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  1. cOoTeR

    Fed up with sena

    I have a rf 1200 with a Sena 20S evo. It came with a bunch of foam pads with an adhesive on one side and soft velcro on the other. I trimmed the foam pad down to a smaller diameter so it fit in the speaker recess better without touching the edges. I stuck that in the recess and mount the speakers to it. They fit fine.
  2. cOoTeR

    600 mile service & warranty

    As long as the modification isn't directly linked to the warranty issue you'll be fine. If your that worried about it hold on to the stock parts.
  3. cOoTeR

    600 mile service & warranty

    I never said you had to have the dealer do the service. If you just change the oil and filter as the third post in this thread says to do and you ignore all other adjustments and inspections it won't be hard to prove you didn't properly maintain the bike if you don't know what all is involved in the service. For example: If the service you are doing calls for an inspection and adjustment of a throttle cable but you just change the oil and filter because you didn't get the service manual with the specs on the throttle cable. Now down the road the throttle cable snaps under the warranty period (I know not a likely scenario but it's an easy hypothetical scenario). You take it in to get it repaired under warranty. The dealership asks where you've been taking it to get the scheduled service done because they know you haven't been paying them to do it. You say you've been doing the service yourself. They ask what all you did for the 3,000 mile service (we'll say this is the service the throttle cable was supposed to be inspected and adjusted on). You say I changed the oil and filter. That's failure to properly maintain the bike. If you're going to do the maintenance yourself make sure 1. You can do it properly, 2. You have the tools to do it or your willing to get them and 3. That you know what all is involved in the service.
  4. cOoTeR

