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  1. Hello

    That Kawi!!!!!!!!! Noice!!!!! ....and welcome.
  2. Can someone advise me of the general area this will take place in? I am in the Kings Island area and I'm thinking this will be up north?
  3. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Welcome to the site and to riding. There are some nice roads just over the river in N.Ky.. Saturday mornings starting around 8AM there is a nice gathering of folks, both of the 2 and 4 wheeled variety, at Fuel Coffee in Cincinnati.
  4. bike 2006 VRSCR Street Rod

    Let's just say I surprised a group of, shall I say, spirited sport bike riders of a rather infamous group on 10 in N.Ky when I pulled into the store at Willow after being right behind them for quite a few miles.
  5. bike 2006 VRSCR Street Rod

    'Tis a fun bike and somewhat rare. I love mine and will never part with it.
  6. Just got done reinstalling the wheels with the Q3+'s on them, EBC pads, the fork legs after having Ohlins cartridges put in them and added Purple Ice to the cooling system. 'Bout the only I want to do now, besides riding the wheel off this thing, is a full exhaust system if any of the mainstream manufacturers buck up and offer one I like. For now, the S&S Grand National slip on sounds just fine.
  7. Custom Hagon 2810 shocks installed. Took less than 3 weeks from order to in my hands. Built to my specs. These are a bit over 1" longer eye to eye (15.125") than the OEM units. Dunlop Q3+'s up next. Can't wait for spring. And the last pic........I am working with Moroso on plug wires. Working on fitment and build. Super secret squirrel stuff and all.
  8. I do believe H-D has seen at least a bit of the light and is glacially coming around to re-working their lineup. My XR750A, XR1200 and VRSCR are the 3 Harley's I have that folks who prefer anything but a Harley seem to even remotely accept.
  9. Ordered up a custom built pair of Hagon 2810 adjustable damping rear shock.....all black. They are being built with a 15" eye to eye and the conventional way installing a divider in the reservoir. They normally have the adjuster/chrome rod in the down/upside down position. Truly a custom build. All for $225! I'll be gaining some lean angle and quickening the steering. I did the same thing to my XR1200 with Works shocks but that are out of business.All the usual folks have rear shocks for the lower sitting Street.......but nothing for the higher riding/better handling Street Rod. Almost every manufacturer thought they were the same thing......nope. The Street 500/750 have an eye to eye measurement of 12.7". The Street Rod has an eye to eye measurement of 14". Only two manufacturers's even offered a 15" eye to eye shock. Hagon has experience with the Street Rod.I also have a set of Dunlop Sportmax Q3+'s and Oberon foot pegs going on. Can't wait till spring!!!! One nice thing with having 7/8" bars is it opens up the possibility of using other parts other than super expensive Harley only items. Case in point-universal 7/8" clutch and brake levers. Black and grey, just like my SR. No one makes replacement CNC'd replacement adjustable levers for the SR as they have different levers than the Street. These would work on all Streets I believe. $45 off eBay. They are the only set I could find that didn't have the mirror perches cast into the housing. Instead, they come with a second set of bar clamps with them cast in. Updated pic with the S&S Stealth A/C kit installed.
  10. What did you do to your bike today?

    Adjustable lighter weight levers. Made the front brakes feel better as well.
  11. It's a Harley.....it's belt.
  12. Installed a R&G radiator grille guard and rid the bike of the huge plastic piece as well as a Free Spirits sprocket cover. Looking to drop as much weight off the bike as possible. I have Oberon looking into adjustable levers having sent the requested pics. Barrett has an upgraded clutch with 15% stiffer springs and kevlar plates for better performance out of the clutch. S&S just released a Stealth intake kit that is on the way. Not overly happy with the performance of the FP3. I have been in contact with FuelMoto on getting a base tune for the Power Vision. They have yet to have a SR in house for a tuning session. Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportmax tires to be installed soon.
  13. IMG.JPG

    Loves me some Sport Classic!!!!!
  14. IMG_0471.JPG

  15. 2016 XSR900

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!