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  1. DeansZG

    Speeding ticket handling

    I got popped about three yrs. ago on the slab in N. Dayton... I didn't have the time, nor want to return to court to contest it. I lawyered up & got it changed to malfunctioning equipment violation or something like that. Cost a few bux for the lawyer, but it kept my insurance rates the same, whereas an speeding excessive velocity award would've easily surpassed the cost of the lawyer by mucho $$$ for a LOT longer.... Friggin' insurance thieves...
  2. DeansZG

    Rideohio.org ????

    Thnx, lost the link & none of the search engines came up w/ anything!
  3. DeansZG

    Rideohio.org ????

    Anyone know what happened to the RideOhio.org forum? It was another tool in the riding forum arsenal that I found handy from time to time....
  4. In order to preserve my drivers license, I'm listing my '04 ZZR 12 for sale: '04 ZZR1200 w/ 35k ish.. miles on it (& they will go up as it does daily commuting & weekend playing). I bought the bike in '12 & thought I could make a decent sport-tourer out of it wanting something a little different than the C10 Concours I sold previous.... turns out that while it's a fun bike, even w/ the mods, it'll never be what I miss about the Concours.. Anywho, here's the skinny: Metz Z6 f & r tires have about 1500 miles on them, 3 windscreens; oem, Mra w/ extender, & Ermax w/ MRA extender, C10 handlebars, which are taller than the oem bars w/ blocks that most people install, heated grips, Corbin seat, Tutoro chain oiler just installed, new chain & sprockets not installed, & old style Krauser saddlebags. A trunk is also included but not pictured. I've got some hard rubber shock cushions under the base of the mirrors to give a better rearward view than looking at your elbows. Also have a ram mount off the mirror bolt hole on the clutch side. Playing / commuting will return around the low-mid 30's gas mileage & have netted about 250 miles from a tankful during weekend trips. Can send better pics if requested. Bike is located about 1/2 hr. n. of Toledo Will discuss pricing w/ serious inquiries.... still riding / enjoying the bike, not going to give it away.... Not looking to trade for anything either.... Looking to regain garage space due to another purchase!
  5. DeansZG

    Who knows Detroit?

    Yep, Oak Park...forget it I live about 25 miles southwest of there & only venture THROUGH the area 3-4 times a yr..to visit the mid-week bike nites in Royal Oak, another neighboring city just to the north. wednesday nite is cruisers / thursday nite is for sport bikes, Main st., lots of places to sit, eat & enjoy the eye candy Ferndale, if you're looking at INside of the city limits....maybe....http://ferndalemi.areaconnect.com/statistics.htm http://www.zillow.com/ferndale-mi-48220/home-values/ Pleasant Ridge(borders Ferndale to the north) is another alternative.....http://censusviewer.com/city/MI/Pleasant%20Ridge http://www.zillow.com/pleasant-ridge-mi/home-values/
  6. DeansZG

    Bladensburg area info

    While out-n-about on an overnighter in the Mt Vernon / Coshocton area, the wife & I drove past a farm shop on Rt541 about a mile east of Bladensburg w/ an amazing assortment of hit-n-miss motors on the property. Does any of you have any info on this place:
  7. DeansZG

    What old Honda is this fairing from?

    Yep, looks like a Hannigan...although, didn't they have internal compartments w/ locking lids? I'm also reminded of the fairing on that Z-1 that "Toecutter" rode in the original MadMax movie....
  8. DeansZG

    Iron Butt my way out to Waterloo, Iowa

    If you're really set on an Aerostitch visit & want to avoid Chi-town, hang a right at Ft. Wayne & head straight for the Big Mac bridge, Then a left turn heading west across da yooper you betcha over to dat 'Stitch place: https://goo.gl/zziOEw
  9. DeansZG

    Looking for a new bike

    Plus you can load up on ammo & artillery at All Sports
  10. DeansZG

    Looking for a new bike

    Here's a pre-owned from Honda East ( T-town area): http://www.hondaeasttoledo.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventory#page=xPreOwnedInventory&vt=motorcycle%20/%20scooter&make=kawasaki&d=on&t=preowned
  11. Arrived home to a nice surprise today.....THE SHIRTS WERE DELIVERED!!!!
  12. Just wondering if those that ordered for the LAST batch have recieved their shirts yet? According to the e-mail from t-spring, I should have gotten a shipping notice by last thursday(30th)...but nothing yet...
  13. Thanks for the legwork on this Derek. Will place the order early next week, when I return from spring break weekend.