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  1. Is the battery inside the rear seat fairing? Never mind, i see it in the video.
  2. I don't know if I asked you before but what headlight are you running? Where did you get it? Is it plug and play or bunch of soldering?
  3. do you have any pics of this undertail exhaust since the f4i has a traditional side exhaust? could you be talking about a hot bodies exhaust?
  4. I can do $180. Let me know.
  5. 60-70 hour weeks for civilians? Possibile but not normal.
  6. what color you going to paint it with? i'm excited.
  7. That is what i'm guessing, that the clips are universal. Let me know if you could spare the clip.
  8. the model is 520 VM anyone have spare clip or linkage?
  9. I think it is something that will be up to you and your wife. I plan on taking my kids in the future to school on the bikes. I already have a mini bike for my kids to race with. BTW, I don't have any kids right now so I play with the mini bike. I personanliy don't really care what someone else says. From my personal experience, I think that people that gives you their opinion on the street don't have anything going for them or are too narrow minded and not have seen or experienced much in life. Being asian, I grew up in a time where motorcycles were people's main form of transportation in Korea in the early 80's. I remember my whole family (5) being on the bike all together a couple of times. Was it the safest thing? Probably not. Shit, stuff like this still happens in Asia and in Europe, I'm sure in certain parts of the state. Common thing to see a mom and two kids on a Vespa in Naples, Italy. The traffic is way crazier than anything you will ever encounter in Ohio.
  10. yes, this is for my f4i trackbike. i'll stop by my storage unit in the next couple of days to see exactly what chains it has. I didn't realize what i ordered when i built this track bike a few years ago and couldn't return the chain in time before the first trackday with the chains. it'll be awesome if you could hook me up.
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