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  1. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    So at this point I've lost about 15lbs since December and gained probably close to 20lbs of muscle. Stupid gym. I'd be happy with the progress except that the XR100 doesn't care how much of my weight is muscle vs. fat, it's just sad I weigh what I do.
  2. OMRL Round 1 this weekend

    The crash on Lap 1 Saturday shook me up a bit, took me all of Saturday and most of Sunday to start trusting the tires/track surface. Should be good to go next time I'm out. I want to aim for a 1:00 lap time. That's shaving 5 seconds. Pretty sure I can do that by just maintaining corner speeds a bit better, I've still got lean angle, looking at your photos. Thanks for coming down man, hope you take the leap. Casts after the wedding ceremony are acceptable, you'll even have a built-in carer beholden to your health and wellbeing to nurse you back to health (not that any time spent healing won't be held over your head in the direst terms later down the road)
  3. OMRL Round 1 this weekend

    More peeps come on out next time! @jacobhawkins and I won't be at the race on 5/5, but I think we will both be at the race on 5/19-20 at CRP. You can watch me lose again.
  4. Tim is down, but not out.

    This is public land, not sure how they can restrict access to 99.9% of it, legally speaking. All said and done, you recovered really quickly, Tim. Glad you're still riding with us.
  5. The wave while riding... HD riders - take a peek!

    this is why you get beat up.
  6. Hello!

  7. Tonik got a new one BAN contest!

    I hope the winner bans you.
  8. What did you do to your bike today?

    raced the shit out of it.
  9. Sport touring tires

    Dunlop, overall, is less expensive than all the other (good) tire brands. Weirdly.
  10. Tonik got a new one BAN contest!

    You make it sound like a 3 day break from this site is a bad thing.
  11. What to expect on track day?

    Twilight is for I and A groups only. I have yet to go to one but I've heard that they get a little...heated. AFAIK engine ice is fine. If you see bikes in I group with lights still on, it's probably because it was the day they moved up from novice and didn't prep the bike for intermediate. The included lunch is for people with wristbands only, but you can buy lunch for anyone without a wristband.
  12. Tonik got a new one BAN contest!

    A king size dildo, because being a size queen was so 5 inches ago? (this is what happens when you ask us to guess a new item, with absolutely no context as to what it could possibly be)
  13. Gavin heading to Round 1 Road Atlanta

    Interesting, I didn't think she was on a 400. I'm really interested in what will happen at VIR after adjustments are made to restrictions on the bigger displacement Jr Cup bikes.
  14. I'll be there mid-day Tuesday probably. I plan to leave Columbus pretty early and try to get to Townsend by noon. Not sure when Tracy and Kevin will get there but they should be down at some point Tuesday as well.
  15. Dainese Full Metal 6 Leather Gloves

    goat skin leather... rossi is the goat... rossi wears dianese... um... aren't they taking things a bit too far here?