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  1. Penalize the result, not something that "could" result in dangerous driving. If someone causes a wreck or runs off the road because they were distracted, it shouldn't matter whether they were distracted because they were texting, putting on makeup, handing a bottle to their kid in the back seat, or freaking out because they dropped their Big Mac in their lap. If you want to reduce avoidable wrecks, make the penalty for causing an avoidable wreck such that people actually focus on driving safely.
  2. At least you got a couple of well-reasoned, objective and unemotional suggestions. You're welcome.
  3. A good example of "to each his own." I'm lucky to be able to upgrade my phone and my wife's phone as frequently as every 6 months and have had 3 different HTCs that I really liked. OTOH, I haven't liked 2 of the 3 Samsungs I've had. I've also had mixed results w/ Motorolas - I really hope Google's influence will improve their quality control. Also, don't discount iPhones. I wouldn't ever get one because I like to tinker/customize my phone, but if you want something that "just works" they're hard to beat. IMHO, Apple's customer service is the best in the business. The fact they're (often)
  4. I knew you were a smart guy...
  5. Agreed, you learn to adapt (I do so by carrying a spare battery with me all the time, and often carrying a small portable battery charger), but I think it absolutely sucks to spend a bunch of money on a great phone, some ridiculous monthly service fee for data, and then not be able to really enjoy it all because the phone dies after 3 or 4 hours of "screen on" time. Without a doubt, battery technology is woefully behind everything else that goes into smartphones.
  6. "Go to the store and play." - I couldn't agree more. I don't like the Samsung S III or S IV, but many love them - to each his own. The HTC One is definitely my favorite at the moment, but it isn't available on Verizon yet. If I could wait till the new Droids come out, I'd probably wait to see how they stack up vs. the One. My most emphatic recommendation is to focus on battery life, especially if you get a phone that doesn't have a removable battery. If this is your first smartphone, I'd bet you'll be shocked by how short the uptime is compared to a standard/"feature" phone. BTW, congrat
  7. Have you thought about going to an "urgent care" facility? They're not just for "urgent" care. A buddy of mine doesn't have medical insurance and goes to the local urgent care every once in awhile. I think he said cash price for an office visit is roughly $70 bucks, and they hopefully could tell you what you have and/or rule out serious stuff.
  8. I think Ringo is looking for a new dog...
  9. Very sorry to hear about your loss.
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