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  1. Rusnak_322

    How to be a cafe racer

    So it pisses you off that potential customers are calling you for work. Would you be happy if the phone never rang?? you have a shop that fixes motorcycles and there is a craze of people buying motorcycles that need repairs and they can't do it themselves. You should be profiting, not bitching. Not charging $1,000 to clean carbs. Hell, you can buy a set of new flat sides for a CB750 for $750. buy some rat bikes, fix them up and sell them to these guys. Then sell them the $35 t-shirts that they love so much. Treat them fair, and you will get some loyal customers out if it. Even if you can't stand them.
  2. Rusnak_322

    WTB - 70s Era Bike

    Any more? Looking for a project bike for Mary.
  3. Rusnak_322

    Euro Bike Night at the Hofbrauhaus

    Need one on the west side of Cleveland.
  4. Rusnak_322

    Traded in 2016 Aprilia....

    That had to be expensive to get out of. I had a 2004 Aprilia factory and didn't have any issues with it. I also have two ducat is with over 20k miles on them each, and have had three others without any real problems. then again, I do PM. I had CBRs that I put 15k miles on without anything other them oil and tires.
  5. Rusnak_322

    How to be a cafe racer

    Ok, the video is funny, but I don't understand the hate. Sure, there are lots of kids wrecking crappy old bikes with bad modifications but there is always a fad like that. Do you really think that the Ace cafe was full of highly detailed Tritons and commandos back in the 1960's? then the 1970's chopper craze with 8 foot long forks and no front brake. You had street fighters and stupid choppers. At least with the cafe and brat craze there is now a lot of aftermarket parts and some people are making money selling them parts and working on bikes for those who are not mechanical.
  6. Rusnak_322

    Maserati V-8 motorcycle

  7. Rusnak_322

    Maserati V-8 motorcycle

  8. Rusnak_322

    Maserati V-8 motorcycle

    I bet it leans over better then any floorboard equipped cruiser.mthere are 4 swingarms, one for each wheel. When leaning, the inside one compresses compared to the outside one. There are three wheeled scooters that do this very well. as far as why, I bet it was sold before it was completed and it serves the purpose of bringing in tons of attention to his shop, that gets high end, but more conventional builds. He is quite famous in Europe for his custom bikes and crazy crap like street legal R1 powered quads. sure it isn't going to be as fast as a superbike, but who cares? Who ever owns this will have lots of high end bikes. Plus that Motor will sound awesome. Rather have this then a tomahawk or Chevy V8 Boss Hog.
  9. Rusnak_322

    CLE Area Newbie

    Also North Ridgeville and also playing with old junk.
  10. Rusnak_322

    New in parma

  11. Rusnak_322

    Soda Blaster

    Here is the one that is was looking at. http://t.harborfreight.com/15-lb-portable-soda-blaster-60802.html?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
  12. Rusnak_322

    Soda Blaster

    Anyone have a soda blaster? i am looking to buy the harbor freight 15 lb soda blaster to clean up a motor and some other parts. Seems like a tool that you wouldn't use every day, so if I could rent one from someone local as opposed to buying one for $120, that seems like the way to go. let me know if you have one, I could give a deposit to ensure that it is returned in good shape. eddie
  13. Rusnak_322

    gas tank repair and recondition

    What about a kit like POR-15 or Eastwood clean and seal tank kit?
  14. Rusnak_322

    WV 3 day trip - Fail!

    The reason it is swollen is that I had to push it down over the barb on the fuel pump. I didn't have a tool to unhook that clamp. after it went over the barb, it was on pretty tight. I suspect that when they did the 15k maintenance and changed the fuel filter, they put the clamp either on the barb or above it. If it was a 1/4" lower it would be completely under it. That said, I am thinking of changing it out with a submersible fuel line (never knew that was available or required). Is a normal stainless screw on hose clamp OK in this application? Ed
  15. Rusnak_322

    Tire Mounting/ Balancing

    Can't just use two bolts in place of the spools for a 1 time tire change? The spools don't add any strenght. I use Sills Motor Sales on Brookpark road in Cleveland. they are a Honda/BMW dealer, so nice equipment. They are cheap if you bring the wheel and tire and happy to do it. I used to get the Stink eye at the old Penton Honda if I wanted them to install a tire I didn't buy it from them.