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  1. Pretty sure I saw these a few years ago.
  2. I was always anti-comm until I did a couple ADV trips with some friends. On my bike at highway speeds the comm is not very useful but on trails and back roads it was very useful to provide trails warnings, make quick decisions on route/fuel/breaks and provide general safety when a member has a drop. Most of my rides are solo and I don't even do music but I definitely will use comms for group rides, especially off road. Dan definitely is an interesting character and I'm sure he could be interesting for a full day of riding
  3. I can't imagine a Grom on a big track. I don't really want to take the DRZ on a big track as I would spend much of the time screaming in top gear. Grom on a Kart track would be tons of fun. The DRZ was a handful on the PittRace kart track, I really need to find some more experienced riders to run with to help improve my skills. OMRL always seems to run Pitt when I am out of town.
  4. 99% sure I did. FedEx says my package arrived at home. Should find out tonight.
  5. Well I already ran a tap through it after I got the bolt out. Hopefully that didn't screw up the threads.
  6. Got the bolt out of the swingarm last night. Picked up a bolt extractor from Lowes on the way home. That and soaking in PB Blaster overnight seemed to do the trick. I found the weep hole in the swing arm and was able to hit the back side of the threads with PB Blaster. Waiting on replacement parts then will install with anti-seize
  7. So I'm hearing I need heat. Yea, I mangled the head pretty bad with a box end wrench aleady. Probably can get a socket with extension on the nut. I think I need to tack weld the nut first as it still moves on the bolt.
  8. If only it were that simple. The bolt seen in the picture below will not turn in the swing arm. The only replacement would be the entire swingarm. Partzilla says thats about $1000. I hoping for a less drastic solution.
  9. So it looks like the chain adjuster in my DRZ400SM is seized. I'm not having any luck getting it loose. I'm probably going to need the bolt cut off, drilled out and retapped. Anybody know a shop that could do this?
  10. The electric bicycle market is already pretty crowded with cheap Chinese brands and high end units from major bicycle manufacturers and startups trying to "redefine transportation". The Harley models look like something from on of the later companies. I'm thinking they are just trying to enter growing transportation segments even if they are later or offer nothing new. I have a feeling we are seeing the beginning of the end for an independent HD brand.
  11. Well the 500EXC is a street legal bike from the factory, so not likely. Most of the hooligans are on stolen MX bikes. Unfortunately not much for legal trail riding in NEO, however Allegheny National forest, north west PA, Wayne National Forest, SEO, and Perry state forest, SEO have significant trails. If you get down around the Danville area or further south east there are also some good gravel road riding. Some of the roads are more jeep path than road.
  12. Reading the article it sounds like the price is a combination of price gouging for profit but also of private individuals covering the costs that government plans dont cover. Medicaid and Medicare account for most of the trips but pay less than 1/2 the cost of the trip. The companies make up the short fall by over charging the other customers. Of course like any private enterprise they are in the business of making money so the pricing ensures they make a nice profit, despite the underpayment by government agencies. So while I agree government intervention to cap prices for a service that is not usually optional would be a good thing, that needs to also include the government paying reasonable rates for those services also.
  13. Growing up on a farm I quickly realized working a manual labor job was easier than working for my dad . And that was basically a side job for my dad. Like Tim said many agricultural and industrial jobs are way harder and dirtier than pushing a few carts through the snow.
  14. Ofcourse all the cattle in the ads are productive age cows, so doesn't really apply. I imagine when you say beef you are referring the hamburger. Dairy breeds don't gain the weight or have the marbling required for a good steak. Old dairy cows are very lean and I would imagine quite tough. I would expect those are only good for animal feed or highly processed foods. With most farms using artificial insemination dairy bulls have very little purpose. I imagine they are quite cheap. Most veal comes from dairy breeds because the beef breeds have a higher value as quality meat.
  15. get a sampler pack and see which ones work for you. https://www.earplugstore.com/unfoamtrialp.html
  16. You know the original choice of spring was because they "looked" better. I guess they found customers actually preferred something that worked.
  17. Linking the 2 brakes like is done on every 2 wheel motorcycle would be sufficient to balance the braking forces between the 2 wheels. An advanced ABS/stability control system could independently brake the wheels to provide additional stability under emergency braking. That does require additional sensors but no more that is getting pretty common in motorcycles with lean angle sensitive ABS and advanced traction control.
  18. East Rim is really good and definitely the most popular. It is primarily fast a flowy with a few techy rock features. There are 2 shortish loops and each loop has an optional more advanced option. One is a techy rock fest the other is a mini downhill run with good jumps. The downhill is new and hasn't been fully opened yet due to the soft trails. I would suggest also riding Hampton Hills if in the area as its not far from East Rim.
  19. Same type of building but not that location. Was just by the Clyde location. http://www.roadarch.com/food/twistee.html
  20. I saw both your times on Strava... Very impressive. I know based on last years Funk Bottoms experience over similar terrain I am much slower. Riding in NEO does not give you a good comparison to effort required for an event like BFGG or Funk. I had a conflict for the BF but have signed up for Funk again, this time as single speed. Should be painful.
  21. No 790 Adventure and no dirt models Might go Sat for the 690 R or SMC
  22. With those torque numbers and the way Tonik rides the rear tire is not going to last a week in the Gap area
  23. Planning to ride the Funk Bottoms again this year. Might have to consider the Black Fork as a warm up. Looks like the same type of ride just a few miles shorter However I don't really race, for me its more about finishing. Though I did finish the 100k Funk Bottoms last year before the first 200k finisher, just.
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