holds out for you, not looking great right now.