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  1. gen3flygirl

    F***k cancer

    I am really afraid my friend is going to give up. She has been doing chemo but the Dr.s want to do a double masectomy and hystorectomy. If she doesn't hit it hard they have given her 3 months. Taking custody of her niece was a pretty big kick in the ass to do every thing she can but now I am afraid that this is the end.
  2. gen3flygirl

    F***k cancer

    You asked for it. My good friend just lost his 2 year battle to cancer on Friday. He was my shoulder to cry on and support when I found out that I had cancer at the age of 19. Yesterday was his funeral. Our other mutal friend is trying to deal with getting breast cancer for the 3rd time. She is 33. She was going to try and make it up for the funeral when she found out that her twin sister died of breast cancer and was 6 months pregnant. She had to go over to Germany to pick up the ashes. The sister left her other daughter (less than a year old) to my friend. She had already signed the paper work and was on a flight over to pick her up when she found out the little girl died during open heart surgery.
  3. gen3flygirl

    F***k cancer

    With out getting into a story that would make grown men cry, Fuck cancer.
  4. gen3flygirl

    I can get rid of STD's but not you dumb fucks

  5. gen3flygirl

    I can get rid of STD's but not you dumb fucks

    Mainly I came back to see if Redbarron posted any of the naked Jenifer Lawrence pictures
  6. Well after being gone for about a year its probably time for me to remind you guys that you can't ride for shit and not to leave your pets around Jinu. I am still bikeless but hopefully that will change here soon. After my whole Siapan debocle I was lost and didn't really know what the fuck to do with my life or if I even wanted to continue flying. After several months of pouting and feeling sorry for myself I figured I wasn't going to be able to spread my legs all over the world if I didn't get off my ass and do some thing about to change it. I came down to Dallas to get my flight instructor ratings back in Febuary. While in training I got an internship at a corporate flight simulator company acting as a supporting crew member (First officer or right seater as you will) in a Lear 35. Once I started running out of money I got a job as a flight instructor teaching people to fly (be afraid, be very afraid) while finishing up the internship. Today marks the 1 year annaversry of getting back from Siapan and I am happy to report that I start the initail class training to get my Pilot In Command (PIC) type rating in the Lear 35. I am hoping to get a job working for a med ecav company in Florida and finally make some real money.
  7. gen3flygirl

    Snow test

  8. gen3flygirl

    Yukon outfitters mosquito net hammock

    Are the Mosquitos able to get you through the fabric on the bottom? Thinking of possibly picking one up.
  9. gen3flygirl

    Random Thoughts thread

    Yes, what island will you be on?
  10. gen3flygirl

    Random Thoughts thread

    I hear Texas has some good Mexican you can return the chemical war fare
  11. gen3flygirl

    FEMA Region III

    Oh hey, let me just put this right here ... http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/Firefighters-Investigating-Strong-Smell-in-Kanawha-Valley--239434751.html?device=tablet&device=phone
  12. gen3flygirl

    Disney World

    Fantastic pictures!
  13. gen3flygirl

    Best toilet ever?

    I would be impressed if it was molded to fit your ass and heated, heated toilet seats are awesome
  14. gen3flygirl

    Lots And Lots Of Changes Made. Lots More Coming.

    Can you up grade me to supporter so I can see the porn since I donated to carries pelatonia
  15. gen3flygirl

    I'm sorry ladies.

    I can't do pull ups to save my life, even when I was swimming 5 days a week I could do pull-ups it's one reason I never considered becoming a military aviator