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  1. i 25 saturday i only went to the mount for school out here but been out here for 7 yrs now.
  2. i am starting to think that there is something wrong with my commander cuz i can put a map on it and it will work for a short ride. then it will kick the FI code at me and start to run rich. is the exhaust servo the problem. and if so are they specific to the mods on my bike or is there another problem that i am not aware of.
  3. apparently google has it,idk why that was so hard thanks yotaman
  4. does anyone have a number for ProStock down in miamitown at the corner of harrison and st. rte. 128 i think the also do some dyno tuning and they would be a hell of a lot closer than c-bus for me.
  5. i tried the power commander website but there where no maps for my specific mods and kept throwing FI codes at me. i got it set on a full hindle exhaust and it runs better w/o trhowing any codes at me. but i will get to a dyno here soon just need to find one closer to cincy.
  6. i have a 2001 GSXR-1000 that i have a pc3 power commander. recently just got the disc but doesnt seem to have the map on the site for my setup. i have a full yoshimura trs exhaust on the bike. anyone have any suggestions on where to find a map to get me in the ballpark. thanks
  7. sounds like it boils down to when it is used. i think that determines what it would classified as. if you use it to rob a liquor store or bank like this hairless wonder wandering around down here in cincy then i would consider it a weapon. if you use it to protect your house when five finger freddy comes through your window i say its protection and light him up like a christmas tree!
  8. i hear that man. guns and cars dont kill people its the idiots that use them that do..
  9. anyone got a welder and could help me build some sides for my trailer? i need to build them out of angle iron if possible just message me if you can.
  10. i was plannin on being up there soon as this weather acts right so sounds like a plan
  11. there is gravel on glenway too everywhere so watch it turnin on westbourne, werk, etc
  12. that sad thing is that dude makes bank deliverin pizza on the back like that
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