    600 mile service & warranty

    Get the service manual and if you can do the work yourself and have all required tools do it yourself and keep the receipts (especially for the manual and any specialty tools). Just make sure you can explain everything you did for the service. That way if a warranty issue comes up you can prove you actually did the service. If the first service includes inspection or adjustment of a component and that component fails under warranty and you tell them you just changed the oil and filter they can deny your warranty claim based on improper maintenance. But if you have the service manual that outlines the inspection you can tell them how it was done properly and they can't deny it.
  5. Here is a video that you can hear the supercharger chirping when the tuner lets off of the gas.
  6. Yeah it has up and down quick shifting with auto blip, launch control, heated grips and cruise control among other things. Anthony was a lot of help. We were contacting him pretty much all day well into the evening.
  7. They were pretty helpful we ran it to some confusing issues with the bike since its the first H2 SX SE the tuner has seen. So we were sending lots of messages back and forth to them. I didn't add any extra parts or anything from the "race tools" kit just used their software to de-restrict the bike and change the timing and fueling. The bike has a factory quick shifter and launch control so the only add on they really offer at this point is the pit lane limiter and the warm up mode.
  8. Awesome thanks. When is it warm enough to ride around up there without cold weather gear? We're going to be living out of saddlebags for the trip so the less extra gear we bring the better. Let me know what you think of the area.
  9. Every couple of years I try to do a motorcycle vacation with a few friends. Most of the time it falls on me to plan the trip because most of my friends bought their bikes to look at and not ride. We normally do Durango Colorado area, Tail of the Dragon area, or Texas Hill Country area. For next year I'm thinking of doing the Idaho Grand Loop. I've never ridden in the area and was wondering if the roads are as nice as this page says they are, http://greatrideswest.com/?page_id=1252? Also I was wondering what time of year is best for riding in the area. It's about 2,550 miles of road starting in Salt Lake City. Pictures of the routes look pretty promising. We're thinking late June 2019 of anyone here is interested in joining us.
  10. I can't wait until reputable exhaust systems start coming out for it. One of the cool things about ECU tuning on this bike is that the 3 power modes can all be set up differently. I think after I get an exhaust for it I might have them set one of the power modes up as a race gas mode.
  11. I took my bike to get de-restricted and tuned. We used woolich tuning software. Baseline we did 3 runs and got 161hp, 163hp and 164hp with 84ft.lbs. on the 3rd run. The third run sent the bike into limp mode. We learned that it was because we didn't hook the ECU up and disable the front wheel speed sensor fault code. . The tuning shop had ordered a bench flashing harness so the ECU had to be removed from the bike to connect it to the computer. The diagnostic reset only works with the ECU in the bike. So we had to, 1. idle the bike for 30 sec or more, 2. take the bike out and ride it around at over 25mph for 5-10 min 3 shut it off and repeat 3 times. Riding the bike over 25mph for 5 minutes at a time is a lot harder than it sounds in Tucson. . Did I mention it was 99° at noon today? Finally got the fault codes cleared and back on the dyno and we were able to start the tuning. Took the throttle valve restrictions out and ran it. It gained 5hp and the A/F reading was spiking lean at 10k rpms . So the tuner kept adding fuel until it started losing power but the lean spike at 10k was still there. Here is where it really exceeded my comprehension level. He said it was running so rich the dynos A/F reader was seeing it as lean . He pulled fuel and it started making power. He got it up to 184hp 93 ft.lbs safely. Then we started talking about bumping the redline 500rpms. I told him I was pretty sure woolich had done it. We decided we trusted woolich. So we decided to send it and try 13,000rpms. I attached the video of the bikes first time revving to 13,000rpms. The bike made 209 hp 96ft.lbs. without changing the timing or fueling. The tuner reached out to Anthony (WR NA) who reached out to woolich to see how aggressive they were running the timing on the H2 SX SE they tuned. After confirming that they had successfully been more aggressive with the timing we decided to get a little more aggressive. The bike made 216hp and 99ft.lbs. We then did 4 back to back runs. Runs 1 and 2 were 216hp then run 3 was 206 run 4 was 203. Since the bike was pulling power as it got hotter we decided to back the timing down a little to be safer. My tune is a little on the aggressive side but the tuner and I both feel it is safe. My final setup resulted in 213hp and 97ft.lbs. after backing it down. So we added 49hp and 13ft.lbs. from a filter swap and tune. The tuner even took the time to help me dial in my suspension which was awesome. It is a totally different monster. I didn't really get a chance to push it because it was dark when I left. Night time along the 45 mile ride home means more drunks, animals and cops. But I did play with it as little. My first impressions of the bike when I first got it I thought the bike didn't really have the violent acceleration you'd expect. It was still fast but very refined and smooth. Now at lower rpms and throttle input the bike feels just as refined and smooth but it feels like there is less resistance working against it. Kind of like pushing a box across the ground vs pushing a box around that's sitting on a skateboard. But at full throttle holy cow it has some vicious acceleration. It's violent like the bike is trying to accelerate so fast the rider flys of the back. I love it! I did get a couple graphs, a base line vs final tune and the 216hp graph vs my old 174hp zx10r (air filter, 2/3rds exhaust, de-restricted, tuned) for comparison.
  12. cOoTeR

    What do YOU need?

    Mike and discount are great. In the past month I've bought a Shoei helmet with a transitions shield, 3 Ram Mounts and an air filter. They sold them to me at an unbeatable price. Thanks guys.
  13. cOoTeR

    My MotoGP trip

    I thought about the multi corner ticket but I've been there every year except 1 and I've sat in almost every section (on Friday's I try to check out different seats). Turn 15 is by far my favorite section.
  14. cOoTeR

    No More Excuses

    If you come through Arizona let me know. I ride the Devils Highway a couple times every year.
  15. cOoTeR

    My MotoGP trip

    The racing was pretty good. Moto America race was awesome in the rain. The MotoGP race was a lot better in person than what they showed on TV. BEIN Sports missed quite a few passes and attempts to pass. After the race we rode from the track to my friends house in Artesia, NM. There were a ton of deer but luckily they didn't give us any issues. Monday morning I woke up and finished the 420 miles home. I got to ride across white sands missile range which was pretty cool. For the trip I was just shy of 2,200 miles and almost have 3,000 miles on the bike. The dealership was shocked when I brought the rear tire in and told them I already wore it out. Next up I'm installing a sprint air filter and getting the bike flashed+tuned. I'm hoping to get around 220rwhp when it's done. Then I need to start planning my next long trip because this one was a blast. I'm thinking of doing a Rocky Mountain ride, a Gulf Coast ride or a West coast ride for my next journey.