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  1. For sale is my Shift Black/Blue leather sport jacket. Very thick heavy leather. Built in shoulder armor. Size XL in good shape. Plenty of life left. Was never down. Pickup only. PM me if interested. Was $490 new. Yours for $75. Thanks.
  2. Bumping. This jacket is still for sale and I really could use the money now. I’ll now take $65 to PayPal. Originally a $400 jacket. Pickup only, as I’m out of the country. At my Father’s house in Cuyahoga Falls. I’ll arrange pickup details after deal is done.
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    stimulus temptations

    Pauly is right. The first motor on my RX3 never ran right. Sticky (stuck) intake valve. The replacement motor he installed ran better from the get-go. But no, after riding it 35,000 hard miles in two seasons prepping for this journey I decided the 250 just didn’t have the guts I wanted (note I didn’t say “needed” because you can ride the world on anything). Going uphill into the wind loaded with gear it struggled. CSC sells the newer RX4 450 version that makes more power than the DR. But I’m happy with the decision I made on bike choice. And happy with how the build went. She’s fairly unique and has been a pleasure, and a comfortable place to spend the day.
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    I have MS

    Hang in there. I hope treatments are effective and you can go on enjoying your life
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    nah. Photo number one of the cheap vodka is from here in Brazil where I'm stuck during the Covid-19 spread. This picture is from the night I made it to Ushuaia and after about three hours of heavy partying.
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    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

  7. From the album: Sights from SA