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  1. Awesome. Thanks guys. So the factory auxiliary port is not worth trying to use? I don't plan on using it while not riding.
  2. My M109R Traded in For This Connie.2009 21,00 Miles

    I just picked up an 08 and love it. Good choice.
  3. I recently bought a sport touring concours 14. It has a factory cigarette lighter style plug in in the dash. I bought a RAM phone Mount and a RAM cup holder. I also bought a sena 20s that riders discount hooked me up with four a good deal. I'm waiting for the 20s to come in but it has the ability to charge while being used. So I'd like the use the cigarette lighter plug in to charge the phone and maybe the sena 20s while I'm using them to listen to music on long rides. My worry is having a charger cord that can come loose and start flapping around that close to the handlebars and front wheel. Not sure if I should use the coiled type cord or a straight one. What kind of setups have you guys had success with? The port on my bike is to the lower right of the tach on my bike.
  4. What do YOU need?

    I'm thinking about buying a sena 20s. Do you guys sell those?
  5. Added another bike to the garage.

    It has a sergeant seat. I'm planning on getting a 2 Bros exhaust. The tires were brand new on it so I'm assuming the valves were good. I got both fobs with it. I love it so far, my only complaint is how the heat pools behind the windshield. I took it out on a local road I ride a lot today. I wasn't pushing the pace hard just riding at a relaxed spirited pace that I normally ride my zx10r at and I was going through corners at the same speed. Man that gas gets sucked down fast when riding it like a sport bike though.
  6. Added another bike to the garage.

    Going to keep stock compression. The kits will bolt right up but require some cutting off the fairings and will hang out the side. I want a relatively stock look. I'm going to get a zx14 flange and have a custom header built. I have a friend who had a turbo on his for a long time that's going to guide me through the process. I'm basically going to copy his set up with a few improvements. Before I bought the bike we priced everything out that I'll need and building the kit myself will save me about $2,000 over the reputable zx14 kits. Going to keep it at 8psi with a good fuel system to make good safe power.
  7. I picked up a new to me 08 kawasaki concours c14 abs last week. I had a shoulder injury at work that has kept me off of my supermoto and ZX10-R but I've been itching to ride. So I used that as an excuse to pick up a touring bike. I've wanted one of these for years and finally pulled the trigger. I haven't really had it out on any real curves yet but it feels really planted and smooth in the handling department. The power delivery is very smooth which makes it hard to judge speed. When accelerating it feels like in doing 80 then I look down and I'm pushing 115. I plan on throwing a turbo on it down the road and running 8psi. Hoping for around 200hp when it's done. But it's going to take me a while to source the parts for a custom turbo build and put it together. I'm going to take it out today without the top bag and hit some curves to see how sporty of a tourer it actually is.
  8. Who's been to COTA GP race?

    A friend of mine bought an R1M back in December or January. He ended up getting some VIP thank you package from Yamaha. At the end of the day yesterday they got a tour of the paddock and got to meet Josh Hayes. He got pictures of Colin Edwards, Valentino Rossi and Wayne Rainey. They are doing things all weekend.
  9. Who's been to COTA GP race?

    What did you decide on? I'm going to be in Turn 15 sec 17.
  10. ? LBTS GLWS ?

    The phrase so epic its still around.
  11. Dead motorcycle thief.

    Him going to the place armed doesn't mean he was looking to kill someone. It's a possibility but it's more likely that he wanted to have it if he needed it for protection. I carry a gun almost everyday almost everywhere I go. Not because I want to kill someone but because I would prefer to prevent someone from killing me. With that being said I don't buy that the guy bought it from a friend and didn't know it was stolen. If that was the case why not wait for the police and straighten everything out? If I buy a bike without a title I do everything I can to check if it's stolen. I get all the information I can from the seller to identify them later if it doesn't have a title just incase it turns out to be stolen. I record make model and license plate of the vehicle they show up in or that are parked at the house if I meet them at home. That way I can forward the information to police if it comes back stolen after I buy it. That way my defense isn't I bought it from some guy off of the Internet. I'm not exactly buying the guy who shot thought his daughter was in danger of severe injury or death either. Especially if it was a youth size bike. But just because he had a gun doesn't automatically make him guilty. I think everyone who made bad decisions is going to or is paying for their choices. Trying to sell a stolen bike is a huge risk. Fighting when busted instead of just turning it over its a bigger risk. Shooting someone to protect someone is risky. If the guy who shot is found to be lying he's screwed as he should be. The police will be able to tell from the evidence.
  12. Dead motorcycle thief.

    Everyone is focused on the guy being shot "over a dirt bike". What if there is truth in the guy on the bike trying to hit the shooters daughter as the article mentioned?
  13. Sound Meters?

    From what I read about it looks like they give away a couple of free every year. The deadline to apply for a free one is coming up. So they are letting people/ organizations know.
  14. Crf450x valve cover coating...

    The one on mine is definitely a golden bronze color on the outside and silver inside.
  15. Crf450x valve cover coating...

    When I rebuilt my 05 crf450x I don't remember seeing any coating inside of there. I might not have paid aby attention to it but I'm pretty sure it was the same color inside and outside. Did someone powder coat it?