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  1. Monstrosity

    ATV Club?

    I'm not looking for a club, I'm looking to help sponser an event for one. Spread the word if you know any. I have some leads, thanks!
  2. Monstrosity

    ATV Club?

    Who all is in a ATV club? PM me please.
  3. Monstrosity

    oh hai

    :D:D Some people will never change...
  4. Monstrosity

    oh hai

    lol :wheeliezx10:
  5. Monstrosity

    Vehicle Leasing

    I've always bought cars for around a few grand or less. Fixed them and ran them for a while. My S10 killed that for me. I rebuilt the tranny and did all kinds of repairs. Needless to say last year I bought a Mazda 3 for 0% apr. Now I'm spoiled after driving something I dont have to cross my fingers every time I hit the key. As far as leasing goes I almost did it but held off due to I wasnt sure where I was gonna buy a house. In a year give or take I'll probably just lease. All the Pro's and Cons have been listed, and basically I take great care of shit and dont drive a ton.
  6. Monstrosity

    sold car on craigslist now a problem

    Never mind this appears to have been an old thread.
  7. Monstrosity

    Upgrade from SV650

    Speed Triple all the way! Does everything well just not superb.
  8. Monstrosity

    Are the Triumph Speed Triple bikes that good?

    Everything he said! I had an 05 and it was the best all around bike I've ever had, and I've had lots of bikes. Just be sure to pull the spark plugs out once a season and put anti seize on them. Also watch what oil you run in it. I put Royal Purple Max Cycle in it and the clutch started to slip (first bike ever this happened with). I had more looks and questions when I pulled up on that then anything else. And yes the new look is hideous...
  9. Monstrosity

    justin butts