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  1. 2018 Goldwing

    I’m looking at F6b Right now I’ll keep the f4i When I ride by myself , And break out the f6b When I ride with My old bubbys
  2. 2018 Goldwing

    With a fishing pole
  3. Mossberg 702 Plinkster 22 rifle

    Wish you lived closer
  4. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    Everybody's on the road early to get to the bucket I'm laying in bed looking at OR thanking I can get to the bucket in 10 minutes on the banana
  5. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    Sorry to you hear that
  6. Open house Sunday 2 to 4 pm. http://InfoTube.net/263908 Move-in ready everything new or cleaned or pained
  7. XR250 - so it blew the head gasket.....

    Shit bubby don't be cynical carbs to California it'll run like a tree hugging bitch
  8. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Lucky Keep it up You Are living the dream as long as you don't buy them overpriced fancy flimsy spokes
  9. Ride tomorrow 7/19

    Lucky have fun! I got to work
  10. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    I've been running Pilot power 3 on the f4i can't really complain I drive like a grandma though if you want them to get sticky you got a push it like you stole your bike for 15 minutes The Harder you ride the stickier they get least it does on my banana 15 minutes of Shitty St., Roads The shittier the road the more they get scrubbed and rib for pleasure tops Iv got out of them is 3800 miles that's with Riding 250 miles on the white ropes below is a picture of what they look like after you ride them hard for 15 minutes
  11. Columbus Bikes

    welcome to OR don't let the leg Humpers get to you unless they let you use their bike . on second thought you better just borrow a bike from a bar parking lot take it out for a joyride bring it back park it in a ditch & go in bar & say you just caught somebody stealing a bike and you will end up getting free drinks. Motorcycle safety course is the way to go don't try to One wheel it or scrape pegs
  12. What the hell kind of bike did I just see riding down the road
  13. Pay attention to your chain

    I got the original chain on my f4l 23k on it cleaned it once a year with kerosine & used chain wax since it had 3000 miles on its time to replace it last gap trip it got out of adjustment faster than normal
  14. Took the bike out for a ride & put bike away there's a damn snake by my hand what type is this ?