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  1. Bumping. This jacket is still for sale and I really could use the money now. I’ll now take $65 to PayPal. Originally a $400 jacket. Pickup only, as I’m out of the country. At my Father’s house in Cuyahoga Falls. I’ll arrange pickup details after deal is done.
  2. Danimal

    stimulus temptations

    Pauly is right. The first motor on my RX3 never ran right. Sticky (stuck) intake valve. The replacement motor he installed ran better from the get-go. But no, after riding it 35,000 hard miles in two seasons prepping for this journey I decided the 250 just didn’t have the guts I wanted (note I didn’t say “needed” because you can ride the world on anything). Going uphill into the wind loaded with gear it struggled. CSC sells the newer RX4 450 version that makes more power than the DR. But I’m happy with the decision I made on bike choice. And happy with how the build went. She’s fairly unique and has been a pleasure, and a comfortable place to spend the day.
  3. Danimal

    I have MS

    Hang in there. I hope treatments are effective and you can go on enjoying your life
  4. Danimal

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

  5. Danimal

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    I’m not leaving the bike down here, and still plan on riding it home eventually. Uruguay offers a 12 month TVIP option, allowing the bike to be stored up to 12 months, but right now Uruguay is closed too. It’s all part of the adventure right?
  6. Danimal

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Yeah. His plans are screwed for now. Whether that means shipping his bike or flying himself. He is in communication with his Mother in Germany about transferring some funds around to be able to stay here longer. Not necessarily travelling, just hunkering down somewhere. Ecuador just closed it’s borders too. So there is no simple path ahead for me. Right now, heading closer to Rio, I’m not sure that’s the best place to be right now (Rio is hotspot in Brazil for Covid-19)
  7. Danimal

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    As I crossed into Brazil from Argentina yesterday their computer systems on the Brazil side crashed (I had already stamped out of Argentine and cancelled and turned in my Argentina TIP [temporary import permit allowing my bike to be in their country. Standard border crossing bullshit]). Myself and the German guy I’m riding with ended u sitting for four hours in the office of the head Federal Policia at the Brazil border chatting with the guy, who had nothing to do. He told me he had an email that the entire Argentina border was shutting down in 48 hours. It was just made official that it’s closed after midnight. Peru the same. Ecuador following. So I’m stuck in Brazil for the time being. multiple Central American countries are closed too so even if I was further north the path home isn’t clear. Supermercados here are open and very busy. Local tiendas are normal. But stocks are getting low on any veggies or fruit brought in. Might try to find a nice Airbnb apartment in Rio and chill a few weeks and see how things change. Am already being way more careful as far as what I touch etc and washing.
  8. Danimal

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Thanks for following along and no need to be a lurker. Join in the discussion about any freaking thing lol. And no worries about “underachieving “ either. This kind of “motorcycling” isn’t for everyone. It’s certainly been a blast though. Still pinch myself often
  9. Danimal

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I went to many places in Buenos Aires yesterday looking for oil for a much needed oil change. The last three I used Motul 300v in 20w-50 the ONLY shop that had Motul only had the 5w-50 in the 300V (it’s getting much warmer as I continue north and 5w-50’s starting viscosity is too thin). And they wanted the equivalent of $52 US for two freaking liters! I knew BA was known for high costs but that’s crazy. So Sunny got Motul mineral oil in my desired weight. Also chain cleaned and lubed well, brake pads inspected, one side’s petcock got a new base gasket (was seeping) and a few other things were cleaned and lubed. Ready to go again.
  10. Danimal


    I should be back in 4-5 months or so. After a break to work a little, I’ll gladly lead a ride from S Africa through Europe into India and Mongolia. at least that’s the plan for now
  11. Danimal

    Ride 2/23

    Weak sauce
  12. Danimal

    OR NEO Dinner Monday 2/3/20 @ 7:00PM at Oak Barrel

    Just passed 41,000 miles on the trip. Overall she’s purring. A few issues that need addressed that I’ll take care of in Ushuaia before turning back north and into Brazil. Namely the starter needs to be removed and cleaned and maybe brushes replaced. I’ll need another rear tire in a few thousand K’s. I’ve been told tires I want are in Punta Arena which works out well. The chain I installed in Lima Peru only 6500 miles ago is already going away and may get changed in Ushuaia (JT X ring ) LED turn signal relay is fried and is unobtainium. Just have to flick the lever back and forth. That’s hardly an issue and has been that way since Ecuador many months ago. Recently had the front rotor warp so badly it cut a groove in the caliper body (pad was so badly worn it cocked sideways a bit and jammed against the rotor and wouldn’t retract). I was stuck in Mendoza over a week and lucked into a used EBC in Santiago as well as a female solo rider who mule fit across the border into Argentina for me. That’s fine now. Fresh fluid and pads. hmmmm. Aside from a set of front wheel bearings that fried in Argentina (was carrying SKF spares) and countless tires lol, that’s about it. She needs a valve check too, but she’s running real well, and that can wait for the starter rebuild, as it also requires TDC and fairing/seat/tank removal (as well as lower crash cage and header pipe and CCT removal)
  13. Danimal

    OR NEO Dinner Monday 2/3/20 @ 7:00PM at Oak Barrel

    Damn. First time I wish I was there in a long time. That pork shank!!!! Enjoy. Maybe next time.