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  1. Are there any OR members who were thinking of attending Overland Expo West this May? Ed and I will be riding from here to attend in AZ May 17-19, and then we’ll be heading South into Mexico from there. I know a few of you like ADV style rallies. This is one of the biggest. So if you’ve considered it, we would be happy to have others join the trip out.
  2. Danimal

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Only evidence shown is that cops are increasing the amount of time they are sitting at the Gap Resort
  3. No need to keep this pinned I think. Brief update. Leaving in a week on a flight to SMA Mexico for a week long visit. Also having medical procedure done. Assuming all is well, I’ll be back home April 1 and will basically live at Nebbish’s house getting Sunny and gear prepped for an early May redeparture. Ed got his passport!! Big first step. Plan is to make it to the Overland Expo West in Utah May 17-19. Then head South through Mexico. Then beeline Central America to the Stahlratte and then...once in Columbia Slow down and smell the coffee!! so....shits getting real again...real fast. My blog on ADV will continue to be my primary depository.
  4. Danimal

    The fucking Catalina wine mixer

    Good timing. In
  5. Danimal

    2019 Optimistic riding calendar :)

    Moderation will only get me as far as Ecuador. After that it’s grit lol
  6. Danimal

    2019 Optimistic riding calendar :)

    Just so you’re up to speed. Merry (Going Merry) was the name given to my Zhongshen RX3 Adv bike. That bike, like the real Merry, is gone. Bike Im riding now is a modded DR650 name Sunny (Thousand Sunny) i appreciate the well wishes
  7. Danimal

    2019 Optimistic riding calendar :)

    I expect another big year miles-wise. I know it’s like telling Sherlock Holmes to stop being analytical, but don’t overthink things Nevin. Just ride whenever you want and can. Careful setting defined goals Fin
  8. Danimal

    OR NEO Dinner Thursday March 28 @ 7:00PM

    I’m usually at this but this time I’ll be in SMA Mexico, visiting friends and having some medical work done. Same doctor that treated me last August. Assuming a good report, will fly back to US 4/1 and work feverishly on leaving again first week of May for all points South. I recommend their pork shank. Dr. Pepper sauce IIRC. Have fun
  9. Danimal

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Don’t even ask about me Dick....errr I mean Doc looks like I’ll be in Mexico by June, so it’ll have to be the next time for me folks. Have fun
  10. I have a ton of gear. Don't want to fuk with packing/shipping heavy jackets/pants/whatever Would there be any interest here if I listed it all in the Market forum, and had a singe weekend where the stuff was available for pickup here in Cuyahoga Falls? I'm just over 6 foot tall, weighed around 210. Most gear is in that size range. stuff like Gerbings Cascade Adv jacket with zip out heated liner BMW Rally Pro 2 jacket Shift leather jacket Rev-it mesh jacket etc
  11. Danimal

    Shoop Buys a Thumper

    Such a silly statement. His XR can traverse more roads than a street bike can.
  12. Danimal

    Selling New Samsung Galaxy A tablet

    pm sent
  13. Danimal

    Shoop Buys a Thumper

  14. Danimal

    OR NEO Dinner Thursday December 27 @ 7:00PM

    Thanks for setting it up. Was good to see folks. Thinking of doing the winter work on the DR there. Great place and really nice guy
  15. Danimal

    2019 Gap Trip.

    and you would know how a Grinder setup works how?