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  1. 2Wheeler

    Kimber Raptor2

  2. 2Wheeler

    Kimber Raptor2

    No thanks.
  3. 2Wheeler

    Kimber Raptor2

    $950 Cash only.
  4. 2Wheeler

    Electric Motorcycles

    Okay. Long trips then.Someday the technology will provide the specific vehicle for every riding style. Until then the range is more than most people ride in a day.
  5. 2Wheeler

    Electric Motorcycles

    So, I currently own 4 bikes and none of them come even close to a 200 mile range. Just curious why the electric models NEED a 500 mile range?
  6. 2Wheeler

    2017 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    In. Haven't been paying attention, but I'll catch up.
  7. 2Wheeler

    (2008-2012) Kawasaki Ninja 250 oem exhaust

    I have a 2009. $50. Complete with header.
  8. Trump sheep get their news from The RT. Cause it's Amerikan.
  9. 2Wheeler

    Ohio EPA RapidScreen

    Ignorance is supposed to be bliss. I don't understand the whining. Besides, our new Communist Government has shut down the EPA because "pollution isn't real".
  10. 2Wheeler

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    Komrad Trump has promised military force against American civilians( Chicago) . Are WE the Enemy? I'm sure it'll be fun, and profitable.
  11. 2Wheeler

    Dragway 42 is being paved

    It's been closed for a couple of years.New owner, complete revamp.
  12. 2Wheeler

    Dragway 42 is being paved

    Just thought I'd mention it.
  13. 2Wheeler

    2016 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    PM'd you. Put me in.
  14. Sign me up for the fantasy football. Please.



  15. 2Wheeler

    2009 CBR600RR Low miles

    Sold it today.