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  1. forgot to say...prob meet around noon.
  2. Title says it all. Off work and want to ride. Post up and we will set a meet place and rout.
  3. looking to get out and ride. if your riding, let me know where you are going and when you are leaving.
  4. OK. So i have hit the tip of my shoe multiple times this year while in corners. I am considdering switching it to 1 up 5 down to gain clearance in the corners. Anyone with GP shifting pattern, please leave feedback. My main question is how long does it take to re-train your mind? Any other input is welcomed!
  5. When IS that group riding Mohican again? That last ride was awesome! Supposed to be nice this Sunday.... Just sayin......

  6. I just made a short video with one on our ride of mohican state park. You can tell where it is mounted and here are some different angles. (tank fairing, front fairing, Tail fairing)...I replaced the front windscreen with a clear one and it looks awsome... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv4yBWYKoaE
  7. M. Cardenez takes top step followed by jd beach and Corey west or Dane wesby.
  8. I always ride with at least a lid, jacket, and armored gloves. Most of the time in jeans but not when its 100 degrees out lol.
  9. Also, I am wanting to be more active on ohio riders this year, its a great group of people here. I live in a town around mt vernon , oh. I am looking to assemble a group of people around mt vernon to mansfield area to ride with regularly this summer. Send a friend request if wanna join up this spring. I have a couple guys that i ride with. I would like to start rolling 5-10 deep. I like to ride all over so if your from anywhere else, friend me up.
  10. Well, the ol' gix 6 has been through alot over the last year but i have finally got her back togeather and looking much better. Last summer, me and my wife got the front end taken off by a box truck (all plastic). Parts/upgrades/fairings and some elbow grease later, I am FINALLY DONE!!! NO MORE STREET FIGHTER! :-) Was going to sell it and get somthing bigger but everyone kept telling me to keep it, i finally caved in and said i would keep it. The life of the gixxer...
  11. Pretty much what the title states. I have tried on two browsers to upload pics and it keeps saying upload failed. any idea why?
  12. yeah, forget that. I get cold when its 50 degrees out.
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