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  1. One of my kids friends got wiped out by a turkey buzzard a couple years back, he was saved by his gear but it hit the steering head and handle bars bending the frame of he Ducati.
  2. If you were standing here right now I could show you. I bought my youngest boy one about six years back and he has probably only shot 200 long rifles out of it and maybe 20 magnums. I could hand it to you and pull the barrel out of it. The frames are some sort of cast and the steel barrel is knurled and pressed into place, it will work loose over time and start coming out. Some people have had them actually fall out. What's the fix, hard setting locktite and shove it back into place. One of these days I will locktite it and cross drill it for a roll pin, after all some rifles have barrels pinned in place. Like MidgetTodd says, as long as you understand you aren't buying a top quality piece and it may come apart on you you should be ok. Also my cousin bought one and it wouldn't shoot two holes because the cylinder was chambered evenly spaced, luckily they wouldn't fire as bad as they were misaligned with the forcing cone/barrel. It had to be sent back twice for the same problem. When they work they are swell but be warned.
  3. Prayers sent for full recovery, Hang Tough Jerry!
  4. Praise God and continued prayers for John and his family.
  5. I've been watching the Isle of Man TT on tv and just wondering if you track guys can answer a couple questions about the handlebar controls of a couple bikes, not a good pic but hope you can figure it out. A few of the bikes have what looks to be a twist knob adjuster above the clutch side handlebar, as seen in the yellow circle. Is this for the steering damper or something else? Also, some of the bikes have a rocker switch on the handlebars is the area of the white circle, what would that be seeing that it is on the side facing away from the rider. I'm guessing that the yellow button in the pic is the same thing but different type and location.
  6. bandit12


    I know this was an old post but here is some input for 1/2 percenters, things have probably changed a lot since the 80's but a friend of mine had a Honda Express which was the same type of bike. He was required to have motorcycle plates and endorsement back then because they said it didn't have pedals so it wasn't a moped.
  7. Hang tough Tim, hope you get fully healed and quick. Have to agree with you on Riverside, they were great people to me and my wife on my stay over there, six days worth.
  8. http://www.timesreporter.com/news/20161106/busted-motorcyclist-admits-going-167-mph-trapped-at-closed-road Busted: Motorcyclist admits going 167 mph, trapped at closed road Sunday Posted Nov 6, 2016 at 5:53 PM Updated Nov 6, 2016 at 6:07 PM Share By Nancy Molnar Times-Reporter staff writer DOVER A motorcyclist who admitted traveling faster than 167 mph was cited for speeding Saturday afternoon by the Ohio Highway Patrol after being trapped by a road closure. The Cleveland-area man was among a pack of four riders who reportedly were traveling in excess of 140 mph on Interstate 77 in the northern half of Tuscarawas County at 12:44 p.m. A trooper first spotted the southbound motorcyclists on I-77 just south of the Bolivar exit, according to highway patrol Sgt. Christ Wood. "One of our troopers clocked the motorcycles in excess of 100 mph," Wood said. "He ended up calling off the pursuit of them. He started to go after them, but he could not keep up with them." Sheriff's Sgt. Bruce Lowery picked up the chase near Dover. According to his account, the bikes left I-77 at state Route 39 when they saw him pull his patrol car into the lane of travel. The deputy followed the bikes as they headed west on Route 39. He said they turned onto Red Hill Road and accelerated. At the top of Red Hill Road, three turned east and one went west onto Dummermuth Road. "Knowing that Dummermuth (Road) was a closed road, I followed the direction of the single motorcycle and found him sitting at the point were the roadway is closed," Lowery wrote. The cyclist claimed that he was riding by himself until being confronted with the facts, according to the deputy. He further claimed that he did not know his fellow travelers. The trooper who initially saw the speeding motorcyclists ticketed the one who was caught. "The rider eventually did admit to a speed in excess of 167 mph," Lowery wrote. The speeding motorcyclists were a hazard to themselves and others, Wood said. "People don't understand the dangers that they are creating not only for themselves but other people because they could easily become involved in a crash. 'You never know when traffic is going to come to a sudden stop, especially right now during the fall, with deer in mating season and so forth. You never know when that deer is going to jump out in front of that motorist. "And then, when you go an excessive speed, obviously you don't have the stopping distance. You're going to need a greater stopping distance. "And if you're a motorcyclist, you only have two wheels. So if you try to brake suddenly, you basically will go into a skid and then more than likely you're going to be thrown off the bike and it's going to overturn. "Unfortunately, it's not just motorcycles," Wood said. "We've had regular automobiles going that fast also. "We definitely discourage excessive speeds by any type of motor vehicle, not only just motorcycles. The greater your speed ...
  9. bandit12

    I'm Back...

    I was no expert but I will say the zero vis dives will mess with you, I learned to use the force so to speak. Just close your eyes and relax or you will start seeing things because you are concentrating so hard on a certain object.
  10. bandit12

    I'm Back...

    I was a diver for the local VFD and most everything was zero visibility in rivers. I did a lot of diving in a couple local lakes that were fairly clear but the most fun I had was at Portage Quarry in Bowling Green. Needless to say I was never deeper than 50-60 feet. Never could swing it but always was interested in the Cozumel trips or just a trip to Florida, about ten years back I gave all my equipment to a young guy making his way thru the ranks at the same fire dept. BTW, nice pics and vids.
  11. My oldest son just had it done three or four weeks ago and on the way home he said it was awesome. He had it done at Roholt in North Canton and as we was leaving Canton headed south he said " wow, I can read all wheel drive on the back of that car ". That car was like six to eight car lengths ahead of us and he was shooting his bow two days later. My brother in law had his done probably twenty years back and also said it was a great help.
  12. Wow, busy isn't the word for it. Hope everything slows down a bit and you can enjoy the little one with the wife. A friend of ours had a bout with bells palsy and was really worried but she completely recovered with no side effects at all. Good luck to you and yours and God Bless.
  13. The runners are circled in this picture, some buildings are inset a few inches to a foot and some are built right to the edge of the building.
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