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  1. Bike Stand Recommendation?

    Don’t know anything about bike stands I always on my bike from the garage ceiling or my cargo trailer But the bike is in my living room right now this is my first I got it from Summit racing it’s a bike master 73 bucks It Comes with adjustable stuff for the front and back
  2. Went to change the Chain and sprocket’s stock ones with 25K on them On an F4 I Banana wouldn’t you know it still got a rubber in her Question is do I need to wear a rubber on my sprocket with herQuestion is do I need to wear a rubber on my sprocket with her
  3. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Yeah yr before last I got an $800 speeding ticket Riding to the gap
  4. Charging upgrades ?

    Don’t live in the fuking desert your shit don’t get overheated
  5. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    I’m ready to ride I don’t care if you trailer down ride down or what But the slab sucks .Every time I’ve gotten on the slab it seems to suck and take longer There’s many roads that are just as good As the gap in between here and there
  6. Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Some bullshit Law’s I think I’m currently losing my hearing anyways though
  7. Columbus Gokarts - Short Notice

    I’m fukking down For karting I live a fukking boring life I do is work on houses and buildings I just need to look at Ohio riders more to know when you when you guys go
  8. How much should this cost me?

    Does it have tire locks like dirt bikes and stuff it’s very easy to do if they don’t had a kz900 That had them sucked balls to change tires
  9. Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    Sell it or store inside
  10. 16’ Utility trailer/car $450

    Hartville Ohio, All steel is good just needs welded
  11. 16’ Utility trailer/car $450

    76.5” x 16’ Tandem trailer needs work ,Needs Spring brackets and crossmembers welded comes with two new 3500 pound axles That cost over $350 Tires did hold air Was towed in on one axle should be able to be towed out Sides come off easy, wood floor is solid Was used to clean out Houses got overloaded and broke axles no time to fix be good for some Buddy that’s got a welder !. unless Somebody on here wants to Weld this Thing up for me for less than $400?
  12. 2018 Goldwing

    I’m looking at F6b Right now I’ll keep the f4i When I ride by myself , And break out the f6b When I ride with My old bubbys
  13. 2018 Goldwing

    With a fishing pole
  14. Mossberg 702 Plinkster 22 rifle

    Wish you lived closer