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  1. Here are some routes for Tn, Ge,Nc. Hope it's what your looking for. Enjoy your trip.
  2. That shameless hussy sent me the same message. You mean it's not true. I'm crushed.
  3. Thanks. Anybody else get a message from Orange 15 about some babe named Esla looking for some action. I can't log into my messages. I'm going to report it. It's a porn site and probably has every virus known. I didn't open.
  4. Thanks gents. I mapped it out and didn't like all the slabbing. I found a route taking 23 to 460 to 19 to Tazewell. I'm an old retired dude so time is not a problem. I'll continue researching and if I have questions I will post. Thanks again.
  5. I'm thinking of doing a motorbike trip to ride the Back of the Dragon in southeast Virginia. It's 330 mile from Dayton. Is it worth the time. It looks like it a decent road. comments please. Thanks.
  6. I saw this Classic in Germantown on my Motorbike Excursion last week. It was in the shop for some minor maintenance.
  7. It's hard to believe my 2001 retro Bonneville will turn 20 next year. I bought it new in March 2001. My favorite Triumph is (I've owned 5) is my 2nd a 1970 TR6C. I would love to have one. However they aren't cheap $10,000 plus. I think a project using a 2001-2005 Bonneville and making it look like the TR6C would make more since and be much easier to maintain. To answer the question yes I would
  8. I heard on our local news here in lovely Dayton, Ohio that Governor DeWine signed the law allowing us to use earplugs and listening devices. Well done sir. Maybe you can get an appearance on Pawn Stars and sell the pin for big bucks. LOL. Congratulations!
  9. I received a reply from my State Senator. Her reply and my reply to her email. Is the law repealed or is still illegal to use earplugs? Mr. Bingham, Thank you for contacting our office. I always appreciate hearing from constituents who have thoughts or concerns about issues facing our state and community. As you may know, House Bill 129, introduced by Representative Riordan McClain, would permit a person to wear earphones or earplugs for hearing protection while operating a motorcycle. H.B. 129 is currently assigned to the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee, where it had its first hearing on March 26, 2019. While I am not a member of this chamber, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind should H.B. 129 come before me in the Senate. Thank you again for your correspondence. If you have any additional questions or concerns in the future regarding state issues, please do not hesitate to contact my office. Sincerely, Peggy Lehner State Senator 6th District My reply. Thank you so much for the reply. The way I understand what is going on with this. As you stated the law has been repealed. However it was left out of the Transportation Budget verbiage. Still keeping it in place. I hope you are correct and the law is no longer valid.
  10. I received this email. Probably lip service but at least I got a response. Good morning, Thank you for your email. Representative Antani works very hard to learn about each issue, and always appreciates the input of his constituents. I have passed along your email to Representative Antani and he will look into the issue. If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Thanks, Jonathan Fausey Legislative Aide Ohio House of Representatives Office of State Representative Niraj Antani District 42 614-466-6504
  11. I called my State Senator. I did not speak to anybody. I left a message about the earplug issue.
  12. Jim, I was a little late coming to this party. I have posted your original post on Britrider.com, www.triumphrat.net, Ducati Monster Forums, and Ducati. org. Below is a reply to my post on Triumph.Rat. The rider is from Lorain County Ohio. I will ad your last post to my posts on these sites. Hopefully we can get this stupid law repealed. Any idea how many riders in Ohio have been ticked for the earplug violation? Great idea - Thanks for providing the link & an example letter. I just sent my own letter to Senator Manning (District 13). Hopefully they'll listen!
  13. Done, I'm going to share with all my Moto Pack Pals.
  14. When the Wizard of February gets rid of most of the road salt and grants one an almost 50 degree sunny day. What do you Do? You take a 107 mile motorbike Excursion, you get the tag for our Pack's MOTO Tag game. The tag was a a Veterans Memorial for all the Services. I did this ride Sunday, The Veterans Memorial is just west of Shandon, OH.
  15. Thanks for the replies all. Did anyone check Drew's blog?
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