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  1. You haven't lived until you've topped off a night of Schlitz and pickled eggs with White Castles. Memories..!
  2. Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew...
  3. Coyote


    Sold! Well, actually, Traded! We'll figure out a meetup time bowdog.
  4. Coyote


    ^^We're still talking guns, right? Thanks, We are texting.
  5. Coyote


    I'd take a real-deal Romanian if you have it. I should have said WASR. Specifically, I am a little prejudiced against the Century WASR's which seem more common... Handled a few some years back and they felt like crap as well as having plainly visible issues. I used to have a Norinco SKS back in the 1900's--all stock and it was a good machine. Don't care for the looks of most aftermarket stocks, and the few that I've handled that had been modified away from the fixed mag had feeding problems I never saw stock.
  6. Coyote


    I'd rather not separate, now that I realize it adds up to a complete rifle. Otherwise I'll then have a rifle with missing parts...
  7. Coyote


    So I was straightening the bench & shelves, and happened to notice that I’ve accumulated enough leftovers and spare parts to assemble into another AR… Only problem is that I don’t really want another. I have a favorite (MK18 clone) and a back-up favorite (retro dissipator). I doubt another one would ever be loved. I have been thinking about how there is no 7.62x39 love in my safe. Kinda wouldn’t mind having a decent AK type rifle. Anyone have one you’d want to trade? Good condition, no frills, not Romanian with wood furniture is what I am looking for. I’d even consider working somethin
  8. LOL, ^^that used to be my suit, and more than once I had people follow me into pit... Congrats on the sale..!
  9. From a few pages back... Fun little keep-it-simple rifle. 16" barrel, 8.5" stock
  10. ^^ Change 'kitchen' to 'bathroom' and you just described me today.
  11. Prednisone is hard on the system, especially over longer periods of time. When my pup had to be on it, we had to ration his water--especially in the evening, and had to get him outside way more frequently. Also, it can cause him to always feel hungry even though he's getting enough food--I've had to take it before and felt like I just couldn't get enough to eat. One trick the vet told us, was to give him green beans and canned pumpkin as 'filler' (not pumpkin pie filling--just 100% pumpkin). These are easy on the system and low calorie, and if nothing else lets him eat more without causing oth
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