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  1. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/45879041?check_in=2021-10-15&check_out=2021-10-17&guests=1&adults=1&s=67&unique_share_id=b6bde355-3227-4fe8-8d77-1cc86bbd3167 I stayed here this place is clean right in the middle of the rambler eight minutes from a gas station and a restaurant
  2. What does everybody use and what miles do they get out
  3. After 4500 miles of gentle Relaxed pace relaxed pace scenic mountain roads My Michelin pilot road 5GT tire is Bald Bald on my 2006 honda st1300 Mini Goldwing
  4. W mud River Rd., Milton, WV good cut across first is crappy pavement then it’s all new paved Then keep trying to stay away from traffic or civilization you’ll find the good Rhodes
  5. Rt209,208,212,South entrance of Blue Ridge Parkway in Cherry Ln., North Carolina wrote that for 50 miles seen 5cars , Hot spings North Carolina is where I stayed mostly down 1/2mile from Dave’s 209 Burger their burger joint was shut down due to no workers. Houses i stayed at was clean & Peaceful peaceful but had a small sink in the bathroom. All roads are good and low traffic Water near there and a great bum wash SpringSpring. Last picture was someplace in Troutdale Virginia had good food
  6. Virginia rt 598 & rt52 Bad ass but government must be shut down Virginia is a dirty state trash everywhere
  7. West Virginia Rt 41 ,rt 20 ,rt19,rt3 ,16,119,rt10,rt13 All cool back roadsAll cool back roads,go to Sandstone falls if you want to get her jelly Scenic jelly with social distancing
  8. Took a trip through all back mountain ky,nc,wv,va,tn,oh roads to the gap But turned around when I seen traffic or civilization near the gap So I never made it to the gap this trip but had the best ride of my life. If you want to stay clear of traffic And social distance and social distance stay clear of Maggie Maggie ,Blue Ridge near Cherokee,422 And all those Poplar roadsAnd all those Poplar roads
  9. On my st1300 I gotta Pilot road 5GT On rear Great in the rain probably have 3500 miles on it don’t really notice any uneven waire But it seems to be cupping
  10. I had a 2000 SV 650 like 10 yrs ago Stuck some 1-1/4 plastic spacers In the front shock tubes to stiffen the front springs and some Yamaha thicker oil worked great Don’t remember what weight it was
  11. This is like a Social distancing fight club for everyone to let out there Offend Story’s of running into people Who get offended Who get offended easy every day since everywhere I go it seems the Whole world is offended like Brainwashed Nazis that can’t think on their own anymore .
  12. I did nothing But I picked This old man cruising bike up this old man cruising bike and rode her around Pennsylvania today Felt like I was cheating on my banana
  13. Man I should I don’t need them yet but I should
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