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  1. This is like a Social distancing fight club for everyone to let out there Offend Story’s of running into people Who get offended Who get offended easy every day since everywhere I go it seems the Whole world is offended like Brainwashed Nazis that can’t think on their own anymore .
  2. I did nothing But I picked This old man cruising bike up this old man cruising bike and rode her around Pennsylvania today Felt like I was cheating on my banana
  3. Man I should I don’t need them yet but I should
  4. Just thanking out Loud. For all the People that don’t have jobs what if we started a Grocery delivery Co-op Section into areas & if everyone fills out the 2020 Census we can go off that for food Limits for each Household & pick up Groceries curbside & Deliver .
  5. Just Gave my grandpas 1981 twin star 3kicks & it started After sitting 3years with the same gas that Rode the dragon But I put fuel stabilizer in it . It only tops out at 70 but the foot pegs fold up
  6. This Worries ^ So you’re saying sorry if I breathe I spread it .i do service calls on rentals i will only go right now if i have to . i just got back from Fixing a Sump pump that caused a flood in a house that they said 3 of them have been sick a month . got it fixed & Disinfecting anything i Touched in my truck dropped my clothes on the deck jumped in the shower. I’ve always took care for years cleaning myself up with rubbing Alcohol in my truck after Service calls . I can’t find Rubbing alcohol anymore been using Dish soap it’s a pain but I hope it works . but now i have started Disi
  7. I’m Waiting on the hospitals to expand
  8. Any Crown maple and sheep head kissing lol
  9. Have not rode Wellsville in years . Anybody been there lately how was it?
  10. 91k You got use out of them lol . Or is it you just never hit the brake’s
  11. Was wondering if there’s any cdi box’s out there With the governor removed
  12. That sucks .i do remodeling & I’ve finished a A few houses last year that contractors fd up in your area I’m not looking to Gain any more work im booked 5months right now . Best of luck to you Though
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