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  1. gear $99 Bell Star XXL, used one weekend, like new

    I probably could, but have three Bell XLs at the moment and don't need a fourth helmet.
  2. I've worn XL lids for years and wondered if I need an XXL. Wore this new helmet for one weekend trip, and the XL still fits me a little better, though the difference is minimal. Located in Springboro (between Dayton and Cincinnati). $99
  3. JT sprockets: Thoughts? Any good

    Replacing chains and sprockets on a 1000cc V twin. 525 is stock pitch, but going to a 520 doesn't concern me. Anyhow, anyone here have any experience with JT sprockets? I'd really like AFAM (which seems to be hard to find in the USA anymore), and don't really need the newfangled "quick change" rear sprocket carrier. TIA Jeff
  4. Slingshot review.

    I really wanted one of these when they came out, but wife kaibashed the idea (thank goodness). I got the "yeah, its a Chevy engine with lots of turbo and stuff already available" speech from the dealer. Regardless of power output, you're still running the same tire patch. After I thought about it, I kind of likened it to a JetSki/ Sea Doo: Fun for about 20 minutes (maybe an hour in a Slingshot), then looking for hooliganism to keep yourself entertained. FWIW, I kind of hold the same view about side by sides. Rented some up in Michigan last summer on the dunes, and drove the SxS for about 20 minutes. Had a lot more fun on the Yamaha 350 2wd quad for the rest of the day. Just my .02
  5. cordcutting. found motorcycle stuff

    Using Roku. TubiTV. "Faster", "Fastest", and "the doctor, the tornado, and the Kentucky kid"
  6. bike 2003 Suzuki SV1000S

    " all the weight of a 1000, with all the power of a 600" Bass ackwards, maybe?
  7. SV650, 2004+ (the 2003 was a strange bastardization of earlier and later models, and modifying/ parts can get tricky). Cheap, very manageable, suitable for learning as well as advanced riding. Great all around bike. Jackets: I have a warm weather mesh style with armour. I also have a non-mesh denim Cortech jacket which has a couple of zippered vents and a removable quilted liner for cooler weather. These two serve me all year round. Any jacket is better than none. Get something that you like the look of and fits well (and same advice for a helmet) so you'll wearrrrr themmmm. Don't buy cheap just cuz its cheap but ugly. A good quality jacket should last you for years.
  8. I need valve service on an older Ducati, and am well aware that Indy is VERY highly regarded. I'm not at all opposed to them, but would love to find someone in SW/ Central Ohio (or the OH/ KY/ IN tri-state area), possibly a private technician. Any thoughts on who to use/ who not to use? Feel free to PM me if you don't want your opinion publicly exposed. Thanks Jeff
  9. From this weeks (03/12/17) Menards flyer x MaxWorks Motorcycle Lift FINAL PRICE $266.11 After $32.89 Mail-in Rebate Menards® SKU: 261-3351 Valid March 12, 2017 - March 18, 2017 Add to Cart See It Add to Wishlist Product Features Diamond plate steel platform and ramp. Lifting range: From 7 in. to 29-1/2 in. Platform size: 86-1/2 in.(L) x 26-3/4 in.(W) Adjustable wheel chock which fits up to 7 in. wide tire sizes. Lifting capacity: 1000 Lb.
  10. Free motorcycle battery

    Took it out of a Road Star (Yamaha) 2002 Warrior, but will fit others. Works fine. I hook it up to the Battery Tender regularly to keep it fresh. In Springboro, will not ship. The black goo is not a damaged case. PM if interested
  11. Cool photo site, Dayton/ Springboro/ SW Ohio??

    BTW, that Forgotten Ohio website is amazing. Lots of cool stuff there. Check it out.
  12. Cool photo site, Dayton/ Springboro/ SW Ohio??

    Awesome suggestions, thanks to both of you. I lived in East Dayton while in college, but didn't even think of that. We used to hit some dive bars on east third quite a bit, but I wouldn't voluntarily be down there after dark these days. Lived off of Smithville for four years (near Radio Rd for awhile) and never had any issues, though I had some rough characters as neighbors for awhile. I'll go run around down there. No idea why I didn't think of that old Kings Mills factory. Every time I go through there, I ogle the buildings. It was an old munitions plant during WWII, I believe. Thanks again, ya'll.
  13. I was out on the Warrior on Sat, looking for an industrial-type building to shoot a couple of non-professional photos of the bike. I covered Middletown and Franklin, but didn't find anything that hit me. Looking for an industrial vibe, maybe a partially demolished factory/ warehouse or an old building with character or graffitt. Any ideas? I'm in Springboro, but anything in Dayton/ Cinti/ WIlmington would be awesome. TIA
  14. WTB: cheap iPhone 5s or newer

    https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-iphone-5-5c-5s-gsm-unlocked-1 https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-apple-iphone-smartphone-gsm-unlocked-refurbished I'm not an Apple person, so don't know if this is a deal or not.
  15. $279 harbor freight 1k lb lift table