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  1. If I was close enough, I would definitely take it. If you are ever closer down this way, let me know.
  2. You have a beautiful baby there. I have had several variations in boas, and pythons. Will have to say though, that my favorite was a 15 foot female boa that was a rescue. She was a big baby. Never had problems with her nipping at anyone, and we fed her rabbits. Also had a 13 foot Burmese that was a big baby. He ate chicken breast, and could let him crawl around the house without snapping at anyone. Open the cage door, he would stick his head out and slowly work his way out. He would climb up a log I put in my bed room, and hang around all day. Was very interesting to watch him eat chicken also. Toss in the microwave long enough to be warm to touch, and held it in front of him with tongs. Shawnee State University said it was extremely hard to get a snake to eat chicken. I couldn't help but laugh when they said that. I have always found that if they aren't feeding in the same place they are kept, that helps keep aggression and nipping at the hands down. Makes life easier for handling, but can be a pain in the ass to have separate tanks. Also, is there a problem finding live mice for feeding in your area? Easy as hell around here to get mice from stores. Personally, I prefer to feed live. I believe they get better results in growth, and life to feed live rodents/rabbits. Feeding frozen, or you may also want to try to switch to chicken, will help with the handling portion of it. Anyways, enjoy the many years with the new family member.
  3. DoughnuT

    Old dog

    You are on the right track. Just keep in mind, that if she does loose eye sight it is a danger for them and possibly the family. If hard hearing and bad eyes, they will be skittish, snappy if scared, and like stated before stumble around and hurt them selves. Wouldn't want to put them or the family through them. Always sad to know you don't have long with a loved one like this. I have always found that if you have time, and are willing to go through some of the pain, get a puppy now. Let the family pet, teach/pass on traits, and let them help train a new pup. It helps ease some of the pain, that is going to happen. You know that certain things were passed on, that will make you remember the times you had with Bean. I have actually done this with the dogs I have had in my life. It really helped me. The thing to remember about dogs, is that they are so loyal to a family. They will hide that they are in any pain, until the day that they go. I had a doberman, rot mix, that had cancer, and showed no signs of it. Was outside feeding him one day, and he had tried to eat the flesh away to get rid of it. I went out, and he acted like nothing was wrong, and tried to play like we always did. As soon as he stepped with his rear leg, he hit the grown. Was a very sad day. The way I always decided when it was time, was when they would start acting different than normal. Spend as much time as you can with them, make them their favorite thing to eat, no matter if it is a bag of snacks, or cook a meal just for them. Show them how much they mean to you, and let them know it is okay. They will give you a sign when they are ready. They may even leave you with a memory before that time. My blood hound was a big baby, wouldn't hurt a fly. Her last day with me, she tried to rip my pants off like we use to play together, and she peed on the vet, and then tried to bite him before she went. Was hard to cry when she made me laugh so hard. The vet was her regular, so he knew how she was. He started talking about when he first seen her, and started laughing when she peed on him and tried to bite him.
  4. Bans on any breed of dogs are bull shit. The breed gets a bad name because owners get them for certain reasons. Dobermans, rotts, and pits are always thought of being "aggressive" because of a lot of roles in movies, and they are common for fighting dogs. I have had people offer me a thousand dollars for my doberman's and straight tell me they are going to fight them. People are retarded. The bad thing is, for years the top 5 dogs on the "vicious list" weren't any mentioned. Dalmation, Lab, and retrievers were higher on the list. I know that was the local list anyways. The city of Portsmouth, actually requested to have insurance on a dog that was considered vicious. They didn't go from a list but had a common known knowledge. They use to send insurance people out to decide if you needed to have a policy on your dog. If he wasn't "vicious" towards the adjuster, you didn't need insurance. I personally think smaller breeds are more "vicious" than bigger breeds, but they don't give as big of a wound in an attack.
  5. Just seen a 1st issue gambler Saturday night, at a pool tournament. I tried to get him to sell it, but no go. No one that I have talked to has yet to see a casino other than when I show them on my phone.
  6. The original casinos only had 100 made, so the people that bought them, know to collect them. That will be a tough one to find, not to mention the price you will pay for them. The gambler, might be a little easier to get a hold of. The meucci originals are hard at times to get people to come off of, and the ones that will let them go want a good chunk of money for them. If it wore me, I would find an older guy that has a few sticks, and see if he has what you want. Also, there are a few forums that are billiards based, that you may be able to find what you are looking for. An option might be to contact a custom cue maker, and see if they will build you one close to it, and make it the way you exactly want it. Probably could get one made for what it would cost to get the originals. Good luck in your search though.
