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  1. "So what are your better Tequillas?" "The Don Julio 1942 and the Real". "So what are we talking about here? I don't need a $100 drink". "The 1942 is $28". "Ok, just give me the Don Julio Real." Four drinks and three tacos later...... $270 bar bill. Info that would have been useful when I thought $28 was too much. I forgot how OR provided me with a semi-anonymous confessional that my wife doesn't read. Thank you OR.
  2. C-bus

    New Mod Vote.

    Bored, lonely, and a little drunk.....this thread brought me back. It's nice to see my e-friends having fun again.
  3. How about I just not check my 401k for a little while.......
  4. Call ahead. A few weekends ago, we decided to rent at Deer creek. Called down there and they would not reserve, so I just paid as if I was boarding it right then. Yes, I paid for two hours not used, but I also had a boat for the day. They were sold out by the time we arrived.
  5. Chippewa or Alum Creek I know for certain.
  6. Sell it, buy a new one, spend the next ten years looking for the exact bike you sold.
  7. Who eats a fucking clove of garlic for breakfast? I'll tell you who.....the fucking foreigner two seats down from me in this flight. Brush your fucking teeth!
  8. Seriously though, it's a car that will just keep going and going. Good choice.
  9. Did it come with car seats already belted in? 'Cause that's next......
  10. If columbus isn't unreasonable from a travel perspective, I'd call the Iron Pony/Pony Powersports and ask them. I've had a few very good purchasing experiences there. I'm pretty sure they offered a test ride, but I can't remember for certain. I think I remember them telling me that if you were truly a serious buyer, they would, but had to weed out joy riders.
  11. The world is mourning the loss of Calvin the Turkey. Oh the evil that men do.... For shame! Turkeys are delicious.
  12. The price looks pretty attractive. You did a nice job on it.
  13. Is yours an auto or manual? These are the bikes that come with an auto option, right?
  14. When I see a bike like this (very cool, btw), my first reaction is to wonder what's been "bubba'd" so-to-speak. When I don't know the builder, my first assumption is that it's been hacked by a backyard enthusiast.
  15. Some people run marathons. Some people walk their dog on the beach. I'm more of a dog-walker.
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