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  1. Hey all, just putting out feelers, I'm looking for an 06-09 Triumph Daytona 675, must have clean title, have cash in hand.
  2. I would have held her at a cautionary distance with a weapon trained on the intruder. If they were unresponsive to talking or me saying "get the eff out of my place" and just standing there staring off, I would call the police while still having my match-built 1911 pointing at aforementioned intruder. If they just hang out and stand there, then whatever. However, if they demonstrate hostility, they are getting dropped by my 230gr jhp friend(s)
  3. I rode my uncles RC51, thought it was more comfortable than my 03 R6.... he has a ton of mods, the ones that count are the sato rearsets he has, not sure how he has them set though. I'm 145 and 5'9"...
  4. every morning on my way to work and on my way home, I see a blue 2nd gen R6, rider has blue jacket and helmet. is that anyone on here? if so, :thumbsup: for a fellow R6er
  5. HOLY SHIT!! TACH-BEOTCH is online!! :) HI!

  6. Oh man, I wish....I wish, looks clean and a good price man. Good luck with the sale!
  7. that's awesome. ....forgot HK though, one of my favorite manufacturers.
  8. right at :33 into the video, do you guys see what I see? Cutaway of female repro organs? Guess it goes with the theme of giving birth to random things in the vid...
  9. Why not look for a touring-esque bike? Take a look at Ducati ST3 and ST4's. Plenty of ground clearance, that beautiful Desmo sound, and awesome chassis.
  10. I care more about whats inside the bag, than how loud it is.
  11. Labor day weekend, there will be alot of cagers doing dumb shit everywhere. Cops will also be out in force taking up some overtime, so watch your speed too. I don't want to come on here tuesday and see any threads where someone got hurt, have had enough of that lately....
  12. Whereas I put on my protective gear to go ride, it really seems like harley couples put on their harley t-shirts and do-rags. sigh, posers and fanboys......
  13. hey, didn't want to say this at the meet and greet, but your bike looks beat to shit, glws.

  14. Let us know how the Q2s work out for you. Also, how did you like the Corsa III's? Last a while? I need new skins soon, my qualifiers are old, either thinking the Corsa III or Q2
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