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  1. Hey, what's up my fellow riders! It's been a while since I've been on the forum due to life throwing wonderful curve balls at me which caused me to because fairly inactive on most forums. I thought it was appropriate to reintroduce myself! So with out further ado- What up! My name is Isaac. Had my fair share of a couple different bikes, trying to find the most comfortable one for me and I landed back with a 2008 Daytona 675. Love it! If you see a blue daytona out and about with a guy in a black dainese leather onesie and a colorful helmet, holler and lets go for a ride. Or a track day. Hope to see you guys out there and as always, be safe out there! -Isaac
  2. I'm almost positive there was a guy in the garage next to me that had this. I'll have to double check with kyles pics from todays PTR in advanced but i'm 99% positive it was this. should be a strong bike by the looks of it. im curious to see what everyone says once they get one
  3. Saacattack


    looking at the forecast now. I'll be in novice. Although, havent signed up due to the rain, so I might show up and see if I can still get in
  4. I'm game for that. Throw a little suspension party. Even if mine doesn't need done I'd rather have it checked and help others out but also learn a out it according to the previous owner of my R6- springs are stock. So I'm not sure how it was set for someone at 220lbs if can't handle that weight. He told me that when I was looking at it and he said he took it somewhere and had it done
  5. Really? Even with it set for someone at that weight? I hop on the bike and the back end doesn't move. Not compared to my previous bikes anyways. But I would like to do it ASAP. Ill probably hit the track in July.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's stock springs but there is no sag. It's like siting on a rock haha I'm also located in columbus. In the worthington area
  7. anyone want to help me set up my suspension? Just bought an R6 and it's set for someone who weighs 220lbs and i'm about 120lbs lol I'm planiing on hitting Mid-Ohio up here soon and I know it will be all kinds of wierd if I take it how it's set up. I plan on track riding mostly, but with money being tight I still street ride but like to find any twisties I can. Thanks! Isaac
  8. You can buy my dads and convert it it's clean and no damage what so ever.
  9. It's no biggie lol it happens This bike is pretty sweet and clean. I never thought I'd like it, but I actually do. It's definitely a good starter bike if you don't want to start in the 250 class. I like the more agressive position, where this is more upright and comfortable. Which is part of the reason I haven't bought it off my dad. I believe we do have some heli risers laying around that he planned installed but never did.
  10. It's located in columbus. It about 2 miles from sawmill and 270 if you are familiar with the columbus area.
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