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  1. YSR_Racer_99

    New Harleys...no, really.

    Doesn't really matter how heavy they are, nor how much power they have. Whomever rides it will still be incapable of doing the speed limit, and well revel in riding side by side with other HD riders and 10mph under the speed limit and holding up traffic on two lane roads. Its a Harley thing, you wouldn't understand.
  2. YSR_Racer_99

    Title-ing an offroad bike for onroad use

    I used the Tusk kit for about $159. For braking, uses a hydraulic switch which replaces the front brake master cylinder banjo bolt. One main connector to your battery runs all the other stuff they include. I didn't use the taillight assembly which came with the tusk kit, opting instead for a $10 version off of ebay. Horn, turn signals, wiring harness, etc all included. Didn't NEED to buy anything to supplement the kit. If you've got a battery on the bike, you can use the kit. I'm a front-brake user anyhow, so didn't worry about the rear brake activating the taillight BUT they will sell you a second hydraulic switch for the rear if you want it.
  3. YSR_Racer_99

    part Harbor Freight lift table

    Bought this in the fall of 2017, used for two minor bike projects. $299 plus taxes so about $320 new. Sell for $275. I cannot help you load into your truck or onto your trailer. No issues.
  4. YSR_Racer_99

    2002 Road Star Warrior

  5. YSR_Racer_99

    Title-ing an offroad bike for onroad use

    Alright kids, I'm going to walk you through this long, strenuous, difficult process. Grab a sammich and adult beverage and settle in. Take the old title to the title office. For "vehicle type" mine had ORV (or something similar) noted. Note: I had just bought the bike, so was xferring title as well. Told the lady that I wanted to convert to a street title. She grabbed a piece of paper, slid it across the counter, and told me to sign it. States that I've done everything to make it street legal. Signed it, slid it back to her, and she slid me my new street title. Done. Finish your sammich. Then start shopping for whatever dirt bike you thought would kick ass on the street.
  6. YSR_Racer_99

    2001 Ducati 996 4700 miles New belts, valves adjusted

    She gone as of 06/10/18.
  7. YSR_Racer_99

    Ohio's Popular Motorcycle Roads and Routes

  8. I've searched the interwebs and found all kinds of older posts, i.e. 2008, but things have changed a lot since then. Here's my situation: Looking at an old DRZ400E (off road only version). Seller has out of state (PA) title which he never xferred into his name years ago. He now lives in Ohio. The PA title has ORV (off road vehicle) as its body type and "Odometer Disclosure Exemption" typed on the title. Now, if he can get the Ohio title to not have those things (i.e. MC instead of OR or ORV) when he gets the Ohio title, we're all good. BUT, worst case scenario, what if he can only get ORV on the Ohio title? Has anyone converted ORV to on-road RECENTLY? Past couple years. I want it to switch "uses" (i.e. no ORV on the Ohio title) when the PA to OH change occurs. How to best accomplish that. He'll have the out of state inspection already done, so will be walking into the title office with the PA title and out of state inspection in hand. TIA
  9. YSR_Racer_99

    bike 2002 Road Star Warrior

    2002 Yamaha / Road Star Warrior Lowered, Bubs pipes, 240 rear wheel with brand new Metzeler and new main drive belt. About 26k miles. Low and mean. $4999
  10. YSR_Racer_99

    2001 Ducati 996 4700 miles New belts, valves adjusted

    $5999 as of 04/20/18. Can't figure out how to edit the OP.
  11. Putting her up for sale. Clear title. Termi's. Asking $6299, open to offers.
  12. YSR_Racer_99

    $99 Bell Star XXL, used one weekend, like new

    I probably could, but have three Bell XLs at the moment and don't need a fourth helmet.
  13. I've worn XL lids for years and wondered if I need an XXL. Wore this new helmet for one weekend trip, and the XL still fits me a little better, though the difference is minimal. Located in Springboro (between Dayton and Cincinnati). $99
  14. YSR_Racer_99

    JT sprockets: Thoughts? Any good

    Replacing chains and sprockets on a 1000cc V twin. 525 is stock pitch, but going to a 520 doesn't concern me. Anyhow, anyone here have any experience with JT sprockets? I'd really like AFAM (which seems to be hard to find in the USA anymore), and don't really need the newfangled "quick change" rear sprocket carrier. TIA Jeff
  15. YSR_Racer_99

    Slingshot review.

    I really wanted one of these when they came out, but wife kaibashed the idea (thank goodness). I got the "yeah, its a Chevy engine with lots of turbo and stuff already available" speech from the dealer. Regardless of power output, you're still running the same tire patch. After I thought about it, I kind of likened it to a JetSki/ Sea Doo: Fun for about 20 minutes (maybe an hour in a Slingshot), then looking for hooliganism to keep yourself entertained. FWIW, I kind of hold the same view about side by sides. Rented some up in Michigan last summer on the dunes, and drove the SxS for about 20 minutes. Had a lot more fun on the Yamaha 350 2wd quad for the rest of the day. Just my .02