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  1. the_silverfox

    New Rider - Neohio

    Waving from Eastlake!
  2. the_silverfox

    Iron Butt - Saddle sore 1000

    I did an unofficial SaddleSore 1000 in 2009 from Rosewell, NM to LAX. Did it for the actual certification in 2010 from Columbus to Spartanburg, SC and back. I attempted a BunBurner Gold 1500 from Columbus to Elko, NV in July 2011 but fell short of it because of horrible windstorms in Nebraska. However, I still pulled off a standard BunBurner 1500 and a SaddleSore 2000 within a 43 hour window on the same ride. Here are my write-ups: SaddleSore 1000: http://twowheeledtourist.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-first-documented-iron-butt.html BunBurner 1500/SS2000: http://twowheeledtourist.blogspot.com/2011/07/iron-butt-bunburner-1500saddlesore-2000.html Still though, a 50CC is still on my bucket list. When it comes to the timed long-distance runs, I prefer to do them solo so I don't have to wait on anyone. It would be interesting to pull off another ride with someone with IBA experience though.
  3. the_silverfox

    New Rider - Neohio

    Wavin' from Eastlake!
  4. the_silverfox

    Anyone Have A Gun Belt, If So, Was It Worth The Cash?

    I use the 5.11 Operator belt as my every day wear. Infinitely adjustable, very strong, and keeps the holster in place. The Velcro closure keeps it the same tightness all day. Sometimes they end up cheap on eBay or someone sells a just opened one that didn't fit. http://www.511tactical.com/All-Products/Accessories/Belts/Operator-Belt-1-34-Wide.html
  5. the_silverfox

    Fs: Bmw M50/s50 Intake Manifold

    Anybody need a new one? I have one that was never installed and has just been collecting dust in storage. In Eastlake. Local pickup preferred, delivery to Columbus possible. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/pts/3980475730.html
  6. Been to Delaware State Park shooting range a few times. No issues finding space to shoot. Went there on a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty empty. Bring your own targets and have at it. They do ask you to pick up your casings when you can; the place was cleaned up in the beginning of spring. Cheapest place I know of to shoot down there, and I have the year pass that's good at all the ranges in Ohio.
  7. the_silverfox

    Donate $10 Or More To My Pelotonia Ride, I

    Whoops, never mind. Throwing some dinero your way.
  8. the_silverfox

    Donate $10 Or More To My Pelotonia Ride, I

    Hey Ben, you still doing this?
  9. the_silverfox

    Being Laid-off Soon...looking For Another Job.

    Unfortunately, I do everything but turn the wrenches. Oil changes? Yes. Valve adjustments? Ask someone else. LOL I've heard of that store before...but seriously, I actually used to work there a couple years ago. Not much available in my current field of work in the motorcycle industry over there at the moment, and I'm a bit past just regular sales floor work. They did give me my start in the field though so I'm grateful for that. Thanks. Thanks! I'm open to other fields...just curious to see what'll pop up next.
  10. The motorcycle store I work at, Premier Cycle Accessories in Mentor, is closing for good after seven years and as a result, I'm being laid off pretty soon. With that being said, I'm looking for another job. I've enjoyed my time up here but it is what it is. I am determined to stay in the motorcycle industry as I have enjoyed my work duties in the various positions I've held in several motorcycle-related businesses over the past few years. But I'm always up for something different. Any leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Of course I could return to the education field if the opportunity is right. I'm open to positions in Ohio or on either coasts, and if it involves travel, I'd enjoy that too. Although I am in NE Ohio right now, I may be returning to Columbus or possibly heading to another part of Ohio at the end of the summer. That is pretty much dependent on my job situation by then. Even a suggestion or recommendation would be great. Please feel free to peruse my LinkedIn profile (http://linkedin.com/in/christinemalazarte/) or PM me for a copy of my resume. Thanks! With that being said, my store is liquidating all of their in-stock merchandise. Head over to pca-one.com and snag some goodies at discounted prices!
  11. the_silverfox

    Feinstein narrowly survives assault weapons

    It's sad that this woman has represented my home state for this long. Believe me, there are tons of Californians that want her canned.
  12. the_silverfox

    Atlanta in March

    Agreed. Was in ATL for a week and flew out of there. Checkpoint looked like an angry mob. Guess there are no such things at lines there. And they charge for wi-fi.
  13. Nice. I'm down there sometimes to get me some Strickland's Frozen Custard. That's just something weird that has followed me since I lived in CA (there's one there too). Noted. Definitely want to do outdoor when it's warmer again. Thanks! I shot at Sherwin last night, put 100 rounds on the Glock to start breaking it in. It's a nice place with a good vibe and I like the people. You can still be an asshole when you're dead. She does have a nice 1911. I'm at IMS on Sunday but I'm down with some range time. Just send me a PM when you want someone to tag along.
  14. Been lurking, haven't posted in a while. Anyway, for those who don't know me, I used to live in Westerville but I'm now living in Eastlake because of a new job. I recently acquired a Glock 27 and would like to break it in a bit. Since I'm new to the area, what are some favorite indoor gun ranges in NE Ohio? I'm going back to the outdoor ones once it thaws out here, but I'm curious where you guys shoot when it's snowing. I'm probably headed to Sherwin Shooting Sports on Vine since I only live a couple minutes away from there. Been inside the retail store a few times and the people there are nice and knowledgeable. Living up here for the past few months, I now understand why OR becomes a gun forum after November. I'm also open to a range day if anyone up here is interested.
  15. the_silverfox

    Atlanta in March

    Darn, that rules out World of Coke and the MLK museum too. Add another vote to "drinks/dranks 'n' womens/skanks."