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  1. Danimal

    Fed up with sena

    Use Sugru to hold it on. My Sena SMH10 worked great for years Have a Sena 30K now and love it.
  2. Danimal

    Large lot of DR650 parts. Pickup only

    The only thing you and Ben have is that (not so secret) love affair goin' on
  3. Danimal

    Large lot of DR650 parts. Pickup only

    yeah Shawn...send me an address via text or PM
  4. Danimal

    Large lot of DR650 parts. Pickup only

    wait a minute. I looked back and you DID claim the lot for Blake But Blake told me he doesn't have the money for it any more. So I'm good....right?
  5. Danimal

    Large lot of DR650 parts. Pickup only

    Lot is sold (again) sold in 5 min on ADV
  6. Danimal

    Large lot of DR650 parts. Pickup only

    Parts are still available. Blake had to pass. For real
  7. Ed and I are stopped for coffee in North Canton. Then back at it again. Rain stops just south of I-76
  8. Decals arrived today from StickerJunkie. They did a great job.
  9. Not sure what I'm gonna do yet. Ed's trailering down today (carrying some DR650 parts for the bubbies) and I was gonna ride down with the Donut Train (errr...I mean the hate Train) but I think I'd rather leave early and take backroads down. Also thinking of just saying hey at the meet up and then maybe wandering more...looking for dirt roads.
  10. I may join the hate parade down only if the main hater is there
  11. it's a RAM holder Know what? I went to find a link to it, and see now that all RAM offers is some newer swinging model (Nebbish has one and it's nice, albeit larger) I couldn't find even an image of mine. I've had it quite a few years. Was chrome originally, painted flat black. As far as losing drinks, I have lost a bottle of water in WNF once, but the small Gatorade bottles fit perfectly and won't bounce out On the big trip am considering a large hydration backpack strapped to the front of the topcase, for a backrest of course
  12. Danimal

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    i will have a set of ROX 2" pivot risers, with 7/8" bar adaptors for sale shortly. ROXSpeedfx is sponsoring my trip, and just sent me a set of their 2" risers with anti-vibration inserts in them, so I'll be switching soon. $30 fo you Shawn if you want them. Also...my 58th Birthday is June 21st. Originally wanted to celebrate with a camp-out party at Jacob's (thanks Jacob for that offer) and leave on my trip from there, but now that the 'Gap trip is during that period, I guess I will have to celebrate with you FFs.
  13. everyone loves pictures right? Some pics from the last several break-in rides. She's just over 2000 miles now. About ready for synthetics I believe! One trip carried about 2/3 a full load. Bike felt wonderful. In fact, the heavier she gets the nicer she rides. These gals liked my bike Rode to Geneva-on-the-Lake with Ed on his new AT and stopped at Madsen's famous donuts. Had a chocolate creamstick! One of the main blimp hangars My new gadget (and a huge thank you to my Son Spencer for hooking me up gratis to his Spotify Premium account, as the Zumo 595 has a built in Spotify interface that works great with my Sena 30K) And BTW, criticisms you hear about the Zumo 595's screen not being bright enough? That's like saying a piece of paper with writing on it isn't bright enough. The thing USES sunlight to illuminate pixels. The thing is easily readable (to me) in all conditions. Yesterday biggest day so far. 450 mile loop through the Allegheny Nat'l Forest Light output on this bike is awesome What a distortion of reality having 8 gallons of gas aboard. Having a 400+ mile range creates a LOT of new neural pathways. From YEARS of riding and getting a "feel" for when fuel is needed....now new opportunities arise. Stopping at a gas station is more likely to be done to rest, use the facilities or get some water. Sunny is averaging close to 54mpg right now, so all is well.
  14. Danimal

    Random Thoughts thread

    Even better Pirate troll I do at Bikenights find the rattiest old Japanese bike that is parked right next to some highly customized Harley there MUST be a crowd standing around the Harley. Walk right towards them, not making eye contact ask out loud “excuse me, can you move for a second so I can get a picture?” they smile and move away from the Harley. You fawn all over the old Japanese bike and take multiple shots of it then say “thanks!” funnest shit ever