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  1. C-bus

    Random Thoughts thread

    "So what are your better Tequillas?" "The Don Julio 1942 and the Real". "So what are we talking about here? I don't need a $100 drink". "The 1942 is $28". "Ok, just give me the Don Julio Real." Four drinks and three tacos later...... $270 bar bill. Info that would have been useful when I thought $28 was too much. I forgot how OR provided me with a semi-anonymous confessional that my wife doesn't read. Thank you OR.
  2. C-bus

    New Mod Vote.

    Bored, lonely, and a little drunk.....this thread brought me back. It's nice to see my e-friends having fun again.
  3. C-bus

    Random Thoughts thread

    How about I just not check my 401k for a little while.......
  4. C-bus

    Lakes with Pontoon Boat rentals

    Call ahead. A few weekends ago, we decided to rent at Deer creek. Called down there and they would not reserve, so I just paid as if I was boarding it right then. Yes, I paid for two hours not used, but I also had a boat for the day. They were sold out by the time we arrived.
  5. C-bus

    Lakes with Pontoon Boat rentals

    Chippewa or Alum Creek I know for certain.
  6. C-bus

    I'm thinking of selling my bike...

    Sell it, buy a new one, spend the next ten years looking for the exact bike you sold.
  7. C-bus

    Random Thoughts thread

    Who eats a fucking clove of garlic for breakfast? I'll tell you who.....the fucking foreigner two seats down from me in this flight. Brush your fucking teeth!
  8. C-bus

    2007-2009 Camry 4 cylinder

    Seriously though, it's a car that will just keep going and going. Good choice.
  9. C-bus

    2007-2009 Camry 4 cylinder

    Did it come with car seats already belted in? 'Cause that's next......
  10. C-bus

    Looking for a new bike

    If columbus isn't unreasonable from a travel perspective, I'd call the Iron Pony/Pony Powersports and ask them. I've had a few very good purchasing experiences there. I'm pretty sure they offered a test ride, but I can't remember for certain. I think I remember them telling me that if you were truly a serious buyer, they would, but had to weed out joy riders.
  11. C-bus

    Random Thoughts thread

    The world is mourning the loss of Calvin the Turkey. Oh the evil that men do.... For shame! Turkeys are delicious.
  12. C-bus

    2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200

    The price looks pretty attractive. You did a nice job on it.
  13. C-bus

    Buying a new bike tonight. Nervous.

    Is yours an auto or manual? These are the bikes that come with an auto option, right?
  14. C-bus

    2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200

    When I see a bike like this (very cool, btw), my first reaction is to wonder what's been "bubba'd" so-to-speak. When I don't know the builder, my first assumption is that it's been hacked by a backyard enthusiast.
  15. C-bus

    RAM Mount Cup Holder

    Some people run marathons. Some people walk their dog on the beach. I'm more of a dog-walker.