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  1. What did you do to your bike today?

    Adjustable lighter weight levers. Made the front brakes feel better as well.
  2. It's a Harley.....it's belt.
  3. Installed a R&G radiator grille guard and rid the bike of the huge plastic piece as well as a Free Spirits sprocket cover. Looking to drop as much weight off the bike as possible. I have Oberon looking into adjustable levers having sent the requested pics. Barrett has an upgraded clutch with 15% stiffer springs and kevlar plates for better performance out of the clutch. S&S just released a Stealth intake kit that is on the way. Not overly happy with the performance of the FP3. I have been in contact with FuelMoto on getting a base tune for the Power Vision. They have yet to have a SR in house for a tuning session. Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportmax tires to be installed soon.
  4. IMG.JPG

    Loves me some Sport Classic!!!!!
  5. IMG_0471.JPG

  6. 2016 XSR900

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 10-22-18 915/10/22 N.Ky

    Going to be taking the XG750A down to N. Ky, in the morning. I plan on doing 915/10/22 to Falmouth and back. I am near Kings Island and will be departing around 8:30-9AM if anyone is interested in joining.
  8. Back On Two Wheels

  9. Oh, that's friggen hilarious!!!!
  10. My FXDL is the one bike with the most cruiser DNA in it. One thing they all have in common.....dual front disk brakes.
  11. I guess since I am 5'7" this bike fits me just fine. Despite my crappy hips I don't cramp up at all on long rides even with the drag bar and oddly placed pegs. What can I say. I like H-D's. The models I have just seem to be the bastard children of the brand. I like not crossing paths with another that I happen to be riding.
  12. Since I have a '10 XR1200 in the garage I can tell you this bike is better in every way. Even the selling price was cheaper. This bike has nothing in common with the Sportsters.
  13. Never ridden a Shadow.
  14. Only taller riders seem to feel cramped up. I am 5'7" and it suits me just fine even with my stiff hips. This is a bike for shorter folks.
  15. The brakes work . The bike as a whole was a complete surprise when I test rode it. Slip on, air filter kit with modded air box cover and a FP3 with 3 tanks of auto tune and it runs out well. They even went with proper 17" wheels to open up a very good selection in tires when the time comes.