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  1. PB Blaster - Nada! CRC Freeze off - Zippo! Was told to try MAPP Gas torch. We'll see how that goes.
  2. I have half of it off already and didn't want to reassemble it. Otherwise I'd just take it somewhere, which is what I should have done in the first place. I'm removing short shots and putting OEM back on (wife's bike and she doesn't like loud pipes, don't ask 😒).
  3. Candle wax? I have an impact wrench but it's not a good one, it's a little Ryobi and it doesn't have enough torque. What about a little torch like the crack heads use? Is that hot enough?
  4. Would a Bernzo torch work or do I need higher heat?
  5. Trying to remove the pipes from a 650 VSTAR and the header bolts are frozen solid. They're Alan head bolts and I've doused them with PB Blaster to no avail. Is there another way? I can't really get in there with a torch without disassembling half the bike so I really don't want to do that. What's next?
  6. Jim hears crickets.☹️
  7. Ok so I'm going to reserrect this old thread with an update. I bought a set of 07 OEM pipes with the bracket, bolts, and new gaskets but I need someone to install them. I can't roll around on the ground like I used to as my back is shot. Some shops won't touch it, others are backed way up. So, anyone on here interested in making a few dollars and help a guy out? I'm in Westerville. Thanks and let me know. Jim
  8. I bought my wife an 07 Vstar 650 Custom. It's got Vance & Hines Short Shots on it and she doesn't like them. She doesn't like loud pipes. Finding stock pipes is near impossible. What aftermarket pipes are quiet like OEM?
  9. Trade it in on a small pop-up. Problem solved!
  10. Well somebeech!! Well I ended up taking it to Firestone since I couldn't find the damn thing and it was really getting hot. Turns out the bottom left corner somehow was damaged and had a small leak causing it to overheat. Long story short I need a new radiator and one new tranny line since it was rusted solid on there. I get it back tomorrow to the tune of around $800. Lucky me, huh? Thanks Recon and Casper!! Jim
  11. Well like I say my prev 2000 Gr Chr Laredo had it under the headlight. This one is an 03 Limited. I purchased one from Advance auto and it looks like all the others I bought, I just can find the little sucker. That's crazy that they mount them inside the bumper and then you have to pay shop fees of $300 or more when all it is is two tiny bolts and a wire
  12. I need help finding the cooling fan relay on my 2003 Jeep Gr Chr LTD, 4.7L V8. I've looked under the pass headlight - not there. I've torn that plastic fascia all to hell and trust me it aint there. I see the mounting holes where it goes, but the holes don't even look like a screw has ever been in them. I've looked it up online. Everything thing I read, every pic or illustration I see says under the pass headlight - NOT TO BE FOUND!! I don't even see the wire for it. I've crawled under the car - nothing. You can even come see for yourself. I owned a 2000 GR CHR Laredo before and that's where it was on that vehicle. Does this yr/mak/mod even have one? I bought a replacement so it must have one. Is it in a different place? Please help, I'm at wit's end with this and I need my Jeep!! Thanks Jim
  13. Olive Green Cycles in Sunbury has always done right by me.
  14. Yeah, it's a 5x10 ramp trailer like you see the lawn guys use for their mowers. It has raised side rails about 10", 11" tall - just angle iron type stuff, has open sides. I have two bikes I'll be putting on there and it's a tight fit but it works. Mine has plastics Kawi Concours) and my wife's bike has chrome pipes (Vstar cruiser) and she'll have my nuts if I scratch those pipes. Helmutt - Good idea on the pool noodles. Never thought of that. Do they come in black - LOL? Or I could use pipe insulation. Also good point on the abrasive non-skid finish. Didn't give that a thought. Jim
  15. Has anyone ever used a spray/roll/brush on truck bed coating? How'd it work for you? I see there are many brands - Rust-Oleum, Dupli Color, Herculiner, etc. I recently purchased a 5x10 ramp trailer to haul two bikes around on. I loaded them up the other day and noticed how close to the metal sides of the trailer the bikes sit. I thought if I coated the side rails with truck bed liner that would protect the bikes. I searched for them online and found a few so I'm looking for user reviews of the product(s). Thanks Jim
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