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  1. Red

    That's no good for OSU.....

    HAHA I hope you all are eating your words after that game yesterday!!! GO BUCKS!!!!
  2. Red

    Would you rather grow up in 1957 or 2009?

    Ugh it's sick disturbing world we've created! This just makes me want to puke! These are just a few of the reasons I refuse to have children! Thanks for sharing.
  3. That was freakin Awesome!!! I love the Muppets. Like Fraggle Rock too!
  4. He came home, walked in the door and said "Don't be mad". Ugh Hello my first instinct is going to be Pissed off!! ;-) I'm just glad he's ok and made it home safe. He definitely did not get any sympathy from me about it though! At least it's end of summer and he has all winter to fix it.

  5. Hey I heard through D that your man got in trouble cause he didn't even call you to tell you he had gone down on the bike?? I bet he was in trouble!!!!!

  6. too much work. this sucks. nevermind. it was pretty funny though. Hope you all enjoy the "red X"
  7. I did a copy and paste? What format does it need to be in?
  8. Can you all not see the pic?
  9. :lol:That was freakin hilarious!!!
  10. Job is going well so far. They already have me working weekends! Ugh! Oh well it's only more money. How are you guys doing?