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  1. CollectorDave

    So How Do You Guys Keep from Sliding Forward?

    velcro? I dunno, it was just a thought. I think I came up with it somewhere between Johnson and Balls.
  2. CollectorDave

    I'm going to Hell.

    Yes, sadly I think he is a relative of mine. Please allow me to pause to mourn the passing of great cousin twice removed, Ho Lee Cow. It is said that he left life as he lived it, replete with ups and downs. He is survived by a wife he married while in the war, Lyn Braun Cow, and 2 children, Guernsey (Guern for short) and little How-Now....
  3. CollectorDave

    DATE A COUGAr!!!!

    Yes, I snapped up a date with her, so tonight she is busy. I hope I can keep up with her.
  4. CollectorDave

    Not your grandmas Ford Fiesta

    Saw him featured on Top Gear a couple of seasons ago. I'd hate to be the one having to buy him tires. Dude's got some mad skills. Can I get a job like his when I grow up?
  5. CollectorDave

    Baffle troubles

    Tom, Good to see you got your scooter quietened back down. Hell the best suggestion I was going to offer was to remind you of my old Kaw 750 with the cherry bomb muffler welded to the pipes. Cheap, ugly, but effective and made for a nice deep thump that I used to LOVE to use to set off car alarms up in Squirrel Hill. Nowadays I just use a bigger 2 cyl. engine for the same results. LOL
  6. CollectorDave

    How in the hell???

    So what you're saying is that, in 9 months (or however long the gestation period is for busses) that a little short bus will be popping out of the front bus? NOW I know where all the short busses come from! Thanks!
  7. CollectorDave

    Random Thoughts thread

    Hey I don't mind if it's called a "tweeter". I just have a problem if she refers to it as a "woofer"
  8. CollectorDave

    Funny picture thread.

    Sorry, don't have any coke... Would there be any chance for a blowjob for Pepsi?
  9. CollectorDave

    Funny picture thread.

    Oh that's just funny, I don't care WHO you are.
  10. CollectorDave

    Man dies after being stabbed "head to toe"

    I dunno. I feel bad for the guy and the situation, but couldn't help my first reaction when I saw the title to the thread... "Man dies from being stabbed "head to toe""..... Geee? Ya think so??? sorry, sometimes just can't help it
  11. CollectorDave

    Need recommendation on good rear tire

    U.P. And a hearty F.You to you too! Thanks for the welcome. And feel free to lie to me, hell everyone else likes to blow smoke up my ass and try to convince me it's cream cheese....LOL Grew up riding Metrics (started on a yama-60), just wanted an American V-twin for so long that I had to get one, so 2 yrs ago picked up my Sporty as a "mechanic's special". However I will defer to all the sport bike riders as they are correct in my current top heavy beast corners like a frigging logging truck. Hell my old CB-350 cornered better if I recall, and it had hard case saddlebags!. Again, thanks for the welcome, and thanks all for the tips. Enjoying my time on the site, and am looking forward to riding West in the near future and perhaps riding with some of y'all. Errr that is if the great Buckeye State allows riders from PA to infiltrate occasionally.
  12. CollectorDave

    Novelty Helmets (weird)

  13. CollectorDave

    Need recommendation on good rear tire

    Oh I don't need Paypal, I can send you a nice crisp $1000 bill. That is as long as you don't mind or notice that it's got a picture of Daffy Duck on it. I'm sure someone will break it for ya!
  14. CollectorDave

    Need recommendation on good rear tire

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the recommendations on tires. You guys ROCK! Now armed with information AND a little cash I can get my scooter properly outfitted with nu shoooos. If there's any way I can repay your assistance, please feel free to holler my way.
  15. CollectorDave


    Ok, I'll chime in with an old one... The newlyweds were in their hotel room, eager to consummate their union as being old fashioned they waited until they were married to have sex. The new husband says to his wife, "I'm nervous about being undressed around you, as I had some problems as child". Wife replies, "It's ok honey, I love you no matter what". As he takes off his socks, she gasps at his feet, he sighs and says "Now you see, as a child, I had Toe-lio" As he takes off his pants, he hears a gasp again and says "yes it's also true that as a young man I developed Knee-sles" As he removes his underwear he hears a giggle and looks at her, perplexed. "Lemme guess", she giggles again. "You also had Small-Cox?"