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  1. cOoTeR

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Some friends and I are going to be there the 2nd-7th. We're staying in Madisonville though. Might be able to meet up briefly.
  2. cOoTeR

    What do YOU need?

    How much for an Ohlins steering damper, SD001 68mm?
  3. cOoTeR

    Picked up a tiny bike today.

    I've been curious about the Z125s for a little while. I swung by the dealership where I bought my H2 SX SE. The owner recognized me as I walked in and we talked for a little bit about how my bike and I were doing. Then he asked what brings me and I told him I wanted to sit on a Z125 and see if it was something I would consider buying. He told me he had ridden his to the dealership and if I wanted to I could take it for a spin. I took him up on the offer. Needless to say I had a blast on the short ride. I ended up buying one of the 2019s they had on the floor. Now I gotta start looking for the best mods and such.
  4. cOoTeR

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Probably got mistaken for me. You know all us Arizonans look alike I guess. Myself and some friends from TX are going to be there June 2nd-7th.
  5. cOoTeR

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Some friends and I are going to be there June 2nd-7th. We booked an AirBnB place in Madisonville. The process for those are pretty good if you guys want another option. There are 7 of us staying there we have a garage and its only going to be $125 a person for the whole stay. I prefer Robinsville but the place were staying is worth the longer drive. We've had a good time at the two wheel inn as well. If the trip dates overlap maybe I'll swing by to say hello.
  6. I have a 2018 Ninja H2 SX SE and I'm working on building a custom water to air intercooler setup. I have a 2nd airbox/ plenum that I'm going to use to put a Bell Intercoolers core in. Now I'm in the in the process of trying to find out where I'm going to get the other parts I need. I have a couple of friends that are going to do the fabrication work for me. I need a water pump with built in reservoir and a heat exchanger. I've reached out to a coupe companies that have kits for the H2 and asked how much they'll sell just the heat exchanger and water pump/ reservoir separately. I'm waiting to hear their pricing if they'll sell it separately. If the cost is too high I can just buy a water pump and have the reservoir fabricated. For the heat exchanger I'd like to mount it infront of the radiator. Like an automotive transmission or oil cooler. But the radiator on my bike is curved. Does anyone know where I can get ahold of a heat exchanger or oil cooler that is curved?
  7. cOoTeR

    What do YOU need?

    Can I get prices for a front end lowering strap kit, adjustable rear shock links and an adjustable kick stand for 2018 H2 SX SE please?
  8. cOoTeR

    What do YOU need?

    Do you have radiator guards for a 2018 H2 SX SE? Preferably in green or black?
  9. If you do decide to come down to AZ for the 191 ride let me know. I'm only a couple hours from there. Are you still in AZ? If so I'll have to get a hold of you next time we ride up to Alpine.
  10. Holy shit I saw you twice on 191 and then again in 78. Lol. I was riding my H2 SX SE up there with some friends. I saw the picture of your bike on here a couple days later. Just read your blog and confirmed it was you. Small world. If i would have know it was you I would have tried to stop and chat real quick.
  11. cOoTeR

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    How far is your dad's pole barn from you. If he has the room and is willing to let you store the trailer there in the winter why not during the summer as well? If you're only using it a couple times a year it shouldn't be an issue to go pick it up.
  12. cOoTeR

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    That was me. I didn't have a problem getting it onto hitch carrier. But trying to strap it down by myself it ended up falling off. I think it would be hard to find a hitch for the car that will carry the weight. Even on my tahoe the weight of the bike on the hitch was enough to effect the steering. It caused the front wheels to feel really light. I went out and bought a trailer shortly afterwards. They have small trailers that can store upright against a wall that will work. Or you can rent a pickup truck for a day and haul the bike in the bed.
  13. cOoTeR

    Fed up with sena

    There is a gap between the holes and the styrofoam as if there are channels or something between the inner shell similar to the ventilation channels. But I don't believe that these holes are here for ventilation because they have a foam insert that sits in them from the factory. Why would they do something that would increase wind noise right beside your ears? I don't think they are there for weight savings because they are only located in the 2 speaker cut outs. My speakers fit and work fine in mine. The spacers are already stuck in with the adhesive that comes with them so there is no reason for me to tear them out just to try it. But Steve Butters doesn't have anything stuck in there at this point so it couldn't hurt him to try it out. Especially since the wire for the 20S speaker is on the back half of the speaker and is what gets in the way when trying to push tree speaker into the cut out.
  14. cOoTeR

    Fed up with sena

    Can you explain why there are holes in the bottom of the speaker cut out instead of something for the velcro to attach to? It doesn't really show in the picture but they are raised up and there is a little gap between the holes and the styrofoam.