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  1. thought also maybe one or two of you might get kick out of this...spent all day Sunday metal detecting with a friend on very old property in Norwalk OH, site of 5 homes on 1850 map, now plowed cornfields (yes, we have permission) Coolest find Sunday was a very rare 1830 political button. Not much details left, but cool nonetheless, and ID'd online for me as to what is is and the rarity
  2. to my pals at OR...what a day today. Did work on the bike (day off work) and got the news tonight that my Son accepted BSU's offer for Grad school. He'll be moving to Boston is August. Hard to believe my little boy's gonna be a Doctor! Not so little anymore at 24 yrs old. Hard to explain my feelings. So happy Can leave now on the trip of a lifetime, and feel free to explore, knowing his decision and future are set for now. Thanks Spencer for being such a good Son and not folding during all those difficult years during the family problems. Soo soo proud
  3. Today. More work. Bars and control on my bike done including heated grips install and wiring routing. Ed’s ready to start and final assembly. He’s on the road this week.
  4. So last year the top case on China was lost and with it my camping cook kit. Was an awesome kit. Esbit hard anodized windscreen and pot/pan set designed for a Trangia alcohol stove. Using an adaptor I had mounted a small multi-fuel burner that replaced the alcohol burner, and allowed normal gas to be used. Now no need for secondary fuel to be carried. After the loss, I replaced it with an Optimus Hiker + stove. It also burns gas. Used it all last season. Works great but is heavy as fuck. So.....browsing the Net last night found another Esbit cook set on sale 60%off so pulled the trigger. Also ordered the adapter and burner. So now I can recreate the system I lost. Will be less than half the weight of the Hiker + stove. And the way the pots/pans nestle into the windscreen is great. Stays is place. anyone need a great little stove for their car or bike camping kit? Good shape Optimus Hiker + with spare parts. New over $100. I’d take $50. Doing this as I’m starting to think more about total weight being hauled and adjusting some things
  5. Heard from Dr. Joe at Jebtech/Yenkro today. Looks like my fairing kit and farkles will be shipping from Australia on Monday. Cannot wait to get the front end of the bike finished up. Did a few non-esential things today to my DR putzing around played around with a pair of chopped up Honda Magna passenger pegs converting them to highway pegs Laid down some brilliantly reflective rim tape. Cool that the Dude sells mixed sets for 17"/21" wheels. Tried to leave a nice gap to trhe edge so the tape doesn't get roached right away from tire irons Even in garage lighting that rear wheel lights up bright yellow Suzuki badge for the Safari to try to make less noticable the old "Cabo Wabo" decal the tank's prior owner had on there (note fade around oval) I then flipped both lower fork boot holders upside down (as they're no longer holding the lower fork boot....they are now mounted to the Warp 9 brace) and they allowed a nice firm place to bolt the fender down securely. It's now rock solid and over an inch clearance to the tire. Fender is from a Honda Dominator Also mounted a couple dry-erase maps in my 80yr old Father's room, so he can follow my trip and chart where I am. Leaving in June. Getting close! Ed's bike is almost finished. He's leaving this week for an awesome Rally out West, for a shakedown on his DR.
  6. Welp due to changes in Corp policy after a buyout Q4 last year, I was getting screwed literally out of 16 day’s PTO. Worked a deal to get 8 back after much complaining, so, starting today I am off every Monday and Friday, but now work until April 16th, rather than April 2nd as my plan all along. 4 day weekends to get shit done. 3 day workweeks to wrap things up in the Office Not thrilled but whatever
  7. I'm sure there will be days on the Austral with non-stop 60mph sidewinds, and hours of mind numbing slab with nothing but sand dunes to look at where a big GS would be a nice comfy couch. But still...I agree...and am spending plenty of dosh to make Sunny a big comfy couch-like bike
  8. I’ve been catching up lately reading both Lonestar and Canuck Charlie’s RR’s on their concurrent South America rides Both have been a bit depressing in a way lately. Joesph (Lonestar) has flown his tattered BWM GS back to Texas where he is recuperating and mulling over a ride through Mongolia/et al. He decided not to ride home, and spends paragraphs detailing how at 6 months he has lost some of the will to carry on with the current trip. How certain things (border crossings, etc) have really gotten to him in a bad way. Charlie, just after reaching Ushuaia, also had the final drive on his BMW GS fail, and is now considering having the bike crated and flown home, and that he is also experiencing that “6 month doldrums” from the stresses of being on the road so long. How am I any different than them? Am I more "laid back"? Will the same stressors and daily inputs also wear me down to the point I abandon the plan? Lonestar is an outstanding photographer, and based on what I have seen of his past work, will rarely have any issues finding employment. He should be able to finance his travels in one way or another as far as continuing indefinitely. I must say though that Lonestar never mentioned camping, and I don’t recall pictures of any campsites. I love camping…and really do look fwd to climbing out of my tent in Patagonia (amongst many other exotic locales) Maybe the $$ saved by tenting here and there would have allowed him greater latitude in travel choices? Maybe allowed him to connect with a different set of locals and more intimate experience altogether? Canuck Charlie is a Design Engineer (I think) with Ford, and is a good deal younger than either myself or Joseph (Lonestar), so he’s got his whole professional life ahead of him…even if he decides to get the BMW repaired and head to Europe like he is inferring he might I’m blowing the nest egg on this trip. When/if I get back, I no doubt will have to polish the resume to enable some future-state Danimal to continue travelling. I expect that the return 6 month ride should be as good and as interesting as the ride South. Some of the best days I have had on a bike were wandering home from a trip to the Gap. So I already know how to enjoy the “ride home” So many things going through my head lately. Getting soooo close now.
  9. Uggghhhh. Just as I was expecting the final invoice and notification of shipment from Dr. Joe at Jebtech/Yenkro that my fairing assembly had shipped, I get instead an email explaining in detail how a final manufacturing step went wrong and he had to start over again on the main molded part (is hand laid carbon/kevlar composite) and there will be another 5 day minimum delay. Damn. Wanna ride
  10. No problems Shawn. Couldn’t let you suffer on that stock seat. We got a lot done at Ed’s today. Most importantly he got all the wiring for the Trail Tech Vapor guage done on his DR. All indicators worked as they should. Now he has dual turn indicators, so no need to solder diodes inline with the LED turn signals. Makes me happy because I’m replicating the same wiring and indicators except mine will be mounted up on a dash panel in the Yenkro fairing. One less worry. Aside from that it was small stuff. Nice yellow anodized oil fill cap. Some stickers. Mounted a Ram ball behind to the left for my Ram drink holder.
  11. Not a lot happening to report as far as the bike builds. Ed's also not been feeling well (half the people I work with are sick too) which has limited some work. Ed's bike is wrapping up soon. We pretty much have what's needed and we just need t finish the thing. Ed has plans to head West early Spring for a shakedown ride, so we need to get his ready for that trip. Sunny is on hold pretty much until Dr. Joe at Jebtech gets my fairing assembly shipped out from Australia. Pretty much everything I have left to do on mine revolves around the front end. Wiring/Instruments/heated grips/USB outlet/LED driving lights/switches/relays/nice tidy wiring I've decided to stick with the 2011 Bridgestone Deathwing tires for break-in miles, then will be swapping on MItas E-07s to leave on.
  12. Great Deal on Great ST Tires.

    you're welcome
  13. Non Brander here................

    Dave! Glad to see you posted. There’s a bunch of great folks here. Most will enjoy having you around. I’ve had the pleasure for years now I work with Dave (for three more weeks lol)
  14. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    feh...the SV rode Parsons Branch many times. As long as it's not too wet, you could do it on Jim's couch