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  1. CONGRATS!! That's so exciting!
  2. You know, you're right. These last few semesters have been crazy so I have sort of neglected my OR. I will do that today, thanks jbot
  3. Again!! Where the HELL are these videos????!!!!
  4. Yeah I don't personally like the online sales, I'm more personable. I would never endorse something I didn't think was legit. Sorry bud if you think it's just a sales scheme but Ace truly has helped me in every way with my weightloss.. If I can make a little money while helping people out I'm all for it. But you sir are intentionally being a dick.
  5. Thank you and I give you huge props for the dedication. That's amazing. I understand how you feel with the metabolism, I have a hypothyroidism so I'm in the same boat. Well I plan on keeping up with my eating habits and workouts so I hope it doesn't creep back on.
  6. Thanks for everything! On its way!

  7. So, I am at a 20 pound weight loss so far with no turning back. I just figured I'd share where I am now. I am so happy with myself. Happy enough to share with my OR fam.
  8. And that's fine. This isn't something for everyone, to each their own.
  9. For me personally being 5 weeks in I haven't hit a wall but my good friend Rebecca took it for 6 months and kept a gradual weight loss the entire time. She stopped taking it and only takes a pill like once a week for the energy. she has yet to gain any back. It gets you into the habit of not eating as much and/or making better decisions. Like at this point or me I cant eat any fast food. Fries and burgers, smelling the greasiness, make me want to yak. But I guess time will tell. I will be updating this so if i do hit a wall I will be posting about it.
  10. I thought of this.. http://youtu.be/wZZ7oFKsKzY
  11. Before I started ACE I sort of watched what I ate but I'm also a student and there aren't very many healthy options on campus. But now I don't eat past 8:00 pm and I keep my choices the best i possibly can. I love the app My Fitness Pal, its a really cool tool. Having Hypothyroidism its extremely hard to keep your metabolism up to lose any weight at all. Being a student they just raised the co-pay to go see a physician so I can get back on my synthroid. But ACE has been the only thing in the last two years i have tried that has helped me. I call bullshit.. Video or STFU..
  12. oh yeah.. Let me know how those work out for you guys. For the most part I like having teeth..
  13. Wow that's awesome and I also use sparkpeople.com I just needed that extra boost because I would lose 30 lbs and hit a wall.. But congrats john.. That's quite an accomplishment.
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