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  1. My plan, be it as it may, is to leave on my birthday, June 21st (Summer Solstice) or thereabout Something like that B
  2. Hey Cuz. Miss you Man!...it's been too long, and we should definitely get together before I go. I'll make sure to have some Reggae playing...maybe mix in some RATM. In fact, on that subject, I'm hoping that Jacob is still OK with holding a weekend campout/party the weekend I leave or thereabout. Even my Son and some other non-OR folk I know are asking about and kinda expecting a get together. So Jacob lets chat
  3. another thumbs down. Excellent In the driver's seat I am
  4. OH, and BTW, whoever's reading my daily rambling and didn't like the Anti-Trump Dr. Seuss humor....... Go read some other shit on this Godforsaken Forum. There's plenty of shit about guns and politics down below to keep you happy. I'm a liberal Hippy and proud of it, Anyone that knows me knows this...and the folks here that accept me as I am, have a Brother for life.
  5. bike FOR SALE 2006 DR650 for parts-CHEEP

    now I know why Jim likes Sprite...and chicken alfredo so much http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2017/12/ohio_man_accused_of_offering_s.html#incart_river_home_pop
  6. bike FOR SALE 2006 DR650 for parts-CHEEP

    it got weird the second you thought you could use a DR650 as a pit bike (Asian---->short)
  7. bike FOR SALE 2006 DR650 for parts-CHEEP

    He's no good for you Jim No good at all You need a younger kid than that to be happy
  8. nothing worse than still being sick...and going back to work shit ton of emails behind. Vim and vigor gone. Drive non-existent day will drag on forever
  9. 2006 DR650 with 12,XXX miles crashed. Frame damaged. Handlebar risers snapped off. Not sure if Renthal bars are bent. Wheels look perfect. BRAND NEW Mitas E-07s on wheels (less than 100 miles) No key Tank wasted Headlight etc broken Motor should run, but does have some damage on left side (couple broken fins) Ran fien when last ridden. Has DR350 tail light Lower footpeg brackets and larger footpegs on the bike will be going on my new DR, as will the brake/clutch levers, mirrors and seat. Clear title $600 pickup only 44221 zip frame damage PM me if interested. Tires alone worth close to $200. Had someone PM me asking how straight the frame was and whether it could be sorted out. To be clear...I am selling this as-is...for parts Soooo went out, brushed off the snow and had my Nephew hold it upright and snapped a few pics. It's CLEARLY whacked sideways. Hard to tell if it's just the subframe, but rear to front off at least 6" front rear hope that helps.
  10. OK...so here's something weird I was able to get the camera that was in my tank bag during the crash (tank bag must not have been zipped all the way up) to boot up finally, as it was pretty badly damaged, Was able to download some pics I had taken the weekend of the crash, that I had not seen since they were taken. You can ask Timmy...I have had VERY limited memory of that entire weekend, but he's been helping me piece together what I did with him, leading to me having some clear recall of partial bits. Now...I have evidence that I was, indeed, with Tim that weekend DR on Tim's stand, getting worked on Luggage racks installed (they lasted two days lol) Then...creepliy..as I have NO recall of the Sunday ride home when I got hit...here are a few pics I took on that ride Fucking completely a portent of the future....nearly swear to God I don't remember taking a pic of this CRF mailbox! WTF was I doing in this cornfield? The last pic on the camera....and right at dark...accident report says I was hit at 8:02pm weird huh?