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  1. Danimal

    Ride 2/23

    Weak sauce
  2. Danimal

    OR NEO Dinner Monday 2/3/20 @ 7:00PM at Oak Barrel

    Just passed 41,000 miles on the trip. Overall she’s purring. A few issues that need addressed that I’ll take care of in Ushuaia before turning back north and into Brazil. Namely the starter needs to be removed and cleaned and maybe brushes replaced. I’ll need another rear tire in a few thousand K’s. I’ve been told tires I want are in Punta Arena which works out well. The chain I installed in Lima Peru only 6500 miles ago is already going away and may get changed in Ushuaia (JT X ring ) LED turn signal relay is fried and is unobtainium. Just have to flick the lever back and forth. That’s hardly an issue and has been that way since Ecuador many months ago. Recently had the front rotor warp so badly it cut a groove in the caliper body (pad was so badly worn it cocked sideways a bit and jammed against the rotor and wouldn’t retract). I was stuck in Mendoza over a week and lucked into a used EBC in Santiago as well as a female solo rider who mule fit across the border into Argentina for me. That’s fine now. Fresh fluid and pads. hmmmm. Aside from a set of front wheel bearings that fried in Argentina (was carrying SKF spares) and countless tires lol, that’s about it. She needs a valve check too, but she’s running real well, and that can wait for the starter rebuild, as it also requires TDC and fairing/seat/tank removal (as well as lower crash cage and header pipe and CCT removal)
  3. Danimal

    OR NEO Dinner Monday 2/3/20 @ 7:00PM at Oak Barrel

    Damn. First time I wish I was there in a long time. That pork shank!!!! Enjoy. Maybe next time.
  4. Appreciate the mention Dan, but at this time I’m not sure when I’ll be back in the US. Ideas to enable continued travel are rampant now. The math shows that for the same basic $$ that it’ll take to ride back to Ohio I can ship the bike to S Africa and make it into Europe before the money runs out.
  5. Danimal

    What did you do to your bike today?

    We’re talking about how the bike feels in the hands of its new owner, not how you feel.
  6. Danimal

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Stop. Please don’t turn this into a discussion about how our bike felt in the hands of other forum members. It’ll get ugly fast lol
  7. Danimal

    Hola Pauly. Paging Pauly

    And you too Jim. No answer to “normal” texts. Messenger or WhatsApp? install WhatsApp Jim. I’d love to say hey and congratulations to n your recovery. This “forum” won’t suffice lol
  8. Danimal

    Hola Pauly. Paging Pauly

    The +51 is the Peru country prefix
  9. Danimal

    Hola Pauly. Paging Pauly

    My old number is history (unless I re-up TMobile when I return which is doubtful. They suck Jim’s remaining ball) attached is my current number , which will change in Chile in a week or so. use this number to connect on WhatsApp
  10. Danimal

    Hola Pauly. Paging Pauly

    You aren’t replying to text messages any longer. it would be nice to be able to chat once in a while. My phone now has a Peru SIM. And I don’t have international calls. But using messenger or WhatsApp (preferred) calls and even video chats are easy and cheap. Anyways. Miss ya man