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  1. marlboro man

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Seen Blitz At a Intersection on 339 a hour ago Ran 68 because I never rode it b4 to Straight but Everybody drives 70
  2. marlboro man

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Eating at the jukebox pizza
  3. marlboro man

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    I'm packing Nothing but a speedo for the whole weekend got to travel light and fast
  4. marlboro man

    Whose is going? (Gap trip)

    If there’s Hate and bacon involved Count me in on the Dysfunctional group
  5. marlboro man

    Cleaning leathers?

    Dish soap
  6. marlboro man

    We gonna get lost riding to the Gap (again)

    I’ll probably meet you in Beckley my bike & Back does not like to 77 It only likes twisties every time it gets on a Slab it adds two hours to my trip i usually can get there -3 hours what it says on my GPS on back roads
  7. marlboro man

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    I don’t know what you’re talking about she was looking for a yellow crotch rocket vibrator she looked kind of horny
  8. Chuck Norris is missing out Horrs every ware
  9. It’s what all the landscapers useIt’s what all the landscapers use
  10. Who votes riding ? only your pussy cries about the rain forecast of 51% One scattered thunderstorms Hi 80 low 65 if you freeze you got Mental problems If your scared to get wet for 15 minutes to wreck your day of riding. I’m riding and if weather changes ti 78% all day long rain I’m still riding my banana
  11. Weather looks better than it what did last year I’m riding the devil can’t keep me down now
  12. marlboro man

    Entry level construction help needed

    Anybody that gives me a fist bump Is going to get a head bump real quick
  13. marlboro man

    Entry level construction help needed

    Wasn’t looking for a skilled tradesmen At the moment What do you suggest someone out of High school or somewhere around that line should make with no experience I’am doing whole house remodel’s right now so it’s not just framing I did that for 17 years it Keep me in shape and framing is the most physical demanding job I have done in construction but I had to quit Framing full-time Blew out my back