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  1. You still powdercoating? If so post up. A few here were looking for someone. Laters.

  2. lol... I will post more pics of the kids once I get them loaded up.. I just happen to have the one uploaded, and really don't have any other up right now.
  3. I have not been around much lately because the wife and I have been a little busy with the new addition. We named him Colton he was born Feb. 4 and was 7 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches long. My daughter Zoie is an awesome big helper. Couple updated pics of the bikes while I am at it....lol.
  4. Here is a pic of the cowl finished. If you look under my albums there is a 650R section with several other pics of it, and also a buell section with a custom cowl I made for a friend of mine.


  5. They they are graves, and then on the other side I have the CRG mirror with there adapter.
  6. I put on the new rear number plates that I did the templates for, also put on some Rizoma axle sliders, and an R&G exhaust slider. Just thought I would share some up to date pics..
  7. And this is why I am buying a new helmet so we don't have matching ones this next season....lol...
  8. Just hang on.. I will have your rainbow set done by next week...lol.
  9. Okay here are some finished pics of the those pegs. I ended up picking up some red leds just to finish this set, but I ordered some better amber, and yellow leds. I used the stock turn signal quick connects so that these could be easily installed and removed.
  10. lol.... I didn't even have my volume on when I played it back.. I had the radio on in my garage and I was not even paying attension to it.. That is to funny...
  11. I decided to mess around a little tonight. I have been powdercoating a lot of parts for some of the yamaha guys and I have bought up a stock of parts to powdercoat and sell. I picked up several sets of passenger pegs and I am bored with powdercoating so I decide to do a little more to a few sets of them before I sell them. Here are a couple pics of the leds just sitting in the passenger pegs. They will not be white when they are finished, that is all that I had at the time and I have yellow ones that are brighter on order. kind of crappy video but you get the ideal.
  12. Congrats on the new bike... My dad still rides a nighthawk, not a bad bike at all.
  13. I agree.. I have my A+, Net+, Security+, MCSE in 2000, CCNA, CPAS (pacs related), and I am one exam from my CCNP, but that is not what has got me to where I am.. I don't even tell people that I have all those unless they ask, because I feel like everything I know I have learned by actually working in the field and my resume shows that not piece of paper that anyone can pass.. There are two many cheat sheet and things out there to make certifications credititable in my opinion. They can't hurt, but they are not as big of help as they used to be though. Only reason I have what I have is because
  14. Nice bike.. I am an 08 owner as well. Mine started its life as a Raven but I just can't leave things alone..lol When it got delivered to my house. playing nice with my 650r. Closer to now. I need to get some updated pics.
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