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  1. Well, the old hips just couldn't take the rider triangle of the Street Rod. My dealer offered to give me what I paid for the bike as trade value. Been reading very good things about the Fat Bob 114 and they had a Industrial Gray Denim (same color as the Street Rod) on the floor. Snatched it up and rode it home Friday. Put 130 miles on it today. When I got home I didn't even feel like I had been riding. Zero discomfort. The 114 motor......mmmmmmm. Torque for days. Pulls like a freight train and handles well. The new Softail frame and suspension are years better than the Dyna I have. The M8 114?? I'm at a loss for words it's that nice of a lump.
  2. Oil/filter change on the XG750A using Red Line oil and Wix filter. Ready to rock tomorrow.
  3. Just got back from Falmouth. Granted, I have had to put some money into the tires, brakes (pads) and suspension but this bike is a very competent corner carver. Better than the XR1200 I have in the grarage (no head shake coming out of corners) and close to my SV1KS. The profile and traction of the Dunlop Q3S's is far superior to the OEM Michelin's is almost laughable. The bike drops into a corner so much quicker and I can power out of corners with ease. I was able to get the rear to step out on one sharp right hand corner but it gathered itself up quickly and lofted the front wheel. The EBC brake pads are great at threshold braking giving lots of feedback to the point of almost unweighting the rear. The Ohlins cartridges and Hagon shocks, now all dialed in, are great. I ended up adding one more click of rebound/compression damping on the rears and it just rails, Yes, this is a Harley. No, it's not supposed to handle nor be "fast". Huh.
  4. Thank you for the tip Travisty. Worked like a charm. I mean, it feels like a new bike even lofting the front wheel at times. Gonna hit 10 and 22 tomorrow now that I have the tires broken in and the new suspension dialed in.
  5. I am adjusting the clutch and will ride this weekend.
  6. Just the the rest of H-D's (or most manufacturers) parts are sourced from all over the globe. Not sure why that matters.
  7. Built here, all be it in the plant they are closing.
  8. I was actually going to try this. Bike in question is the H-D XG750A Street Rod.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I will try this. The bike is new and very much under warranty but if I can fine tune the clutch I most certainly will. My next choice will be getting the Barnett clutch that has Kevlar plates and 15% stiffer springs.
  10. This is a cable operated wet clutch. Bike is new with @600 miles on it. I have tried a few times to get the clutch adjusted right to rid the bike of this but it persists. Clutch is fine in all other scenarios EXCEPT when shifting at high rpm's. Since new the clutch lever has always engaged the clutch very far out in the lever stroke. OEM clutch not spec'd good enough? Am I missing something?
  11. Anyone in the greater Cincinnati area been?
  12. modular


    That Kawi!!!!!!!!! Noice!!!!! ....and welcome.
  13. Welcome to the site and to riding. There are some nice roads just over the river in N.Ky.. Saturday mornings starting around 8AM there is a nice gathering of folks, both of the 2 and 4 wheeled variety, at Fuel Coffee in Cincinnati.
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