  7. I know it is the player, but it is always nice to have the weight and tip you prefer when shooting. I hate walking into a new place and not being able to find a stick in the weight I use. I have found that I have liked Viking cues, as far as production cues, the best. The one I shoot with I have had for 12 years, and the back up is one that I have had for 15 years. I ordered both new, and got the super joint on both sticks. Extra shaft for both of them in 14mm so I can have them turned down to what I want if I ever break a shaft, and both are 21oz. Only shaft that doesn't have the same tip, is on the older one, and I changed it out for snooker about 10 years ago. By the way, I am 26 and these are the only two cues I have kept since I started when I was 6. Started buying sticks when I was about 10. Damn... Now that I think of all the money I have put in pool... makes me wonder what the hell I was doing spending that kind of money as a kid. Cues I have owned: Meucci(Sneaky pete red dot, that I busted breaking with. Never bought another one do to the flex.) Vikings Joss Huebler(Wish I would have never got rid of that sneaky pete. Hit a ton, and have yet to see anyone else have one.) Viper Action Players Lucassi(Cue felt good, but always had the shaft nicking up. Felt like the shaft was to "soft" for me) Mali Adams I have tried a lot of the "production" cues. Just like viking the best out of them. My next one will be a custom cue. I shoot with people that have a couple of the very first that Richard Harris made, and may buy one of them. Haven't made my mind up yet. What red dot are you looking for?
  8. Any one have any tips on getting timing back in sync for batting? Went and done BP for the first time this year today, and I am so far out of sync it isn't funny. Any ideas? Haven't had this problems since my first few swings in slowpitch, and it is pissing me off.
  9. Valley is pretty much the market on bar tables. The only problem when getting one, is getting them out of the old owners location. Usually they tend to put them in the most retarded places, and they won't take them out because of the hassle it was to get them in there. Nice thing about having a table at home, is the felt will last for years. Spend the little extra and get good cloth, have it installed right, and you won't have no worries for a few years. Seems like we could do a pool stick thread in this as well. Any takers?
  10. I would say your best bet would be go to a local pool hall, or vending machine dealer, and see if they can find you one. I personally don't know anyone that uses anything other than valley or diamond "bar boxes." Of the two sizes, I would suggest the 7ft. table. From what I can find online, it looks like the "panther" is a valley pool table. Valley is very common, and fairly easy to find. There are a few pool tables on craigslist, so that may be an option. Also, check with local places that have tables, and find out if they either have more, or can get you a number on one.
  11. To far away, or I would do it. Hopefully you find someone that will "fit in" with your group.
  12. Do you have a local pool hall? They are usually the best lines on where one would be. When you say bar style, do you just mean coin operated, or do you mean size wise? There is a guy down here, that has a Gandi pool table for a pretty good price. Would have to come down here to get it, and probably take apart and reassemble it at your place. . I think it is a 9 footer. Could be wrong though. If you have the room for it, and the price range, look for at least an 8 foot table. Your price range, is going to be a big factor. Do you want slate top, wood, 3x6/3.5x7/4x8/4.5x9? Is there a certain brand you are wanting(Valley, Diamond, etc...)? I might be able to get you a table that is either 3x6 or 3.5x7, but it isn't the best table. There is more thought in this, than what you may think. I could also be over thinking this also. If it were me, I would get a 9 footer. I believe I can get you a Brunswick 9 foot for 2 grand, but again you will need to assemble it at your place.
  13. Am I the only one that would like to do the jump at 3:21 and take the outside line?
  14. I can understand there needing to be some sort of way to determine if a person can have the animal or not. If they pass this, then they also need to pass laws for all animals. Tons of people get animals and mistreat them. Biggest problem, is with cats and dogs. Tell me you haven't seen people that made you think people should have to be given some kind of "test" to own dogs or cats. I can understand them making it harder to own these animals, but everyone that owns "exotic" animals shouldn't be punished for the acts of one man. By banning exotics, you would basically take everything commonly seen at a pet shop out of the picture. Most of the time they are exotics because most people won't buy them. Hell, my family has been called by pet shops to rescue snakes, because they got them and couldn't sell them. They get to big for them to keep, and we would take them. I would kill over my animals. They are a part of my family. Don't care if it is my dogs, or my snakes. Try to take them, and it is going to be a fight. On a side note, no ponytail here.
  15. Done. The part about the snakes being included seems out of line. 99% of the people that have these animals/reptiles are enthusiast, that take very good care of their "pets." I will pass this on to some friends, that have snakes, and local pet shops. Personally, I don't see how they can include common constrictor snakes into this category though. Sounds to me, that someone has a fear, that they don't want to deal with.
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