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  1. There was a time I lusted after the Africa twin as it was an easy way to get my Hawk to 700 CC's Welcome!
  2. It was fun. Got me out and about finding new roads. Was fun for sure.
  3. This ain't a Jeep forum. Are you lost? Do you wanna borrow one of my bikes? 😂
  4. Everyone loves it. Everyone except my back. 😂
  5. Yep. Reservoir is under the hump in the tail.
  6. Fox twin clicker shock with a hyperco spring. CBR RR front fork and wheel, motoscope pro dash. The motor is built by Hordpower. It's got head work, cams, pistons etc.. But essentially you got it.
  7. I've had her for quite a long time. Lots of fun, but it's not really comfortable to ride long distance. It's a great around town bike. I had the motor punched out to 700cc's. She's a certified ripper. Sounds great too.
  8. My name is Mike. I used to frequent the forums before Facebook and then I stopped giving a shit about the time I had kids. I got a new bike last week and have started to enjoy riding again. My old bike is a runner and she was not real comfortable. The new bike is an old man bike, but her guess what? I'm fucking old. Anyways, hello! Picture of my new bike - 2014 Honda CTX 1300 My old bike some might remember - 1988 Honda Hawk GT
  9. Now that I've got a old man's bike and can log some miles anyone want to bring this back to life? #backfromthedead
  10. I'll trade you my 1990 integra which is kind of a project. autopower 6 point bolt in cage Neuspeed springs/tokico shocks Oz superleggera wheels Other typical shit.
  11. The master p chrome illusion katana... I like it.
  12. I just did an 8 lb pork butt yesterday. It came out great!
  13. Looks good man! I'm a fan of the naked look. Where did you get the headlight mounts?
  14. When are we going riding?
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