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  1. alansz400

    Shinko e804/805 for sale

    PM sent
  2. alansz400

    Mesh/perforated jacket recomendations?

    I bought the older version of this https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/olympia-switchback-2-jacket a few years ago and love it. Fits great, flows plenty of air the liner packs down small for when it cools off later in the day.
  3. alansz400

    What’s your go to gear for a road trip

    Klim gear is great. Lots of protection, good venting and 100% waterproof. I have the Latitude jacket and pants a couple years ago I left Gettysburg in the rain headed for Ohio when I got to Pittsburgh it was raining so hard cars on the highway had pulled over. When I got home I was 90% dry. My gloves leaked and some water went up my sleeve, and some water came in around my neck. My chest and balls were both dry. I have owned 3 other sets of waterproof gear and none have been ever close to as good as the Klim.
  4. alansz400

    School me on travel trailers..

    I have pulled a lot of trailers and will never buy a single axle trailer again.
  5. alansz400

    Need security system asap

    Nope plug and play. I can't figure out how to post a picture on here but I figured out the cameras and the app. The night vision is pretty good. I have one camera set up behind a outdoor motion light and the video with that one is real good. if you have wifi at home I see no reason why anyone would not have cameras.
  6. alansz400

    Need security system asap

    Yea I paid 25$+ EACH a year ago. Tempted to buy 4 more. Problem is the app only works with 4. Cheap enough just for dummy cameras at that price.
  7. alansz400

    Need security system asap

    I put 4 of these up a year ago around my house https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zmodo-4-Pack-HD-Wireless-IP-Outdoor-IR-Video-Surveillance-Security-Camera-System/302691174055?hash=item4679ccc6a7:g:InQAAOSwE9haxI6K easy to set up and work great. It so nice being away from home and checking to make sure the garage door is shut or the wood stove is not over heating. Nice seeing who is in the driveway and I sure sleep a lot better knowing if someone is outside I will get a alert. If I was going to do it again I would get the recorder option. My phone keeps the motion alerts for 36 hours but once in a while it will miss something.
  8. alansz400

    Trials Riding?

    Don't own it just using a friends bike. The boys rode 110s last night it wasn't muddy at all. Sounds like that might change tonight.
  9. alansz400

    Trials Riding?

    Bring it to Loudonville I have a perfect place to practice.
  10. alansz400

    Time to play your favorite game!

  11. alansz400

    Still got your first bike?

    I sold my first bike a 1970s Honda CB350. Still have my 3 boys first bikes. 1979 JR50, 2001 CRF50 and a newer JR50. Hopefully some day they will pass them down to there kids.
  12. alansz400

    Your Say - Best 5 All Weather Riding Gear

    If you want to stay dry in all day rain Klim is the way to go. I rode home from Gettysburg in the rain 2 summers ago and it was raining so hard outside of Pittsburgh cars were pulling off the road. I stayed dry other then my hands, neck and feet. I have owned 4 other sets of water proof gear including First Gears top of the line jacket and pants and have always got wet in the elbow, chest and balls. The Klim seems way over priced for a jacket with no liner and it takes a while to break in but being dry is worth it.
  13. alansz400

    Good fishing and backpacking in ohio for young ones?

    There is camping down river form the covered bridge in the Mohican state park ( fee to camp ) might catch some fish in the river. Plenty of hiking and not far from the restaurant in Perrysville that has ayce fish on Friday night.
  14. alansz400

    I think I have a Powerstroke addiction...

    Damn the black truck is nice also. I couldn't find a 4 door 4x4 that was wasn't beat to shit or a rust bucket so I bought a 2x4. Spent its winters in the south up until 4 years ago and I have kept it out of the salt as well. Sure is worthless off road. It was stuck in that picture. Had to pull it with the tractor.
  15. alansz400

    I think I have a Powerstroke addiction...

    That white truck looks badass. I got a 01 with a 7.3. Towed the dump trailer all weekend full of fire wood and can hardly tell its pulling it. All stock and 200k but pulls like a freight train.